hella dirty

Worth It

Pairing: Y/N & Calum 

Words: 3400+

Warning: nsfw

Sugar Daddy Calum is what dreams are made of 


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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut (legit might get hella dirty idk)

Word Count: 786


-Admin Pastel

Life Lesson #285: Having a significant other who’s been dancing since they came out of the womb has its perks.

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Joji Sex Headcanons
  • He loves to dominate you
  • Prefers giving oral to receiving it
  • Loves to pull your hair and slap your ass during doggy style
  • Watching a movie with him often turns into him sliding his hand into your panties and fingering you
  • Talks hella dirty (in English and Japanese!!!)
  • He’s a huge exhibitionist and loves doing it in the park, on the beach, etc.
  • He is usually the one to initiate sex
  • You find it super hot how he bites his lip and throws his head back when something feels particularly good for him
  • Often moans how beautiful you are and how much he loves you
  • Very sweet and romantic afterwards, peppering your skin with kisses and wanting to snuggle and fall asleep

No matter how cheesy it is, photobooth scenes are my jam

From the fic dirty laundry by @gibslythe !!

teen wolf masterlist (now moved to mermaidenisaac)


midnight snack *smut*


chemistry of an alpha *smut*


house arrest *smut*

do you wanna touch me (there) *smut*

you’re my werepuppy

who do you like?

sweeter than cotton candy


you’re still my werepuppy


the kinky stuff *smut*


the hot girl *~smut*


dating derek would include

Ian Sex Headcanons
  • He loves positions where he can get a good view of himself moving in and out of you (think doggy style, missionary, etc.)
  • Rarely initiates sex, but takes charge once it’s been initiated 
  • Loves being called daddy & loves calling you princess/baby girl
  • Prefers rough, passionate fucking to making love
  • Is very possessive and enjoys leaving bite marks all over your body (especially your inner thighs) as a constant reminder that you’re his
  • He’d rather have the lights off than on
  • Loves cumming on your face and ass, it’s a huge visual turn-on for him
  • Tends to be quiet during the act itself, but talks hella dirty during foreplay
  • He loves when you wrap your legs around his waist, urging him to thrust deeper inside of you
  • Falls asleep almost instantly once he’s finished, so make sure you reach your orgasm before he does

anonymous asked:

Hi so i dont know if you are taking any ptompts but imagine tony wearing a white virgin killer sweater with steve's dog tags sround his neck and heels as an anniversary surprise for steve and steve just loosing all control and start doing tony in every poasible way! I know its smutty but my mind is hella dirty!

A dirty mind is a terrible thing not to share, Anon!  You know how I feel about dog tags, but put t hat with the virgin killer sweater and some fuck me heels and I think Steve would combust.

Friend appreciation post

Rory: They have really cute style and thunder thighs and super innocent but also kinda lowkey dirty and hella cute and super androgynous 11/10 would hug ?? Also really quiet and soft and gentle teddy bear, hugs for an hour ok

Lliam: They’re really cool and somehow pull off every style and nice legs 10/10. Super passive aggressive and pissy, but at the same time really funny and stuff. Will always look better than you, doesn’t matter what they wear.

Willow: 100/10 absolute handsome ok they have best style ok and cute floof hair. Just wants to be understood?? ‘I’m not my sister.’ Cute art hoe with art goals and much talent!!! TALETN!!! 11/10 art skills I want. Such androgynous ok. Constant self doubt but they’re loved and shouldn’t doubt themselves so much ok.

Riley: Perpetually jelly, just wants band merch? Excited hugs!!!! I like flannels and tøp. Will scream about twenty one pilots with you ok it’s great. Likes subway. Will always share food 10/10 much potential and is great fren. Hangs out with nerd kid a lot.

Tyler: MEME QUEEN. Was born a meme, will die a meme. Cool hair??? Metal kids wow 10/10. Likes tøp and its great. He’s super chill and funny. Also tall and has the biggest tiddies ok? Understanding and respectful and nice, 10/10 nice hugs!!

Zoe: TWENTY ONE PILOTS!!!! Cool style and 10/10 rainbow sweater. Long hair and cool bean af?? Nice conversations about literally anything, especially tøp!!!! Much style again!! Makeup goals af pls teach me? Super chill and cool 100000/10

Mason: EXCITED HUGS!!! LITERAL PUPPER!!! HIPSTER DOG!!! WILL RUN ACROSS THE ROOM TO HUG!!! I don’t think he likes texting or something idk!! ALWAYS HAPPY!!! CUTE CUDDLES WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!! Too innocENT FOR LIFE!! Love him. 11111/10 could be an actual dog in a human’s body.

Chloe: Passive aggressive?? Super passive agressive?? Borderline actual aggressive. Super sarcastic and total supernatural nerd ok I think she has a problem. Just wants to be with her wife. 10/10 would kidnap and hide in my basement. Likes dOGS! Younger than she looks. Hair goals and style goals.

Kyle: quiet, sadder than he seems?? Just needs love ok. Cool hair my dude. Used to be a fuccboi but now just a memeboi. Kinda reminds me of my dog idk why help.

Cloie: PANIC!!! Ok she has a serious problem, she breathes panic! Memes. Just wants to meet Brendon urie. Probably has a framed picture of brendon on her wall. 10/10 would probably kinda him.

If you support Trump, I automatically assume you are one, or all, of the following:

  • Dumb
  • Supremely racist
  • Sexist af
  • One of those guys holding a fish in their Facebook photo
  • From the midwest
  • Definitely homophobic
  • And also transphobic as all hell
  • A dirty shag carpet that aspires to one day reach the level of fame as Trump’s toupee
  • A fellow tangerine poorly disguised as a human