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Sooo are we not going to talk about Magnus crying in 2x15? Look at the tear streaks on his face, and the one dropping off his nose.

How to study journal (and probably increase productivity)

As requested by some of you who read my post on Types of study methods to suit your current position, here’s how to study journal!

First of all, study journaling is an idea that I came up with somewhere in the beginning of December, and then used it for a week and checked its mechanics - which is why I think I can say that it is a nice way to boost your productivity and academic skills.

And I’m saying academic “skills” because I don’t really think that anyone has any less capability to do well in studies, it’s just a matter of time when you actually realise the right method to study. And once you do that, it’s like bam - you got it!

This idea hit me first when I heard about bullet journaling, and many studyblrs also kept mentioning to keep track of your study sessions and stuff, so I just mixed it all up and conjured this “studyjo” (lol that’s the worse name).

Here’s how you can studyjo :

1. Basic af essentials

A journal, duh.

  • The whole concept of studyjo is to boost your productivity, not your fancy ish, so picking a cheap ass journal isn’t gonna kill you.
  • My dad has a thing for collecting diaries and journals, so I usually pick one from the storeroom - which is why the one I used was of the year 2015. I mean, we’re gonna make our own custom calendar inside anyway so it didn’t matter to me.
  • You want a fancy ass journal? Go for it. A cheap ass composition notebook? Go for it. As long as it has pages and you can access it from your class/college /home/car/train/any spot on earth its eligible!

Writing tools, duh.

  • Use a brush pen, sharpie, markers or a pencil - doesn’t make a difference as long as it writes well.
  • So there’s a lot of you guys who think embellishing our notes/bujo is a waste of time, then by all means keep it simple.
  • I like colours because my eyes automatically want to look at them which complies me to go over my tasks again and again.
  • Of you think aesthetic is your thing then by all means use it to your advantage.
  • That doesn’t mean that you’ll stress over maintaining the pretty pages, we’ve already got enough stress to work with.

2. The basic spreads

Yearly calendar

  • You must have a page for yearly overview, where you can mark down all exam/assignment/project /event dates.
  • Sometimes the teachers tell us about our assignments 6 months prior too, at that point the monthly spread isn’t helping - use the yearly spread.
  • I write our finals dates, important exams, any birthdays, college events, orientation dates, class meeting dates, open House dates and holidays, etc in this calendar.
  • Keep a little notes section below your calendar to write down extremely important stuff that happens through the year.
  • Motivational quotes (if they help you) are the best to write down here, because you’ll be looking at them throughout the year.


  • You are a student, which means that sticky notes are your BFF.
  • I note down all my deadlines on a sticky note (when in college) and put it on my dashboard.
  • You can also keep any board passes/bits of paper you receive from the school.
  • Use one of those envelopes as a pocket and store all miscellaneous papers inside it. I also keep some question papers there.
  • Store flashcards (the thin ones ofc) in that pocket if you’re going to be carrying the journal everywhere with you.
  • I also keep a list of doubts that I have in some concepts so that when I meet the respective teacher I can just whip out my doubts list and get it cleared.

Monthly spread

  • This is where you start the planning.
  • Make a checklist /whatever sort of list you want of all tasks study related that you need to do. This includes assignments, homework, project, studying a topic, study dates, etc.
  • It’s best if you sort that list subject wise, but mine is just a general list tbh.
  • Learn how to break down your tasks. If you have a test on Chapter 1 in Friday, do section A of that chapter tomorrow, section B two days later and section C the day after. And make three separate checkboxes for each section.
  • The smaller the task, the easier it is to accomplish it.
  • Have 5 checkboxes for a huge task, so that even when you’ve done a portion of the task you’ll feel that sense of achievement when checking it off.
  • Keep them short and to the point. Nobody is gonna read a huge ass paragraph on completing that math homework.

Study session tracker

  • The main purpose of studyjo is this tracker.
  • Everytime you sit down to study, note the time at which you started, the topic you think you’ll study now.
  • When you finish studying, note the time again and write down what you actually studied.
  • Rate your study session as per the satisfaction it gives you.
  • After some sessions you’ll actually want to study because you wanna add another session details to the tracker.
  • This works - I had three 2 hour sessions in a week because I wanted to add to my list of accomplishments and feel proud of myself.
  • Leave little comments on what you think you could’ve done to improve the quality of session, or what concepts you want to do next.

3. The not so basic but recommended spreads

Monthly calendar

  • Good to have a month wise calendar for better planning.
  • I note all weekly quiz dates and birthdays and upcoming holidays here, along with some plans for posting on this studyblr too!
  • You can totally try inspiring quotes here, along with some plans for the month.
  • Add little goals to achieve this month. My goal for December was to master derivatives, and I’m pretty sure I’m doing derivatives better than before.

Goal tracker

  • This is divided into two parts : major goals - which you add near the yearly spread and baby goals - which you can add near the monthly spread.
  • Major goals are generalised and just for motivation.
  • Minor goals are broken down major goals with details of how to achieve it and they’re the ones you actually will achieve too.
  • My major goal for 2018 is being consistent. I broke it into a minor goal as ‘study session of at least 30 minutes every day’ without missing!

Productivity tracker

  • Using graphs, charts, tables and other such diagrams to mark every day you think you spent doing something productive is very amazing.
  • I make a graph of each day that I got some work done, marking the wasted days with read and productive ones with blue/green.
  • This helps me point out the days where I’m usually not productive (which happens to be Wednesday and Thursday for me) and the days where my work is super flexible and productive (Monday is awesome).
  • You can fill in boxes for every day you studied for 1 hour minimum or something, if you like.

Project planner

  • This can be essential too sometimes. This is a spread you dedicate to planning out a long ass essay or a presentation or a speech or maybe a project.
  • Make tree diagrams/pie charts and write down notes on how you can structure your project - the conclusion, beginning and middle being the skeleton of each project. (want another long ass post on project planning? *everyone groans*).
  • Make detailed plans for the project and include dates that you can dedicate for the project making and all.
  • Mark those dates in the monthly calendar if it helps.

4. Random pile of tips

  • A weekly date strip is very useful for me. I write down the dates of the coming week on a strip of paper and stick it to the margin of my checklist page.
  • Mention your name and contact on the cover if the journal in case it gets lost.
  • Use sticky notes to leave little messages for your future self - I write stuff like 'keep going girl you got this’ and 'I’m hella proud of you babe’. It makes you smile lol.
  • Add a pen pocket to the journal if possible, that’ll make it easy to note things down on the go.
  • You can keep a mindfulness sort of page where you can dump all your feelings down?
  • Or a water tracker cuz damn this potato is always dehydrated.
  • Try writing down why you want to study - to impress the teacher? Get a good grade? Show off to others? Get closer to your career goals?
  • We all want to do stuff for selfish reasons sometimes, it’s okay if you note them down because what I noticed is that whenever I wrote down stuff like 'prove to them that I’m awesome’ or 'make the bio teacher adore me’ I actually wanted to work towards it. Maybe it’s just me. Worth trying tho.
  • Keep the last two pages for emergency note taking and instructions given by the teacher just in case you have nothing else atm.

Voila, here - your studyjo is ready!

Do let me know if you found this method useful and feel free to drop by any questions - my inbox is forever open!

hatsume mei is a perfect example of chaotic neutral

  • joins izukus team so her support equipment will be seen
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  • has a giant pile of extremely functional garbage
  • gives custom support equipment to the hero course kids for free so they can advertise her
  • is v helpful but only when itll attract attention to her creations
  • will break ur neck to give you a solution to said broken neck

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amberprice prompt: Rachel was perfectly fine keeping her and Chloe’s relationship without labels until someone else started being openly flirty with Chloe

Rachel’s quickly starting to regret ever coming to this stupid Firewalk concert.

Well, she regrets ever dragging Chloe out to the smoking section for a cigarette, anyway, because of course the lead singer of the band that had just preformed – who was giving Chloe heart-eyes the entire time she was on stage – just happens to be leaning against the side of the building when they get outside. And Rachel honestly would have been completely okay with this in any other type of situation, (because who doesn’t like talking to band members?) but the way the girl looks at Chloe when she sees them coming out of the venue ignites a fire inside of her.

She isn’t jealous.

She definitely isn’t jealous.

She just doesn’t like it when other girls look at Chloe in that way.

At least, that’s what she tells herself.

Then the girl’s holding out an open pack of cigarettes in front of her and waving it around in the air like an owner trying to lure their dog back inside of the house with its favorite toy, and Rachel’s hands ball into fists as she shoves them into her jacket pockets.

And then of course Chloe smiles like an idiot and proceeds to quickly make her way over to her, leaving the blonde in the dust.

Rachel just stands there for a moment, watching as Chloe strides away and stops in front of her before she reluctantly walks over to them, reaches into the girl’s pack and brings a cigarette up to her lips.

“Lexi,” she says, holding out her hand, and Chloe takes it.

“I’m Chloe, and this is Rachel.”

Rachel forces a smile as Chloe says her name, and spares the pink-haired girl a glance before she pulls a lighter out of her pocket and takes a long drag.

When she looks back up, she takes in the girl in front of her, looking at her from head to toe, and exhales a cloud of smoke towards her. Rachel’s got to admit, she’s very beautiful, and it makes her a little envious. She blames it on the fact that she doesn’t really have anyone to compete with back in Arcadia Bay. Everyone there already suspects that the two of them are together, even though they haven’t made it official yet, so she’s never had to worry about someone else grabbing Chloe’s attention. But here, in Portland, no one has any idea, and Rachel doesn’t really know what to think.

The thing is, is that she’d been perfectly fine with not putting a label on this relationship or whatever she and Chloe had. She never really felt like they’d needed one, and she figured Chloe felt the same considering neither of them had brought it up since the day they had agreed that there was something special going on between them.

But now she can’t help but wonder if Chloe even considers them as a couple at all. 

It’s when Rachel brings the cigarette up to her mouth for the second time, and notices that it’s already halfway gone that she realizes she’d spaced out. And when she looks over to Chloe, she sees Lexi running her fingers through her blue hair and hears her compliment how good it looks on her, and something inside of Rachel snaps.

Chloe didn’t seem to be flirting back, but she also wasn’t exactly stopping this girl from coming onto her, either. 

She would never admit it, but that definitely made her jealous.

“See,” Rachel starts, reaching her free hand out to grab Chloe’s. “I told you it looked hella amazing, babe.”

Chloe looks down to their conjoined hands, and then up to meet her gaze, and Rachel can tell that she took her by surprise. She’s not really sure of how Chloe feels about it, since all she seems to be able to do is stand there, eyes wide and mouth gaping. But her plan works, and that’s all that matters.

It causes Lexi to take a step back, and Rachel can’t help the little smirk that tugs at the corner of her lips when she hears the girl mumble, “Oh.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realize you two were together,” she says, dropping her cigarette onto the ground and stubbing it out with her foot.

“Uh, yeah,” Chloe adds, causing Rachel to glance over at her. She wasn’t really expecting Chloe to actually go along with this. “Today’s actually our one year anniversary.”

And Rachel definitely wasn’t expecting her to say something like that.

It makes blood rush up to her face, and she hopes no one can see the redness that’s undoubtedly evident on her cheeks.

She’s got to admit, Chloe can be an amazing actress when she wants to be.

“Well, congrats,” Lexi smiles, but Rachel can tell that it’s not sincere. “I should probably get back inside and see what everyone is up to.” After giving them a small wave, she spins around on her heels and makes her way over to the back entrance.

Once she’s out of sight, Rachel turns to face Chloe. “One year anniversary, huh? Nice.”

“Yeah,” she says quietly, and rubs at the back of her neck. Rachel notices a hint of crimson covering Chloe’s pale cheeks in the dim light, and she can’t help but smile at the sight.

“Once again, you’ve proven to be pretty damn amazing at improv, Chloe Price.”

“Uh, well…” Chloe looks away, and then to the ground. “We’ve known each other for a year as of yesterday. So, um… it wasn’t that hard to come up with.”


Rachel raises her eyebrows and takes a step back to get a better look at her. “Really?”

Chloe nods.

The smirk on Rachel’s face grows as she thinks about how Chloe remembered such a specific date. She wonders if she had written it in a journal somewhere, or on a calendar.

She must say – the thought is absolutely adorable.

But why hadn’t Chloe said anything about it until now?

The blonde cocks her head to the side. “And you didn’t say something about it yesterday because…”

“I just… I didn’t think…” Chloe sighs. “I just wasn’t sure if you’d think it was a big deal.”

Rachel crosses her arms over her chest and continues to smile.

She has a pretty good idea as to why Chloe would think that way, but she wants to hear her say it.

Right now is as good a time as any to bring up this conversation.

“And why’s that?”

Chloe’s eyes widen as she shifts a little. “Because… I, uh…”

After a long, painful minute of watching Chloe open and close her mouth like a fish, Rachel takes a step forward and reaches up to move a strand of blue hair out of her face. “Because?”

She watches as Chloe takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. And when she opens them again, she sighs. “I guess I just don’t really know where we stand. We’ve never… talked about it.”

Rachel hums thoughtfully and takes one of Chloe’s hands between her own. “Well, I guess there’s only one way to solve that,” she says, getting down on her knees in a dramatic manner as Chloe stands frozen in place with her brows furrowed. “Will thou be more than just my most faithful friend?”

After a moment, the blue-haired girl smiles and pulls Rachel back up to her feet. “Yes.”

I’m Going To Be A Dad?!

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2565

Authors Note: Here is the next part to my pregnancy series I’ve got going on. Thanks to @rememberstilinski @sarcasticallystilinski and @smutandahalf for looking at this and letting me know how it is. I hope you guys enjoy this, it was quite fun to write. Also, I got really excited writing the reveal. Don’t know why exactly.

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