Traditionally, bathers at Japanese hot springs are expected to rinse off before entering the soothing waters. However, exceptions are made for the monkeys.

In a remote part of Japan, known as “Hell’s Valley” due to its rugged landscape and bubbling hot springs, the Japanese macaque have learned to warm their monkey parts next to the human visitors. It is not uncommon to see several of these every social creatures kicking it together in a hot bath during the day before heading back into the forest for the night.



Around The World In 80 Days: Turkmenistan

Cráter de Darvaza
Photo Credit: (Google Earth)
Valley Of Eternity
Photo Credit: (Parham Ashoori)
Dust Storm Over Turkmenistan
Photo Credit: (NASA Earth Observatory)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.

So oo I’m spending three weeks in the States (language course/ road trip). I put like 90 posts on queue so this blog is going to be fine😊 Maybe i can post some pictures if there is a working wifi at campsites and hotels. Anyway I’m flying to LA tomorrow (via London - we have 7 hours there ugh), have a great summer everyone😙😙

Various Artists - Songs of the Spanish Civil War, Volumes 1 & 2 (2014, Smithsonian Folkways)

There’s a valley in Spain called Jarama,
It’s a place that we all know so well;
It was there that we fought against the fascists;
We saw a peaceful valley turn to hell.

From this valley they say we are going,
But don’t hasten to bid us adieu -
Even though we lost the battle at Jarama
We’ll set this valley free before we’re through.

We were men of the Lincoln Battalion,
We’re proud of the fight that we made;
We know that you people of the valley
Will remember our Lincoln Brigade.

From this valley they say we are going,
But don’t hasten to bid us adieu -
Even though we lost the battle at Jarama
We’ll set this valley free before we’re through.

You will never find peace with these fascists,
You will never find friends such as we -
So remember that valley of Jarama
And the people that’ll set that valley free.

From this valley they say that we’re going,
But don’t hasten to bid us adieu -
Even though we lost the battle at Jarama
We’ll set this valley free before we’re through.

All this world is like this valley called Jarama,
So green and so bright and so fair;
No fascists can dwell in our valley
Nor breathe in our new freedom’s air.

From this valley they say we are going
But do not hasten to bid us adieu -
Even though we lost the battle at Jarama
We’ll set this valley free before we’re through.

Featuring, among others, Pete Seeger, Ernst Busch, and Woody Guthrie (in top THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS form). A must-have if you don’t already.


The Alice level is so Ugly..

I’m watching Meghan replay KH and jfc I have never liked the design of this level. It’s so claustrophobic and flat and ugly and boring imo. Least fav level in the entire series. I mean the POTC level was uncanny valley as hell but at least it was more fun than this.

While I’m on the KH subject…I want an Avengers level but in that fun Disney Infinity style.



We went into the Norwegian woods behind the Andersen’s house today and we were not disappointed. A brief, and muddy, 20 minutes later and we arrived at an overlook displaying the astonishing Trondheim Fjord, and the rest of the valley of Hell; sounds terrifying but I assure you it’s quite tranquil. I truly don’t have words for how beautiful and peaceful it is. All I can say is it’s like a dream. After drinking water from the creek, like true vikings, we finished the night hike with smores around the campfire. All is well in Norway.

-The Andersen’s Backyard; Hell, Norway


So my friend actualemily sends this picture to our group chat and is explaining how to her it kinda looks like hell, and somehow we got the conversation to be about the Youngblood Chronicles and how it looks like hell in Death Valley when Joe was there with the Devil and strippers…..   

my keyboard skills are rising from the depths of hell
gerudo valley - song of storms - light world dungeon - zelda’s lullaby - halo original theme - dearly beloved
and a special song at the end :-)

also, this keyboard is around 16 years old i think… thanks gram

Was wondering...

Does anyone else get “hit on” while driving on freeways/highways? It’s not the first time a guy has ogled me when I drive.
How do I know I’m not confused? It’s because of the crude gestures.
It wasn’t a short time of it either. He was headed the same direction as me for about 50 miles.

The Valley of Hell and other Inter-realm expeditions

The Valley of Hell and other Inter-realm expeditions

This weekend is probably going to be one of the highlights of my trip to Morocco. Mainly because of the people I traveled with :) As I said in my last post, I visited Paradise Valley and Agadir. We travelled throughout Friday night as it takes about 7 hours to get to Agadir from Casa but I love long bus rides so I was totally Ok with it. Plus I had my trusty e-reader to keep me occupied. But…

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Uh, hi

Yes hello people. I’m surprisingly still alive (and very shocking after the shockingly insane parkour shit I’ve been pulling off) but good news and bad news.

Good news: I can finally get to work on my nintendask blog of the Hell valley sky trees/beings. But I need a good name. Can anyone help?

Bad news: I’m a lazy piece a shit. But we all know that. But I know the community or I should say 75% of it won’t accept me back but that’s the side I can ignore, I still have some friends of it and that’s all I need.

Side news: Ryu in smash is way too fucking OP. Sakurai, nerf the bastard.


Space Check, Summer Jam Series @ Cherry Cola’s N Rock & Rolla Cabaret Lounge.

The space where Creativity lives!

Come to the one and only, the world renowned Cherry Cola’s on June 26th for an awesome night out in the big city featuring some great Rockabilly, Surf and Burlesque! Bring your dancing shows and rock to the sounds of the Cliff Divers, Hill Valley Lightning, Hell Bent Rockers and DJ Matt Groopie.

Everything about this place is pretty, from the red walls to the red floors to some of the sexiest bartenders this side of the Atlantic. Cherry Cola’s offers audiences from Toronto and around the world the best of live rock and roll and finest burlesque shows anywhere.

The space inspires creativity, it’s  ideal for magazine and catalog shoots. It can be booked on Spacefy for any creative project or special event.

Spacefy is an online marketplace that connects the creative community with spaces, for filming, location shoots, photo shoots, yoga classes, music rehearsals and more.

Day 2 from Noboribetsu to Otaru

Day 2 from Noboribetsu to Otaru

8 May 2015

We took our breakfast in the hotel. It was a real surprise as it was again a buffet with lots of hot and cold food available for us to choose.

It was a cold but sunny morning. After breakfast, we visited the Hell Valley, just 10 minutes walk away from our hotel. It is a popular tourist spot and we saw coach after coach arriving. Entry is free but if you go…

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