Traditionally, bathers at Japanese hot springs are expected to rinse off before entering the soothing waters. However, exceptions are made for the monkeys.

In a remote part of Japan, known as “Hell’s Valley” due to its rugged landscape and bubbling hot springs, the Japanese macaque have learned to warm their monkey parts next to the human visitors. It is not uncommon to see several of these every social creatures kicking it together in a hot bath during the day before heading back into the forest for the night.


“Christmas In The Valley” by Juvi x Paris


I’m from a place built upon corpses,
the sanctuary is a structure of ashes,
The devil’s plate is the angels toilet,
no wander the demons are so angry,
But if the angels protect,
please don’t leave me now,
Expand your gold plated wings,
and send me to heaven,
but first take me through hell,
My mother said no wise men exist,
that’s wisdom in itself,
But if the foolish man listens to the wisdom of someone other than he,
perhaps someone else,
Then knowledge is crass,
and smiles are frowns begging for help,
So tear my rob,
sip from my glass,
and spit on my crown,
But no man cane be tainted while he lives on this world,
If that man knows what it’s like to be free underground.
The flames they’re a scorchin’,
my tears they dried out,
I’m lost in this heaven,
This heaven in hell,
It’s Christmas down in the Valley,
It’s a celebration down South.

Digital Noise Episode 89: Hey Joe, What d'ya know?
We hate to throw yet another curve ball at you loyal Digiephiles, but this week we introduce ANOTHER new member to the Digital Noise megaverse: Joe.

While there’s not exactly a wealth of titles on the review slate, we answer ALL of our viewer mail, take some time to get to know the new guy,… read more on One of Us

Laura's first time visiting LA

So you’re visiting Los Angeles for the first time! 

Ever since I moved to the South I’ve become more and more aware of how much knowledge about los angeles i’ve internalized. All those nights of wondering what to do and never really coming up with a solid place to go seems impossible now that I moved away. Ask me what to do in Los Angeles on a weekend now and i’ll come up with a million different things to do in the vast landscape that is Los Angeles. Midnight in the SGV? That noodle place closes in an hour. Lunch time in DTLA? Wurtkuche it is. Little Tokyo, Santa Monica, hell, even the valley has diners and cuban spots for days. 

Don’t even get me started on the late night taco spots in Pasadena or Kitchen 24 in Hollywood. These places are ingrained in my mind now and their memory is sweet as can be. Whether that is a side effect of the nostalgia that distance has or actual truth, there is always something to do in Los Angeles. 

Mind you, almost all of the things i’ve listed are food related. For actual things to do, the Getty Museum, ALL THE BEACHES, and the incredibly sobering reality that is sunset ave (go for the stars on the street, stay for the broken dreams) 

tina-hewitt-largo asked:

(Meme) "You should lie down!"

(ooc: For your sweet Maiden to reply to, my darlin’ Angel T. ^^ Since this is the more grouchy browser.)

A soft groan was uttered from deep within Harper’s throat as he struggled to open his pale blue eyes. Or better yet, the one that didn’t feel like it was swollen shut and hurt like the fires of Hell. He could feel the hard ground underneath him, save for what felt like the soft, warm, loving lap and arms of a beautiful angel that cradled him from the shoulders up. And he knew right then and there that whoever the Hell invaded Pleasant Valley had knocked him out cold.

A few more split seconds have passed as the good doctor’s senses came back little and little. The area around his swollen eye started to sting and smart and grew hot, which he was pretty sure came from a broken cheekbone and eye socket. And there was some warm and sticky liquid coming out from under his nose which could have only been blood.

And just like that blood, soft flickers of memories came trickling back as well….The horrified scream that seemed to have ripped out right out from Brittany’s vocal cords that could have woken the dead…Lester and Rufus running to her side and confronting the intruders….The yelling and fighting that sent Harper, Huck, and Crow running to help….The filthy bastard that slammed his fist into the doctor’s eye socket and nose…

All those thoughts made Harper grimace as he slowly opened his eyes to gaze up at his breathtakingly beautiful and slightly tearful bride, Mary, looking down upon him. Looking as stunning and sensual as the day he married her, the Southern gentleman wanted to reach up and wipe her tears away with a heavy arm, but instead settled for taking her elegant and gentle hand into his surprising strong yet gentle own.

“Mary, mah bride, what happened?” Harper asked softly in a voice he almost didn’t recognize to be his own.

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Save Rock and Roll (which is also my fave fob album) (u might have already gotten this one)


  1. death valley
  2. young volcanoes
  3. where did the party go
  4. alone together
  5. just one yesterday
  6. the phoenix
  7. miss missing you
  8. the mighty fall
  9. rat a tat
  10. my songs know what you did in the dark
  11. save rock and roll
Tomino’s Hell

Here’s the cursed poem Tomino’s Hell, enjoy yourself and don’t read aloud if you know the legend then you know why not to read it aloud.

The older sister vomits blood, the younger sister spits fire.
Cute Tomino spits treasured jewels.
Tomino died alone and fell into hell.
Hell, darkness, with no flowers.
Is it Tomino’s older sister that whips?
The number of red welts is worrisome.
Whipping and beating and pounding,
The path to eternal hell is only one way.
Beg for guidance into the darkness of hell,
From the golden sheep, from the nightingale.
How much is left in the leather bag,
Prepare for the endless journey into hell.
Spring comes and into the woods and valleys,
Seven turns in the dark valley of hell.
In the cage is a nightingale, in the cart a sheep,
In the eyes of cute Tomino are tears.
Cry, nightingale, for the woods and the rain
Voicing your love for your sister.
The echo of your cry howls through hell,
and a blood-red flower blooms.
Through the seven mountains and valleys of hell,
Cute Tomino travels alone.
To welcome you to hell,
The glimmering spikes of the needled mountain
Stick fresh punctures in the flesh,
As a sign to cute Tomino.

Japanese Macaque soaks in the volcanic springs of Jigokudani (Hell Valley) near Yudanaka, Japan.

I am finally getting to this shoot in my #Project365 and it makes me long to go back. Look for more monkeys in the coming weeks!

#SnowMonkeys #Mammals #Wildlife (at 365.dougdaulton.com)


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx1s_3CF07k)

Now that I fell into your arms
My only lover
Give out to give in
I search for the capsule I lost

Drag me to hell
In the valley of The Dalles
Like my mother
Give wings to a stone
It’s only the shadow of a cross

I slept on my back
In the shade of the meadowlark
Like a champion
Get drunk to get laid
I take one more hit when you depart

I’ll drive that stake through the center of my heart
Lonely vampire
Inhaling its fire
I’m chasing the dragon too far

There’s blood on that blade
Fuck me, I’m falling apart
My assassin
Like Casper the ghost
There’s no shade in the shadow of the cross

יפה No Shadow Can Touch

יפה No Shadow Can Touch

(Still Beautiful)

Comes a time when ashes fall, when you dance through nights, of hell, and dark valleys draw you close, touch your heart with such a force. Comes a time when balance breaks, upside down, a smile forsakes, and lies and wounds an inward shelf, bruise your soul, your inward self. Comes a time in future past, when you meet yourself at last, when the sky splits from itself, makes a…

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That's really, very interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; I mean it. And oh my god, Nawlins is even worse than Luhvil. I will take pride in my touristy pronunciations.

You’re welcome! I love sharing my opinions about controversial things. Arguing is a hobby of mine, haha. Another hobby is playing “spot the tourist” during Derby time. It’s easy to tell because they never bring umbrellas to the derby (it’s a curse that it rains every year) and that they fully pronounce the city’s name. It’s hilarious tbh they don’t know that they’re in the deepest pits of hell the Ohio Valley can offer (forgot to private this oops)