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A few weeks ago I started working on this sweater. It should have been a weekend project, but you know how I’m never able to get the right amount of yarn lol

So yesterday I finished this alpaca sweater and I’m hella proud of it.
I used the pattern “Oversized knitted Sweater” by ALEKSANDRA

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7 Minutes In Heaven

Veronica x fem reader

words: 1545

“We’re going old school tonight,” Cheryl spoke up, stood at the front of the room, a beer bottle hanging from her fingers. “seven minutes in heaven.” You felt a sense of unease wash over you at those words. Seven minutes of heaven. That game never ended well. “Who wants to tryst in the Closet of Love first?” she didn’t wait for an answer, “My vote is ‘V’ for Veronica. Anyone care to second it?” she waited, raising an eyebrow.

Veronica hesitated, “Actually, um- “

“Yes, Lodge! Yes.” Reggie interrupted her, excitement drenched his voice. Lust and anticipation filled his eyes. Veronica didn’t get a chance to speak as the game commenced.

“All right. Gather round, kids.” A mischievous smirk infiltrated Cheryl’s expression. “Let’s see who’s riding the raven tonight.” She said, placing the bottle on the table and spinning it. You could see Veronica glance over at you, a nervous expression was written on her face as she bounced her knee up and down to contain it. You gave her an encouraging, small smile as you watched the bottle spin, your own heart threatening to burst from its ribcage. The bottle had begun to slow, as you watched it, tentatively.

It stopped.

The lid of the bottle pointed directly towards you. Cheryl circled around behind the two of you, sat on the edge of the sofa. “Veronica. Y/N. Your 7 minutes starts now.” You avoided contact with everyone and everything as you stood up, exhaling a breath you hadn’t realised you were holding in. Cheryl held door open as the two of you stepped into the small closet, no words exchanged. Cheryl giggled with an evil manner as she shut the door, leaving you, your claustrophobia and Veronica in there. Your eyes stayed on the ground for a while, unsure what to say.

“So, um,” you cleared your throat, “do you miss New York?” you asked.

“It’s been less than a week, but, yes.” She laughed. You looked up, making immediate eye contact with her. You felt almost intimidated as she stared further into y/e/c eyes. Your breath hitched in your throat, instantaneously regretting your decision to look up. You laughed awkwardly, averting your eyes to shelves behind her; they were suddenly something of your interest as you made an effort to avoid eye contact, succeeding for a while before her gaze had become too strong and you reverted to staring into her deep, brown eyes. She stood, just slightly taller than your petite frame.

“I saw you earlier at the dance with Archie.” She started, “Are you guys a thing? Or?”

“No.” you answered, “We’re just best friends.” You paused for a moment, “Why do you ask?”

“No reason.” You gave Veronica a tour when she first arrived, she helped you get into the River Vixens and you had become good friends- but, in that moment you couldn’t help the awkwardness that was building up, threatening to suffocate you. The River Vixens.

“Just trust me.” She had whispered to you, before placing her hands on your face and kissing you, taking you by surprise. The memory played in your head. And, of course, Cheryl was unfazed, or at least acting to be unfazed, and threw you her usual neglect, welcoming Veronica. But, Veronica wouldn’t have it as she stood up for you. Against Cheryl Blossom. Or ‘Cheryl Bombshell’ as she called herself on twitter. You were ready to accept that you would never be on the cheerleading squad, but, Veronica sure did show Cheryl the fire- or ice, her ‘speciality’ as she put it- inside her. It sure did work, as just minutes later, you were dressing into the River Vixens uniform.

“Why did you stand up for me?” you interrupted the silent, intimate staring. It had, maybe, been a minute into the seven minutes you had.

She sighed, “Believe it or not, I used to be one of the many Cheryls in New York.” She told you, as if she was waiting for you to ask, “I was never happy with myself as a person. So,” she continued,” I made a pact with myself that when we moved here, to Riverdale, I would change myself for the better. Seeing Cheryl’s thing for you, I thought it would a great place to start. So, I’m going to help you slay your dragons, one by one.”

“But why me?” you asked, “Of all the people in Riverdale High, why did you choose to befriend me, and help me.” You may have sounded slightly sour but you were being genuine, “Don’t get me wrong, though, because I am so grateful, and I can’t thank you enough.” You started to ramble. You rambled when you were nervous. The more you kept talking, the quicker the minutes would pass- or, so you thought. She didn’t say anything for what felt like minutes but as you looked down at the timer, it read ’05:07’. 5 minutes left.

“Well,” she thought, “You gave me the tour on my first day, and you made the day I was dreading into something so much better.” She hesitated, “ok, I don’t want to sound cliché, but, it felt like destiny.” She chuckled, causing a smile to tug at your lips.

“Why did you kiss me?” Silence. Her smile dropped and her cheeks visibly flushed pink, her usually confidence fading. Why was she suddenly so tense?

“Well, to get you in to the River Vixens, of course.” She tried to save herself from embarrassment. You didn’t want to push any further so you stopped asking her questions.

“Thank you.” You said.

She laughed, “Anytime.” Her eyes shot wide open, in horror, “I mean like anytime I’ll help you.” She shook her head, “Not that you’d want me to kiss you again.” She sighed, looking down. “Um.”

“What if I did?” You dared, your voice smoky.

“Um, I guess that would be fine too. Not that I mind. I think you’re a great kisser.”  She replied, her confidence built up again, her lips curved into a wicked smile. She took a step closer to you. Her hand mindlessly grazed over yours as she glanced at your lips recalling the memory.

“3 minutes left on the timer,” you said, desire drowned you as you looked down at her deep, red-painted lips. When you spoke, you were almost questioning if there was time to fulfil your craving. Her eyes were gentle, but were yearning for your touch.

There was a moment of silence before she lowered her head, leaning down to your steadily, flushing face, a predatory gleam in her eyes and surged forwards, crashing her lips to yours, passionately. You met her lips, just as eager, both your noses and lips melded together. She dragged her tongue over your lip, causing a needy groan to escape your lips, which only served to bring your bodies even closer, her hands caressing your face as you tangled your fingers in her soft, black waves, urging her face even closer.

When she felt you swipe your tongue over her top lip, she opened her mouth willingly, letting out her own moan as your tongue danced teasingly around the ridges over her mouth, your tongues battling in desire. You bit her bottom lip gently, in turn, causing a whine to flee through her lips. She bit down on yours harder, licking pure heat into your mouth.

You broke away, panting, still wanting more. Without a thought, her hot, wet lips connected with your neck, trailing soft kisses, grazing her teeth over your skin as you cried out in ecstasy. Her lipstick was probably smudged over your lips and in a trail down your neck. A hand fell to the back of your dress, grasping the zip, the other still at your face. You were both unexpectedly interrupted by Cheryl knocking the door.

“The game is called 7 minutes in heaven, not 10.” You heard everyone whistling and shouting through the door. “Sorry am I interrupting something steamy in there.”

Veronica paused looking up at you, in terror. You both exploded in laughter, as you attempted to wipe the smudged lipstick off your mouth and neck as she aimlessly tried to fix her hair.

“No,” You shouted through the door, “We’re coming out in a second.”

“Coming out as gay.” You heard the familiar voice of Reggie’s orotund voice behind the door. You shook your head at his pun, laughing. Although, it was true.

You straightened out your dress, flattening your hair once more before looking at Veronica. She gave you a nod and a smile. You opened the door, unable to hide your grin as everyone sat, cheering at the two of you- even Cheryl had a smirk on her face.

Veronica lead you outside where the party wasn’t as loud. The stars blanketed the dark sky and the opalescent moon shone at the centre.

She stared into y/e/c orbs, her usual smile plastered her face.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” She asked you, her smile shrunk slightly at the thought of rejection.

“Yes.” You answered simply as her smile grew in relief, pleased with your reply. She pulled you into a hug then placed a soft kiss on your lips, reminiscing your warm touch as she pulled away.