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Niklas Hjalmarsson

So there’s this guy out there with hella cute kids, the most beautiful wife, and the highest pain tolerance known to man. He’s a D-man who gave his everything and all to the Chicago Blackhawks for 10 years.

That’s 10 years of winning, 10 years of losing, countless injuries, 3 cups, and a million memories.

There’s no one on earth that could possibly replace a family member, no one in the world. A guy like Hammer who would do anything and everything for us was a rare find, but we had him.

I haven’t been here very long, but I’m so glad Hammer wasn’t another one of those memorable players that I never got to see on the ice.

He was family, he was core, he will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Niklas.

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Gavriel 🤤

mmmmmmmm neck taaaatttsssss

overall: who? / i hate them / i dislike them / kinda wanna fight them / they’re alright / i like them / i love them / *accidentally drops thousands of pictures of them*
opinion: again, who??? / the purest bean / cinnamon roll / who knows really / (Secret)sinnamon roll / the problematic fav
otp(s): Aedion’s momma :(((
other ship(s): I dunno! GAVRIEL X CHILD AFFECTION
#noromo ship(s): Rowan, Lysandra
crack ship(s): ngl while reading EOS I thought Fenrys x Gavriel would be hella cute. 
fav headcanon(s): He’s clearly a daddy. Lord knows I have a lot of daddies but he is the one that gives you commands that you just have to follow but he says them in the sweetest way. Praise kink x1000


I love award shows especially when Chanyeol and Baekhyun sit beside each other. Everything is perfect. No one is complaining.

Damn it, Chanyeol! Why do you have to smile every time Baekhyun smiles???

Seriously, though. I just don’t get how no one really talks about the way Baekhyun secretly enjoys Chanyeol staring at him it’s like he has to advantage even though he’s usually looking away. Pure instinct?



*chanbaek scream of joy* heck yASSS Y’ALL