Writing this (about the other continents and a possible ending for the torturous epilogue in RQ4)…..

And for the first time, Mare knew she was making the right choice. She left Norta and the other hell-holes behind without looking back. She was leaving to a new place. A better place. An equal place without the hatred she thought existed everywhere. Without the divide.

“Without Cal” Mare thought. She frowned, but only slightly. Her wounds were healing now.

She told herself she would be normal again. Her travel to the New Lands would be the first transport there, and the last. No one would know. No one would need to know. She could be Red again. Not Mareena, not a newblood, not the lightning girl. Mare.

Made me want to start a new fanfic or collabed plot points (doesn’t have to be actual written stuff) but I’m actually REALLY craving some New Land fan made stuff rn and….. *feelings intensify*

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Bro just kiss the demon. It'll be really quick no you wouldn't have to do it again. Unless you want too...


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That anon's wrong, this mess goes down to Natsumi, if she hadn't provokes Satou, she wouldn't have killed her, and if she didn't die, Hinata wouldn't have tried to get into the main course building and get beat up by Juzo (who also provoked the problem) and if Juzo hadn't beat him up, Hinata wouldn't have become Izuru, and everybody would've been happy but because of Mahiru's bad friendships and bad formation in her middle school we're in this big angst hell hole. I'm tired I'll go to bed bye

might be teu but junko would still ruin everything


Fallout V/S reality, pictures collected but not taken by me. 

highlights from disney world:

  • my teenage brother got emasculated by a storm trooper at hollywood studios because when one of them walked by and he picked up his little lightsaber keychain and waved it at him. the stormtrooper proceeded to point at his lightsaber and make a gesture with his fingers about how small it was and then held up his Large Blaster and stroked the side in comparison before walking off
  • tried to cheat at making the best car at the speedway in epcot by looking up other people’s successful designs. we ended up making the worst car to ever exist that looked like a gold subaru outback and had to deal with the consequences. we then won every single category on the ride with a subaru outback. we don’t fucking know how.
  • pissed off kylo ren by calling him crylo ron to the point he was yelling at the camera people to take the picture and then commanding us to leave and never come back again. he also threatened our lives a grand total of 3 times
  • baymax plays only fall out boy songs in his character spot at epcot. like on loop he just has the entirety of fall out boy’s discography going off and no one even says anything it’s just how it is. relatable content.

  • there’s just a large ass part of animal kingdom named harambe. like the theatre is named harambe and it’s on basically every single sign there and i can’t imagine the grief these staff members have to deal with because holy shit

  • the peter pan ride at magic kingdom was kinda terrible and i’m not sure why the wait was an hour and a half…the old animatronics for its time were definitely neat to see in the perspective of a period piece kinda like small world. the coolest part was the interactive shadow in the wait line, my brother punched tinker bell and she violently exploded into butterflies

  • flynn rider was there. space mountain is still one of the best rides in all four parks besides the dinosaur ride in animal kingdom and the tower of terror. epcot desperately needs an update with some new attractions it’s suffering from whatever the 80′s did to it. got to talk to a disney artist for an hour and he sketched me a drawing of experiment stitch, thanks oliver. haunted mansion is a gorgeous ride and i’ll never not fastpass cause the waltzing ghost room will never not absolutely kill this ass. they really like to promote star wars even at animal kingdom which is unnecessary and irrelevant but heyo capitalism. $20 chicken basket lunch. magic kingdom after dark will never not be the purest and most absolute embodiment of disney magic.

  • 7 foot tall piglet with a gun

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Chapter 2

pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: fluff, angst, smut 

╳ Summary: “Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

After what happened at the party, I was not looking forward to Monday at all. But I woke up this morning and guess what day it was…


 Mondays were always horrible, but I knew this was going to be the worst Monday of my fucking life. All that kept going through my head when I was getting ready to walk into the hell hole called school was that I was a Duff. As I was walking down the hallway, I noticed every group did have a Duff and I cursed myself for never noticing that I wasn’t one before.

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What was my fav part of King’s Cage you ask?

Well, it might have been all the times Mare spit on people and chapter 22 and 25.

JK it was totally that time that Mare and Cal worked together to smash Samson merandus head into the pavement of Caesar Square like it was a melon. That just *wipes away a proud tear* that just really did it for me.

Antis being outraged that “anti antis” exist 🤔

Ahaha, did they think they had the exclusivity of online assholery?