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Luffy, Law and Kid

hell YEEE the three captains i can get on this


Who’s the messiest one: Luffy most definitely. There are signs of his 24/7 feasting everywhere and he’s never cleaned in his life. Law is a close second with his medical books and papers scattered everywhere in his room. He’s rather particular about keeping his work area sanitary but occasionally he forgets to clean up after a particularly messy dissection and Kid has to prevent Luffy from devouring law’s experiments. 

Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA:  KID. He’s so easily embarrassed when law or luffy are sweet on him in public he turns tomato red. Luffy has no sense of shame and is loud and obnoxious about his affections, always tackling kid with bear hugs and smothering him with puppy kisses. Law isn’t huge on PDA but he thoroughly enjoys making Kid uncomfortable so he likes to play the game called how far can i go until kid makes a run for the nearest public restroom if you know what i mean

Who’s the funniest drunk: Probably Law. He always so straight faced and serious with that poker face of his but he’s surprisingly a lightweight. He starts kissing everyone in sight and then half strips and he climbs on the nearest table and reveals his drunken adaptation of the Single Ladies dance. Luffy is a lightweight too and he never drinks because 1. he doesn’t like the taste, 2. it’s less funny but more hazardous when he’s drunk. The last time that happened he destroyed the bar and half the street.

Who texts the most: Luffy doesn’t have a phone because he keeps losing or breaking them and Kid prefers calling people. So Law texts the most out of the three and he’s rather gutsy about it as well. He’s that person that when they text you they never use emoticons so you’re not really sure if he’s irritated at you or just joking around. But actually they are fully aware of your discomfort and take great enjoyment in it. the little shit. 

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Luffy hands down. Somehow he always manages to find the most obnoxious, annoying, yet catchy songs and serenades the other two day and night until they know every word from pon pon pon 

Who reads the most: Law. 

Who’s better with kids: no one. none of them. please god never let them have kids they are horrible parents. 

jk well actually if they are in an AU then I’d probably say Kid. Taking care of luffy is like taking care of  50 kids so he’s learned a great  deal of patience. He acts like  he doesn’t like children but actually really cares about them and they in turn enjoy turning his huge body into a jungle gym. Luffy is good with kids too but after growing up with Garp he doesn’t have any common sense when it comes to how kids ‘play’ these days so he needs adult supervision *coughskidcoughs*. Law is alright with kids. He has to work with them as a doctor/surgeon after all. Though being left alone with kids too long makes him uncomfortable. 

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Kidddddd. He’s the mechanic after all and with Luffy running around destroying everything his work is never done. 

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: they are all pretty fucking weird yo…..

Who cooks and who cleans up: Kid. Luffy only knows how to eat and the only thing law knows how to make is coffee. Plus after being raised by Killer, Kid is your ideal A+ housewife. He even leaves chocolates on their pillows after he makes their beds. 

INFINITE Reaction: When you tell them you want a baby

Awhh~~ You’re the amazing person i swear :3 Thank you alot for those sweet words of yours and i hope you keep supporting us foreveeeer~~


Sunggyu: “ I think we.. we should wait more !! We’re still young and i’m always busy , i don’t want to miss anything while he’s growing.. Let’s wait to little bit alright?! “

Dongwoo: “ Now?! I-I mean.. Are we even prepared to be good parents now?! I think we should wait.”

Woohyun: “ If that means having sex with you more then HELL YEEES I WANT TO “

“Oh god.. Woohyun can you be serious for a second?!”

“Hahhaha.. Sorry sorry i was just joking ! Hmm.. Me , a dad !! Yes i want it too :)”

Hoya: “ A baby? With you?! Yes i want to “ 

Sungyeol: “A baby?! Am i not enough for you?! Are you getting bored of me?”

Myungsoo: “ Then we shouldn’t waste any time with getting started then right?”

Sungjong:  “So you’re being serious about this? You think we should try ? “

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Touka, yomo, suzuya, and shirokaneki 's s/o has been missing for a lil while (kidnapped) and when they're found, poor s/o is all types of traumatized and is need of some serious TLC from the bbys


Touka’s significant other showed up on her doorstep without prior warning, without so much as a hello; in fact, what notified her of her lover’s presence were shrill cries that sounded agonizing. Touka rushed outside to find her broken lover crumbled onto the floor, a mere shell of who they used to be, and Touka, eyes watering and lips parted (she wants to say something, anything, but can’t) can only embrace them. They sob into her chest.

“Hey, what happened?” she asks softly after their sobs subside into little hiccups, and they only shake their head. They look up at her, eyes wide, though she can’t obtain any information from the gesture. 

She leads them by the hand inside and sits them down on a wooden chair while she prepares coffee. 

“T-touka…” they murmur, and she turns around instantly, “I love you.” 

With a sigh, she strolls over to the kitchen table, two coffees in hand, and places her arms around their neck from behind. She kisses the top of their head gently and puts both coffees on the table. 

“I’ll never let this happen to you again,” she whispers, her hand topping theirs. 

Yomo receives a call from Yoshimura in the middle of a food-scavenging mission, and though he lets the phone ring until it tires itself out, in the end, he decides that the call must be important, and answers. 

He’s glad he did, because the call is a notification that his lover had showed up at Anteiku, broken and battered. 

Yomo races back to the coffee shop immediately and almost punches a wall when he finds his lover shaking, a warm blanket wrapped around them, in Anteiku’s makeshift infirmary. 

“Yomo!” they cry out, and they run towards him, discarding the blanket like a cicada would its shell. He wraps them in a tight embrace, and whispers how much he missed them into their ear as they start crying. 

Worried that their condition might worsen, he sits them down on the bed, arms snaked around their waist, their head on his shoulder as they sniffle away. 

Suzuya is surprised when he receives a call from the secretary downstairs; she said he had a visitor but he was expecting no one. He takes the elevator to the first floor waiting room, where his eyes meet those of his lover’s, whom he assumed to be dead. 

He whispers their name and the word barely passes his lips. Their eyes, red and swollen, glance down, and they murmur “Juuzou” as they wipe away stray tears with the back of their hands. 

Immediately, he walks towards them as if in a trance, still not processing that his lover, who was supposedly kidnapped by a gang of ghouls, made it out alive. 

He whispers their name again, a small smile making its way across his face, and then he rushes up to them, yelling their name and spinning them around. They chuckle lightly, nose still stuffed from crying, and embrace him tightly. 

“Juuzou, I was so scared…” they hiccup, and Juuzou gives them an eskimo kiss, moving down from their nose and then kissing them fully on their lips. 

“Please don’t be scared anymore! You’re safe with me!” 

Shiro Kaneki gasps when his s/o shows up on his door, bruised and sobbing. He opens his arms and brings them into a tight but gentle hug, stroking their hair and whispering “you’re okay, you’ll be okay” repeatedly into their ear. 

When they’ve exhausted themselves with crying, Kaneki carries them to the couch, placing them down and moving the hair from their face. He tends to their wounds silently but efficiently, opting to have them speak when they feel they’re ready. 

They eventually open up, telling them of the terrors they faced, and all the while Kaneki held their hand, urging them on and wiping tears away. 

Eventually Kaneki asks them who did this to them, and at their stifled cries, he decides not to pursue the question further. 

“Tell me when you’re ready,” he murmurs, cupping their cheek, “I’ll end them for you.”

And with that, Kaneki lays next to them on the couch, their legs intertwined and bodies pressed against each other, as he patiently waits for them to fall asleep.

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