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I don't know if you're still doing the anime style thing, but could you maybe draw Alluka like Cardcaptor Sakura? It's okay if you don't want to, I just wanted to ask

(( How you word it kinda confuse me, so i decided to draw Alluka like Sakura, and in a Cardcaptor Sakura style (=v=lll I drew this during my break and I think i got a lil too excited or something, lmao. You’re a lucky anon xD ))


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@leejihoonnn another soft blog (except when they spam wonho with abs but im not complaining) they post cute animals pics sometimes and just wow sammy is great please give her loads of love and attention

@moonbinpie luna likes to pretend they are a cool salty emo person but they are just a soft swedish fish that really loves astro 100/100 blog pls follow them they deserve more followers and they put a lot of effort in their blog

@mystic-astro-trash not only are they a wonderful person but they are a wonderful blog im trash for alyssa. they are another blog that feels like all your mutuals are friends with and you’re like woAH i wanna be like that 

@plutoxsanha  sometimes they scream in their tags and its a great experience plus they are a blog that makes me vv soft and reblogs cute posts and pictures

@fairylights101 maybe its because im secretly still a weeb™ or maybe its because they are one of my favorite cosplayers but they are a hella cute anime blog and i feel happy when i see haikyuu posts on my blog bc of them 

@jungkxook their fics are so so so good omg please go read them also they stan moonbin (we have great taste lmao) overall a incredibly nice person and is pretty cool 

@astroyals a member of the tall aroha squad lol they look really cool and can be intimidating at first bc they look so popular and cool but then you talk to them and feel squishy and soft in the inside bc wow what a soft cute bean

@minghao-youdoing trash but i love her to death (EVEN IF U DONT RESPOND TO TEXTS), has hella good taste bc she stans minghao

@thegayhope last but not least my best friend aka my platonic soulmate aka the one that made me fall in love with kpop and guard aka the best mom ™ seriously go follow her because i love her a lot a lot and she reblogs funny kpop memes

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Why the hell is "It's a Shounen!" an excuse to put off romantic relationships in manga?









How Much Do you Love me?

What he thinks :

Enough to give up my legacy.

Enough to act against my instincts.

Enough to defy my maker and my bosses.

Enough to give up an angelic instrumentality.

Enough to give up my life.

Enough to lie about me not caring for it.

Enough for me to smile as I give it to you.

Enough for me not to mention how I went all the way to heavens gate to wait so that you could come.

Enough for me to wish to meet you again.

Enough to keep coming back for more.

Enough for me to believe I was born to meet you.

What he ends up saying :


based on this text post X


out of all the things i thought i was gonna see today

this was not it