hella cupcaking


Word count: 4.6k

Rating: G

Summary: Drake the bodyguard takes Dan and Phil out to a diner somewhere in America and they all get milkshakes and discuss life.

Notes: Special thanks to my peeps on Twitter who patiently fielded my random questions about vocabulary and whatnot as I wrote this, and just generally encouraged me to keep at it.

Disclaimer: I know NOTHING about Dan and Phil’s real-life bodyguard; I’ve only ever seen photos of him. All the info about him in this fic is totally made up.

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anonymous asked:

Kuroo, Oikawa, Tsukki and Iwaizumi with a very clumsy s/o? You're hella rad btw

You’re hella rad too, cupcake o v o *hugs tight*

  • Kuroo: Is always there to look out for them, thinking it’s wonderfully cute how much they depend on him to help them whenever they trip or lose balance.
  • Oikawa: Always gushes about his s/o’s cuteness, even when they trip and drop all of the papers they kept neatly in their notebook. He didn’t mean to disregard them! They were just so cute!
  • Iwaizumi: Is incredibly patient, knowing that his s/o’s clumsiness isn’t their fault, but will get a bit aggravated when others are around and wont help his partner, especially when he can’t get to them fast enough.
  • Tsukishima: Enjoys teasing his s/o about their clumsiness, but won’t refuse them help, and would be damned to see them hurt, or be ignored by people around them. He teases, but he isn’t a jerk.

I am so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends. Thanks to @buttermybooks @iprefertoread @bookphile and @beckatronsramblings​ for sending me such thoughtful Christmas presents. I love you guys so much!!!!! <3333 (Well I actually bought myself the mug so Merry Christmas to me. You can find it here.)