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my experience at comic con for pretty little liars

so, my day was amazing with @emisonisforever and @wtfspemily.

we got there at 6am and stood outside until well past 7. they let us in and we went to the line to get in line for a panel for another hour or so. by 9, we got in line for the pretty little liars one. people saved our spot in line and we went to the pretty little lies booth to get meet and greet bands.

unfortunately we were two people away from making the 100 people cut to meet them. so we went back and watched the panel. I yelled at Sasha that I loved her at one point (and she said she loved me back), Alison (emisonisforever) got to ask a question to Sasha and mady (wtfspemily) called Sasha beautiful and she said thank you.

the girls were really great, they were funny and we were having a good time. shay didn’t really talk much during the panel, Sasha talked why more. Ashley got a rose from a guy, troian told us a story about her hair, and Lucy was just being a cutie pie.

after the panel we went to the booth again, and the girls came up to sign autographs.

at some point Alison and mady got to the rope which sectioned off the people who didn’t have a ticket to the ones who did. Alison pulled me up to the front and Sammy came over. (shays assistant)

we were talking to Sammy and she told us that she loved emison and a bit about shays bliss tour. we continued to talk to her but she went over to Shay to help her with something.

Marlene then came over and was like “want to be on Instagram?” and we were like “hell yes”. so she recorded a video of us (and if you watch the video we’re the first three people up front). she let us tag ourselves on Instagram and came back to talk to us some more.

we talked to her and I mentioned emison. she said she was working on them and asked us our favorite scene. I said “miss me X 100 definitely, but like did they just make out or..?” and she responded “oh yeah they totally went all the way!” and I was like OH OK. and at one point while we were talking we mentioned that mady was from Canada and she was like “no way” and one of us said something about wishing we could get a selfie with Sasha.

she looked at us and was like “stay here for one sec” and left. we watched her walk over to Sasha, tap her shoulder and say something to her. Sasha looked up and waved at us, then got up and walked over to us. she immediately asked “which one of u is from Canada” and leaned in to take a selfie with mady. then she took a selfie with me and Alison before going to the group photo area.

I met each liar, but only for a photo with Sasha (unlike Alison who got all of them) because right as Sasha came over people began pushing us forward so that security guards had to hold us back so they couldn’t get through.

but honestly I have to thank both Marlene and Sammy for hooking us up to meet the cast, it was seriously amazing. I got my selfie with Sasha which was my goal, and it was great.

feel free to ask more questions, but thank you all for sticking with me! and thank you for 3K followers!