hella clips

  • Haikyuu!! character: Who are you?
  • The same Haikyuu!! character but in the stage play: I'm you but gayer

my favorite davekat is  the kind of davekat where karkat lowkey takes on an alarming mixture of shitpost aesthetic unironically because he’s been way too influenced by dave mashing sbahj with his photography


A story in which Hinami gets bored so sleepy neki gets a mini makeover   (^◇^*)

I just wanted to draw something cute with Hinami ^^

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God damn Jordi is looking hella fine. From the clips I saw all I wanted was to rip that tight white t-shirt off of him. And that cowboy hat? Dear God that was too hot

He’s a hottie for sure!


Filmmaker accuses Beyoncé of stealing footage for “Formation” from his documentary

“New Beyonce video used hella clips from the doc I produced and directed by @Abteen …but why?!?!” filmmaker Chris Black wrote on Saturday. “I guess it’s flattering that people fuck with the things you’ve created but also frustrating when they wanna use it like it’s theirs.”  "Formation" music video director Melina Matsoukas then credited the directors of the documentary for the footage, but it seems Beyoncé’s people have gotten the last word.