hell yes i cheated


Here’s my attempt to talk you off a ledge:

I honestly think the Jaria scene we see in the promo, of Aria and Jason in bed, is a flashback. The technical reasons: First, if you look out the windows, it does not look like Rosewood. The lighting of the scene is also a little different, suggesting a flashback. If Jaria were to sleep together for real, I somehow doubt that Freeform would reveal this in a promo. They usually like to trick you in the promos, like Noel hitting Caleb with his car. BEFORE YOU SAY THAT JASON HAS LONG HAIR, AND HIS LONG HAIR IS SUPPOSED TO BE NEW, do you REALLY think Drew would cut his hair for one scene? Doubtful. 

The reasons related to plot: Aria is so in love with Ezra, and they’re engaged to be MARRIED. She is willing to put his happiness above her own. Regardless if Nicole is alive or dead, I don’t think Aria would go as far as sleeping with Jason. How horrible of a person would Aria be if she did that? (Okay, don’t bring Liam up.)

If ANYTHING happens, I think it would be a quick kiss, which she quickly regrets and pulls away from. I don’t even think this will happen. I know everyone is like, well, she ALWAYS kisses guys when she’s insecure. That was BEFORE the time jump. This is the final season and I honestly believe it would be a much more powerful story if Aria resists Jason and allows him to comfort her about whatever happens with Nicole. It would be great character development, not to mention very mature development for Ezria as a couple.

I could be wrong. I don’t exactly trust the writers either, especially Jonell, who loves Jaria. I’m not claiming to be 100% correct in my predictions, and maybe I’m just way too optimistic. So, even if something happens between them, DON’T FORGET THAT ARIA IS WEARING HER RING IN EVERY EPISODE UP UNTIL 715 SO FAR!!! Ezria are definitely endgame, and definitely getting a wedding. So whatever happens, it won’t matter in the end. Will I be pissed off if Aria cheats AGAIN? Hell yes! That’s just terrible writing. But somehow I believe that the writers are using this final season to give us real character development to contrast scenes in the past in which Aria and the rest of the girls made poor decisions. It would only make sense, and AS A WRITER MYSELF, I know how important character development is. 

The writers have surprised me in many ways in season 7. Let’s hope they continue to do so.


Hell Yes I Cheated - Johnny Adams (The Many Sides Of Johnny Adams, 1978)