hell yes he went there

I love love love this scene, but when I started thinking about it, I can’t help but feel like it shows so much about Sam

He runs a veteran therapy group

He knows loss and he knows pain and he knows war and sure no one knows quite what Bucky’s been through but this is as close as anyone normal can get

And sure when you think of veterans, when you think of people who have suffered and who have lost and been hurt so much, the world tells us that these people need extra special treatment, which can sometimes lead to them feeling further separated from the rest of society and make it harder for them to integrate back into the world

Bucky doesn’t want to be singled out or made to feel different or ostracised because he suffered

He wants to feel normal and he doesn’t want to feel as though everyone is treating him as a special exception and gives him everything he wants without having to do anything in return

And Sam knows this and he understands it and respects it

So when Bucky asks for something menial, Sam says no because it’s giving him the sign that he’s still normal. And that yes he went through hell but that doesn’t make him any better or worse than anyone else

Sam lets Bucky know that he doesn’t think he’s made of glass or that having been broken in the past means he’s fragile now

Sam tells Bucky no because dammit Bucky’s been managing by himself for a goddamn year now and obviously he’s been doing okay and he’s managed to bring himself back all by himself so why the fuck shouldn’t anyone treat him like they would anyone else, like any other human being

Oh wow I actually decided to get off my ass for once and finish something. Especially this new design since I wanted to finish it and that I only had a few things to spruce up before I was finally finished. Now that I got the new design done I will slowly get to asks including some updates. Page and bio. Though that won’t come until tomorrow since I’m too tired to go on ahead and edit things. So I’ll be heading off to bed shortly

Alright so anyways I went for an easy design and tbh he was going to have frills but it looked too waiter like, so I got rid of that. I also kept some of the color scheme the same just cause I didn’t want to change any of that. Also why in the world is he holding a pen that looks like a damn tablet pen and the most shitty looking notepad? I don’t know, don’t ask me why.

Also he has kids now. Your welcome.

anonymous asked:

I find karamel abusive because I find it abusive, but I don't blame the shippers. I worry because I am a mom and hate to see young impressionable viewers not be able to really be critical of what they view. Mon-el may be foreign but they see him as nothing less than a fully functioning adult human and because Kara is all over him, it makes all the wrong things he does seem acceptable. It is played for laughs when it really isn't that funny in real life. Not "ship hate", just concern.

I appreciate you not blaming the shippers, and I really appreciate your concern, but the thing is: from my point of view, Karamel is not abusive, not even close – and I’m 36 years old, I’m very far from being a young impressionable viewer. And what I hate is to see some feminists taking feminism the wrong way by not being able to really be critical of Kara’s flaws just because she’s a woman.

Being a woman doesn’t make us perfect, being a woman doesn’t make us flawless, and men shouldn’t have to agree with every shitty thing we do or say just because we’re women.

I’m aware of all the flaws Mon-El had in the beginning (yes, HAD, because he went through one hell of a character development throughout the season). He was selfish, immature and a coward, but he was NEVER abusive towards Kara.

Kara, on the other hand: 1) forced him to do things her way instead of asking his opinion when trying to make him fit in (not even his civilian name he got to choose himself); 2) tried to push him into becoming a hero overnight (it took her 12 years + Alex being in danger for her to become Supergirl); 3) kept judging him for being from Daxam; 4) disregarded completely his opinion when dealing with Mxyzptlk, despite the fact that he had previous knowledge about 5th dimensional beings and she had none; 5) ignored his suspicions about Jeremiah and told him to leave her home (by the way, he never said “I told you so” when it was proved he was right).

Mon-El had a hard time listening to Kara in the beginning, but – newsflash – she didn’t listen to him either. They both learned to listen to each other eventually, but it took her even longer to learn the lesson. Remember when she pushed him into talking to his mother even when he said they shouldn’t, and he almost got sent to Daxam in a cell because of that? (And, once again, he never blamed her for that or said “I told you so”…)

Neither Kara nor Mon-El are perfect, and I’m glad they’re not, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to relate to any of them. They both have flaws, they’re growing together and learning from their mistakes, and I love them for that.

TL; DR – Every time Mon-El disagreed or argued with Kara was in reaction to her being either self-righteous or judgmental towards him. He was not being abusive. He was standing up for himself, and he had every right to do so.


↳ Episode 1.01 “Night Work”

“You have a name?”

Oliver Wood Imagine

#6 You get caught
Hope you like it!

*your p.o.v*
“Where are we going?” I asked my boyfriend Oliver as he dragged me all around the school.
“Somewhere” he replied, smiling wide.
After what felt like forever, we finally entered to an empty class. Oliver locked the door and smirked at me, as I gave him a confused look.
“What are we doing here?” I asked.
“Since these last days we’ve been really busy and stuff, I thought we could use some time together” he said, coming closer to me.
“I like the sound of that” I said, pulling him closer.
He then wrapped his hands around my waist tightly and kissed me. He kissed me with so much passion it felt like I was in heaven. He pushed me against the nearest wall and started kissing and sucking my neck, obviously leaving marks as I moaned quietly. He went up again to kiss my lips, and in between kisses he muttered ‘jump’. When I jumped he pushed me against the wall harder, and I swear I could feel his boner hitting my thigh. Then, we moved all the way to the teacher’s desk and Oliver sat me down. He started to undress my upper part of the body as I did the same with him, but never breaking the kiss.
“I need you so much right now y/n” he said.
“Then have me” I said and right before he could unbuckle my bra, the once locked door shot open.
“Woods! Y/l/n! What are you doing? This is unacceptable! Detention for one whole month!” The teacher yelled at us “and don’t think I won’t tell Proffesor Dumbledore about this!”
My cheeks were a deep shade of red as I quickly dressed up again. We got out of the class quickly, and once we were out we started giggling a little.
“That was fun” he said, pulling me closer once again.
“When we got caught or the other part?” I asked, smiling.
“Both, but I rather stay with the other” he said, pecking my lips. “What about if we continue were we left in my room?” He asked.
“Hell yes” I said, before we went off to his room.

Okay WestAllen Rant Time

Gotta say it makes me so angry when I go into the Iris, Barry Allen and WestAllen tags and see nothing but Iris West and WestAllen hate posts. And I’m even more annoyed that WestAllen is being compared to the toxicity that is Lauriver and that Snowbarry & Baricity are being compared to the greatness of Olicity. I’m sorry but I’m just so fed up I decided its time for the hard truth that people in this fandom refuse to accept. I’m gonna start by saying first and foremost that Arrow and Flash are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT shows. The Flash is a spin off of Arrow but it is not Arrow. They’re differently toned, differently structured with completely different characters on both sides. The only things they share in common is that the two leading characters [Oliver Queen and Barry Allen] are connected because of Arrow and they’re both based on popular DC comicbook superheros that’s it.

Now I’m going to tell you a little something about Lauriver and why it didn’t work because again you guys need a reality check on this. Every time someone in the WestAllen fandom mentions our ship being endgame [which canonically it is], one of you loud voices in the Barricity or the Snowbarry fandoms [gets their back up] likes to toss frequent insults here and there about how boring Iris is and what a b**ch she is for not wanting to jump Barry’s bones so quickly after he friggin just got out of damn coma! You completely disregard her as a person and dismiss the hell she went through for nine months no matter how much Barry screams why he loves this girl. Your initial reaction for when he does that I’m guessing is plugging your ears like a bunch of 5th graders.

First off Lauriver did not work for two specific reasons:

1. It was toxic right out of the gate. Both Oliver and Laurel were unlikable selfish people in the beginning. They came out of the gate with lies, drama and cheating left and right. Oliver kept running off with Laurel’s younger sister Sara [another toxic relationship] while Laurel had her sights set on Tommy [Oliver’s best friend]. They were not presented as the couple to root for. I don’t care what they were in the comics onscreen it did not translate successfully. The creators of Arrow totally botched up Lauriver by a combination of bad writing and [I’m sorry to say this] bad casting. And I’ll probably get hate for saying this also but superheros who date other superheroes is not an interesting nor an appealing combination. People need to be able to relate to the hero’s love interest as much as the hero [Felicity just turned out to be that girl]. The combination of superhero/everyday-woman always wins out because of the perfect balance of heart and soul. The girl is usually the voice of the audience [the heart], who saves the hero by preserving his humanity. In Arrow and Black Canary’s case its like two abusive alcoholics trying to make one another well when all they’re doing is destroying each other. It’s like Sara said: “we both wear masks and we need people in our lives who don’t wear one.” This is very true because as I said being a superhero is a lonely path; being with someone normal who isn’t part of that crusade is their only connection to the rest of humanity. Felicity was Oliver’s other half, his connection to the rest of the world. Laurel is a dark unhinged person and Oliver has enough darkness in him that he needed someone like Felicity to brighten him up which brings me to the second reason Lauriver failed where Olicity succeeded.

2. The two chosen leads have ZERO onscreen chemistry. You can kid yourselves all you want about chemistry being preference but its not. You either have it or you don’t. Having no chemistry doesn’t make you a bad actor it just means you don’t gel well as scene partners. Unfortunately in Stephen and Katie’s case they did not hit it off. I went in watching the show expecting to give Lauriver a chance but I couldn’t because of their incoherence. They did not mesh. I didn’t get butterflies in my stomach when I watched them. The people who cast Arrow made the mistake of not testing their two leads [potential couple] out before shooting the pilot. Cassidy wasn’t working. I don’t say that as a disrespect but she and Stephen don’t have a single spark to bounce back and forth from. There is something called “the broccoli effect” which I learned from a friend years ago that basically means when two actors are so in-sync, they gel instantly. Cassidy and Amell unfortunately weren’t blessed with this nor were they exciting onscreen together as a duo. So ergo Lauriver was doomed to fail from the start. Olicity happened because it was accidental and not being fans demanded immediately for it to happen. Stephen walked into that first scene with Emily in 1x03 and they just CLICKED. I felt it watching it, the creators and writers felt it as did both the actors. They were indeed blessed by the “broccoli effect”. That was the moment the show runners decided to change the story because they found exactly who they needed to play opposite their broody dark hero. Arrow needed Felicity because she represented the every-girl someone we all could relate to. She was bright, funny, smart and adorable and that allowed Stephen to humanize Oliver [something Laurel/Katie couldn’t do]. And the thing is guys chemistry is extremely important for any relationship to make a series, you either have or you don’t. And people were enchanted by Olicity because this cute little tech girl was just the perfect breath of fresh air to our nearly homicidal dark vigilante. In a way this mistake with Lauriver worked out because we got an even more memorable romantic duo out of it. 

 Now I’m going to tell you about a little show [which also lived on the CW long before Arrow and The Flash breathed life] you may or may not have watched or heard of called SMALLVILLE. It was basically the retelling origins story of Superman and how he evolved into the Man of Steel. This show had one of the biggest most ridiculous shipping wars to ever happen in any series between Lana Lang [Clark Kent’s comic canon first love] and Chloe Sullivan [aka worst made up character ever created for a series].

For years the war between Clana and Chlark engaged in a messy duel for whom Clark should end up with but IMO these people kept forgetting that no matter what SUPERMAN’S FUTURE WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE WITH LOIS LANE. Both actresses who played opposite of the hero had been in majority of the Smallville seasons [been there since the first season]. And no matter how many love triangle storylines the writers gave these three they never strayed away from the source material know why? Because changing the story of a comicbook legend as big as Superman would be like committing blasphemy. They were not about to piss off a legion of Superman fans just so fangirls could have their dream come to life. These people behind the show made it abundantly clear that no matter what Clark was not going to end up with Lana or Chloe because they’re not in his future. Superman’s future was always going to be ending up with Lois Lane because she and him are DC comicbook royalty [something that Green Arrow and Black Canary are not]. They were the ultimate end game and no amount of screaming was going to change these showrunners minds.

Now I will say that only one out of two of these actresses [Kristen Kreuk] had excellent chemistry with Tom Welling aka Superman/Clark Kent [and both Lana and Chloe had HUGE fanbases]. Their storylines together throughout the first three seasons were awesome I loved it but ultimately I knew Clana wasn’t meant to be and I accepted that. I honestly didn’t think at the time that Clana’s chemistry could be matched but it was. When when they brought in Erica Durance as their chosen Lois Lane for season 4 that first scene she had with Tom gave me goosebumps and butterflies. First it was hilarious and second it was also sexy as hell because he was naked [yes I went there lol leave me alone].

But the ultimate reason their first interaction onscreen worked was the chemistry. My god it was so thick you could cut it with a knife and when I say this pairing was a slowburn couple, I’m talking 4 years before anything romantic happened between them. That’s four years of platonic Clois until it developed into this magic:

Not only was Erica the perfect Lois Lane [who brought alot of sass and charm and genuineness to the character] she and Tom sizzled onscreen together. After 4 years of Clois snug in their cocoon this is what they produced once their romance arc took off in season 8. The final 3 seasons were complete Clois gold. Now this couple wasn’t without their bumps in the road, Erica’s Lois was received with mixed enthusiasm by fans [especially Chlark and Clana fans]. She was hated alot and I mean ALOT. Legions of screaming fans demnaded her to be off the show and cried for Chlark to happen once Clana was out of the picture forever but guess what the outcome was? CLOIS. It didn’t matter to these show runners how much these obnoxious loud whiners in the Samllville fandom screamed their heads off, they would not ruin what they spent the last 5 years building up to. Clois was their plan all along because of Superman’s iconic history and destiny. Lois Lane is part of his destiny, his link to humanity. She is his other half and they were not going to change that because some fans wanted made-up Chloe Sullivan [who doesn’t exist in the comics] to get the hero. Did I mention Chloe and Clark had zero chemistry on the show period?

Now when it comes to The Flash, Barry Allen and Iris West are right up there with Superman and Lois Lane. Their love story is popular and iconic. They are the second royal DC comics couple. The Flash’s future and destiny is linked with Iris’s, she is his other half. His long lineage cannot happen without her! His story is connected to her’s, he can’t be The Flash without Iris which is something you Snowb**rys don’t seem to get. Changing WestAllen’s fate on the series would be like stomping on Superman’s legacy. And that’s not the only reason why I strongly believe Barry and Iris are going to end up together. Aside from over 40 years of history in comic canon, the actors Grant and Candice are incredible onscreen together. They came swinging out of the gate brimming with loads of phenomenally fluid energy, charm and beautiful sincere chemistry.

The writers made these two likable in the pilot than established a healthy friendship [something to root for] to back it up but Grant and Candice sold it. They already have the potential to be just as amazing as Clois was and Olicity because they’re on the same wave link my friend. Grant and Candice haven’t even scratched the surface with WestAllen, we’re only 4 episodes into the first season. I just told you Clois was slowburn for 4 years [and she didn’t come into the show until season 4] and we know Olicity took two years but within that time frame these actors dug their way into people’s hearts. I find it ridiculous that Flash fans are judging WestAllen this early when we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. We have no idea how dynamic Grant and Candice can be as a couple because people aren’t willing to see this thing play out. But I can tell you based on what’s been presented this far and what the showrunners have said about WestAllen they are not straying away from that important part of Barry’s superhero journey.

Add to the fact that these show runners spent a numerous amount of time casting the right Iris West to play opposite of Grant’s Barry Allen. They even gave them both a chemistry test before Candice was given the role. They would not go through all of that to simply discard 40 years of comicbook history of this extremely popular superhero to pander to a bunch of loud mouths who aren’t satisfied with the lead actress. I got news for you, this isn’t Arrow they’ve learned from their mistakes. Even if Snowbarry becomes canon it will not be their endgame plan. Based on the writing in the first 4 episodes  they’ve made it abundantly clear that Iris is and will always be Barry’s one and only. They would not waste powerful dialogue with Felicity/Emily in that important train scene with Barry/Grant if they were not serious about WestAllen being their core couple. In case you didn’t realize Felicity’s purpose in that episode [despite the Olicity stuff] was basically being WestAllen’s catalyst. She helped grow the seeds that were planted in the pilot or [maybe even the episodes where Grant guest appeared on Arrow in season 2].

They are not going to rewrite history because you think he should be with someone who isn’t the Iris West they’ve chosen. Well they didn’t listen on Smallville and that was successful for 10 years with and without Clois. So stop comparing Arrow’s circumstances with The Flash, they’re not the same thing nor the same show. They’re NOT going to change something as big as the Flash because people are desperate for their crack ships to sail [they are crack ships because they don’t exist. WestAllen at least are friends]. I’d be more concerned about comparing how things ended up on Smallville than how things are going on Arrow because in The Flash’s case its on almost on the same wave link of popularity as Superman. There’s no chance in hell these people are going to piss all over 40 years of history.

And you forgot one major detail in all this, much like Lauriver Snowbarry does not have any chemistry whatsoever and like Olicity WestAllen does have chemistry and it was instant. I guarantee you with time, Grant and Candice are going to become one of the most sizzling up-and-coming couples on television. They’re on slowburn not on breaks. They have the potential to be sexy together onscreen, their subtle looks are already enough to leave up for the imagination. So with that I’m going to end this rant with these little gems:



title: intoxication
genre: fluff
characters: jinyoung x you
plot: he’s drunk and confesses to you
extras: this idea was so cute aw. thanks for the request. feel free to request here when the ask box opens. (it is still closed)
song: Good Tonight by GOT7

“Hello?” You asked groggily into your phone. It was currently 4:35 AM. You were not in the mood for phone calls. Especially since the phone call was from Jackson.

“Y/N! Remember that time I did something really nice for you and you said that you owe me one?” He asked innocently. You rolled your eyes. The favor that you had asked him for was to get you a glass of water when he was in your kitchen. What favor could he possibly need at 4:35 in the morning? Realization hit you once you heard music through the phone. Great, he went partying again.

“Yes, Jackson. What the hell do you want?” You used your thumb and forefinger to massage your temples. 

“Well you see… I took Jinyoung out to go partying and he’s drunk off his ass. Also, he may or may not have a drama to film in six hours,” Jackson said nervously. Your eyes bulged out of your head in disbelief. Six hours was not enough time to sober up, be presentable, and not have a really bad hangover.

“What do you want me to do?” You asked sighing. You were doing this for Jinyoung, not that stupid favor that you owed Jackson.

“Can you take him home and have him ready by 10:30? Someone’s picking him up at that time. We’re at Blaze. You know where this nightclub is right?” Of course you did. That club got all the hype in town. If it hadn’t been a few hours after midnight, you would’ve been mad that Jackson hadn’t invited you either. But you had to focus on the situation at hand: take care of Jinyoung.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in 15. Wait outside for me,” You replied quickly before hanging up. You were still in leggings and a hoodie but you weren’t exactly concerned about what you were wearing. Instead, you threw on your sneakers and head out to your car.

Jackson did as you told him too. He was already waiting outside with a giggly Jinyoung next to him. Oh how cute he looked. You parked your car in front of the entrance to the club and hopped out. Jackson immediately grabbed Jinyoung and shoved him towards you. Jinyoung’s giggles never stopped as he held onto you for support.

“Thanks, Y/N. I owe you one now,” Jackson called before going back into the club. You mentally cursed him for leaving you by yourself to deal with his poor friend. You threw one of Jinyoung’s arms over your shoulder and helped him into your car. He sighed in relief when he laid down in the backseat. You chuckled to yourself before driving towards his dorms.

“Noona! I have to tell you something important,” He slurred. 

“What is it, Jinyoung?” You asked patiently. He was honestly really cute when he was drunk. He crinkled his nose before giggling again. So he’s one of those types of drunks.

“You’re really pretty,” He giggled uncontrollably. You laughed and turned your attention back on the road. “Noona! Do you know that you’re pretty? Not just pretty. I mean really pretty.”

“Thank you, Jinyoungie.” You blushed. Even though he was drunk, this boy could still make you giggle like a school girl. His word vomit was extremely adorable.

“Where are we going, noona?” He asked innocently and pressed his face against the car window. You laughed at the sight. He looked like a kid looking in the window of a candy store.

“I’m taking you home,” You replied making the turn on his block. Jinyoung gasped and giggled once again.

“Yah! I’m younger than you. We should have a date first,” He said blushing. Your laugh became louder.

“Not like that, idiot. I’m taking you back to your dorm so you can get ready for the drama you have to film. Do you remember which drama you’re filming?” You decided it was better to keep him talking. Maybe stimulation of the brain will help him sober up. 

“Oh yeah, Special Sweethearts. I don’t really want to do the drama. I have to kiss the girl,” He said huffing. You looked at him for a brief moment before looking back at the street. He has to film a kiss scene? "I don’t want to kiss her.“ He huffed.

"Why?” You asked bored. Not that you were bored with him, you just didn’t want to hear much more about his future kissing plans.

“Because I like you, silly! Why would I want to kiss another girl?” Jinyoung asked as if it were obvious. Slightly taken aback from his statement, you didn’t even reply. You just parked your car and helped him get into his dorm. “Do you like me too, noona?”

“We’ll talk about this when you’re sober,” You said quickly before gently pushing him into his bedroom. It’s funny how his attention span is like a goldfish when he’s intoxicated. One minute he’s complimenting you none stop and the next he’s jumping on his bed like a little boy. “Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up in a few hours so you can get ready.”

“Will you stay with me?” He pouted. You couldn’t say no. You sat down at the edge of the bed, trying to distance yourself from him. His frown grew larger but quickly turned into a grin once he pulled you closer. “That’s not staying with me, that’s watching me. Just cuddle with me already.”

“Okay,” You whispered and felt his arms snake around your waist. You just stayed there, watching him. The way his chest rose and fell with his breaths, how he would scrunch up his nose every time you moved in the slightest bit, and how he would mumble incoherent words in his sleep.

Drifting to sleep yourself, your eyelids became heavy. Jinyoung peeked one eye open and smiled at the sight of you. Jinyoung poked your side which immediately made you jump. “Yah! You’re supposed to stay awake, remember?” You blushed and nodded. His eyes fluttered close and he felt lethargy overtake him. Before peacefully drifting to sleep, he muttered, “I still really like you, noona.”

“I like you too, Jinyoungie.” You chuckled.

  • This is a conversation between John and Sam Winchester.
  • John: :O
  • John: Sam
  • Sam Winchester: Dad?
  • Sam Winchester: I thought you were...
  • John: I am
  • John: Hell has wifi
  • Sam Winchester: Oh that's cool. How's the speed?
  • John: Eh, some days its alright
  • Sam Winchester: I can't believe I'm talking to you right now. I miss you, Dad.
  • John: I miss you too son.
  • John: How's Dean?
  • Sam Winchester: He's good. He's had his ups and downs but we all have.
  • John: How are you
  • John: I mean, really
  • Sam Winchester: I'm fine.
  • John: And Bobby?
  • Sam Winchester: He's umm...gone.
  • John: Gone? What do you mean gone?
  • Sam Winchester: He's dead.
  • John: What?? What happened?
  • Sam Winchester: Leviathans shot him in the head. He went to Hell but we returned his soul to Heaven.
  • John: Why did you do that?
  • John: How did you do that?
  • Sam Winchester: I went through Purgatory. There was a backdoor to Hell that I went through and got him.
  • Sam Winchester: I'm sorry Dad. I thought you were in Heaven.
  • John: What makes you think I would be in Heaven? After what I did to you boys...
  • Sam Winchester: You saved so many people. You did so many things to help the world. You deserve to be in Heaven.
  • John: Anyways, why did you do it? What made you decide to come get Bobby?
  • Sam Winchester: The trials to close the gates of Hell. One of the things we had to do was rescue a lost soul from Hell. We didn't know that instead of going to Heaven like he was supposed to, demons took Bobby's soul went to Hell.
  • John: Trials? Close the gates? What the hell have you boys been up to?!
  • Sam Winchester: A lot of crap.
  • John: I can tell..
  • Sam Winchester: But don't worry. We are doing what's best for the world.
  • John: You have to think about yourselves sometimes too though..
  • Sam Winchester: Of course, Dean is the most important thing I have. I want to protect him.
  • John: I think about you boys all the time, and all I do is worry
  • Sam Winchester: You don't have to worry, Dad. We're fine.
  • John: I see
  • Sam Winchester: So what have you been doing down there all these years?
  • John: Being tortured..day after day after day...
  • John: you boys better not come to Hell, I want to make sure you go to Heaven
  • Sam Winchester: I've been to Hell, and so has Dean.
  • John: To get Bobby right?
  • Sam Winchester: Uh. No.
  • Sam Winchester: Before that.
  • John: .......
  • John: Why?!
  • John: I'm lost
  • Sam Winchester: The year after you died, Yellow Eyes took me and I ended up getting killed. Dean sold his soul to save me.
  • Sam Winchester: He went to hell a year later. But Castiel, an angel, pulled him out.
  • Sam Winchester: Things happened and a demon, Lillith, started breaking seals to let Lucifer out of the cage and start the apocalypse. She broke the last seal and I went to Hell with Lucifer inside me to stop it all.
  • John: Dammit, he WOULD do anything for you...Angels? Why did an angel pull him out?
  • John: ?
  • John: You....were possesed....by Lucifer...?
  • Sam Winchester: Dean is the righteous man. If he went to hell and said yes to his torturer and become the torturer it broke the first seal to start the apocalypse. The angels didn't find out until after Dean had already said yes.
  • Sam Winchester: After the apocalypse started, we found out that Dean was Michael's true vessel, and I was Lucifer's. We fought against them and kept saying no. But in the end, I said yes to Lucifer so I could jump back in the pit to save everyone.
  • Sam Winchester: A lot has happened since you left, Dad.
  • John: Dean? Righteous? Yeah...he's never gone to church in his life.
  • John: Well from what you've told me, you did good Sam.
  • John: I'm proud of you.
  • Sam Winchester: Thanks Dad. You should be proud of Dean, too. He's done a lot more good than I have.
  • John: I'm proud of both of you.
  • John: Wait, so how did you get out of Hell?
  • Sam Winchester: The same angel who pulled Dean out of Hell, Castiel, pulled me out too.
  • John: Good, I guess
  • Sam Winchester: Cas is a really good friend of ours now. He's pretty much a Winchester, now.
  • John: Shame I'll never meet him
  • Sam Winchester: You'd like him.
  • John: I'm sure I would, considering he saved you and Dean
  • Sam Winchester: Yeah, well, there's more to him than just that. He's the most human-like angel I've ever met. Dean calls him a baby in a trench coat sometimes because he can get pretty clueless.
  • John: Ha! He wears a trench coat?
  • Sam Winchester: And a backwards tie.
  • John: Shouldn't angels wear like, robes and stuff?
  • Sam Winchester: Angels are like demons in the sense that they have to possess a human to walk the earth. Except, they ask permission from the vessel first.
  • John: Aw, how polite. "Hello, may I please takeover your body and mind and do whatever the hell I please with it?"
  • Sam Winchester: Haha, very funny.
  • John: That's how I imagine it
  • John: By the way, who is Destiel? Some bitch demon down here keeps asking me about him..
  • Sam Winchester: Oh yeah. You will never believe this, Dad. But there are books written about us. They were written by the prophet Chuck. They were published and actually has a following. These fans like to ship people (that means that they like to imagine people in a relationship). Destiel is the ship name for Dean and Castiel. It is hilarious.
  • John: *eye twitch* This is a lot to take in. Books, fans,
  • John: Dean
  • John: and Castiel.....isn't he a man?
  • John: Or is it a female angel in a mans body?
  • Sam Winchester: Yeah, Cas is in a male vessel. He prefers male vessels.
  • John: He, you said he. These 'fans' realise Dean isn't gay right?
  • Sam Winchester: That's the whole point. They like to believe that he is.
  • Sam Winchester: Dad?
  • Sam Winchester: Did the demons take your wifi away?
  • Sam Winchester: Well, as much as I don't want to end this conversation, I have to go. Dean is calling me from the other room. I'll tell him you're proud of him. I miss you, Dad... I love you. Bye.
  • Sam Winchester left the conversation.
Grammys 2014 (Submission)

So this a one shot of tayvin before tayvin was like an official thing. ————————————— Adam fingers were intertwined with Rita’s long and slender ones. The same fingers that almost slapped him that morning during their millionth argument. He knew that they were almost always close to breaking down completely, but they never did. An argument, a dispute, that was all that was, he tried to convince himself. He still loved the women next to him. Her peroxide blonde hair, he dark eyes and how she looked in that low cut yellow dress. He loved her so much that he would put up with the bad times because he knew that there would be better times ahead, at least he hoped. Rita glanced at him, feeling the pressure he was exerting on her hand and she smiled. She had been doing that a lot, smiling at him because she wasn’t sure she was completely forgiven for the way she acted this morning. Because she wasn’t sure if he still completely loved her. “We’re at the fucking Grammys!” She said excitedly as the lights went down. “Hell yes we are.” Adam replied. He wasn’t a fan of award shows,he was never sure what to say or how to act, he just felt like everyone was judging him. It was Rita that forced him to come here. “Who’s performing?” Charlie asked them. “Taylor Swift, probably. She normally opens up the Grammys most of the time.” Emil answered “And it’s gonna be a hella amazing performance.” “Oh yeah, last time she called out Harry Styles in that We are never ever getting back together song.” Rita said laughing. Adam turned his attention towards the dimly lit stage while his friends and girlfriends spoke more about the “scandalous Swiftie”.He’d heard of Taylor Swift, anyone that has walked the earth had heard of Taylor Swift, but from what he had figured out, Swift was far from scandalous, a little of a hopeless romantic with a childish view on love but she was a brilliant song writer with a voice of an angel. After hearing her songs on the radio so often he always had the urge to collaborate with her but he knew that their genres in music were too different just as they themselves in general were completely different. She was a goddess, a crowned royal of the music industry. He heard the soft notes of a piano and her melancholy voice filled the stadium. “I walked through the door with you, The air was cold, But something ‘bout it felt like home some how.” He could see her properly now, with the stage light raining down on her making her blonde hair glisten while framing her pale face. She was truly beautiful, Adam had to admit that even though he had his own girlfriend to admire, he took a minute to note how perfect Taylor looked. He looked like one of those old hollywood actresses his sister Sophie used to love so much. “Oh oh oh i know this song. It’s called 'all too well’” Charlie said “it always make me want to fucking cry.” “Oh yeah I’ve heard of this one, its about that douchebag Jake Gyllenhaal.” Rita said. “Who?” Adam asked. He wasn’t familiar with the latest celebrity gossip. “Some actor from the states.” Rita turned her attention back to the performance “quite a jerk that one…he took her…you know V card and he stood her up on her birthday.” “Oh damnnnnn….wow that must have hurt.” Emil said. “Yeah sheesh.” Adam agreed. “And i know its long gone And that magic’s not here no more. I might be okay but i’m not Fine at all” The lyrics are brilliant, Adam thought. And the way she performed, that was the most alluring thing about her. Because when she performed, the audience could feel her sadness and hurt. Adam could feel the rage within his rib cage, anger at this person who hurt her, a person who he never even heard of. It was at that moment he realised that Taylor Swift was not what he labelled her to be, she wasn’t the girl who fell in love just because she liked the idea of being in love, that was what all this gossip and everything portrayed her to be. The real Taylor Swift was girl who was healing her broken heart on her own, who told stories with her songs. He felt a surge of admiration for her or may be it wasn’t admiration…may be it was something stronger…maybe– He felt Rita’s hand tighten in his palm and he mentally chided himself for what he was about to think. Taylor’s hair flew as she threw her head backwards dramatically and elegantly. “Holy shit. This chic is amazing.” Charlie said and they all nodded their heads. “And may be we got lost in translation, May be i asked for too much But may be this thing was a master piece before you tore it all up..” Adam was tempted to steal those lyrics. They were so metaphorical, so raw, so genuine. “Time won’t fly. Its like i’m paralysed by it. I’d like to be my old self again but i’m still trying to find it. After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own. Now you mail back my things and i walk home alone.” When the song ended the whole stadium erupted into applause, with standing ovations. A girl in a chiffon dress and a whole world beneath her feet. She was a star. A miracle of a being. Something had crawled inside Adam’s heart, something he couldn’t quite comprehend. But he was not going to force it out. He took Rita’s hand as they sat back down and smiled at him, he smiled at her too this time his smile was not because of Rita. ********************************** An year later, Adam found himself again at an award show. He hated award shows, he always had. He had broken up Rita earlier that year and he wasn’t even going to attend but once he heard that she would be performing, he had quickly ordered a suit for the Brit awards. And so here he was staring at the beautiful Taylor Swift, no longer was she a heart broken girl but rather an strong independent women. That thing that crawled into his heart on the night of the Grammys last year, reminded Adam of its presence once more as he watched her long legs strutting down the runway of the stage. He was able to recognise it now. He had been on an interview months before where he claimed that Taylor Swift was the “opposite of his type.” He had done that because he did not want to to be part of the latest celebrity gossip. But now looking at her, he felt that familiar surge of admiration for her and nothing held him back from knowing that the surge of admiration was stronger. So strong that it might just be…. Love.

anonymous asked:

So you don't think Sam was wrong when he said this “I’ll give you this much, you are certainly willing to do the sacrificing as long as you’re not the one being hurt.” You think that's true?

            Hi, anon. Sorry this took so long, but I had to wait until I got home to my computer before typing this.

            I think what Sam said is how Sam sees things, and I think it’s a perfectly valid and reasonable conclusion. Is it brutal for Dean to hear? Yes. But there is a lot of truth in what Sam says and Dean needs to hear this. He needs to have it pointed out to him that his actions have not always been altruistic and giving in their entirety.

            Dean sold his soul for Sam, people shout. He went to hell for Sam, they say. He certainly did the sacrificing there. Yes, Dean suffered greatly in hell. But why did Dean sell his soul? Because he considered having Sam alive worth anything. Dean prioritized not being alone over most anything. In short, Dean decided going to hell was significantly better than being alone.

            I’m not arguing that Dean’s actions didn’t have a noble side or contain great sacrifice. He saved his brother, and he went to hell, and those are not small things. But Dean considered being alone worse than being in hell, and his sacrifice saved him from being alone. Ultimately, that sacrifice left Sam alone, putting Sam in the worst place a Winchester can be—alone. Yes, Dean went to hell, but he got what he wanted out of that deal—he was not alone. Sam was the one who ultimately had to be alone because of the sacrifice Dean made.

            Dean sacrificed the safety of the world in demanding Sam not close the gates of hell so he wouldn’t have to be alone. He sacrificed Sam’s personal autonomy and freedom and integrity (and, inadvertently, Kevin’s life) so he wouldn’t have to be alone.

            I think what that line is getting at is that Dean does not make sacrifices for purely noble reasons, despite what Dean would have you believe. On the contrary, he does it largely for his own benefit, and the noble aspect is usually secondary. And at the end of the day someone else (usually Sam in addition to many others) gets hurt, something Dean refuses to acknowledge.

            Dean has been told for a long time that he is a hero, a good man—the righteous man. In Dean’s mind, he makes the tough decisions and the sacrifices for the greater good and is never wrong in these actions, because they are as righteous as he is. And I think it was very important for Sam to point out that Dean makes these sacrifices primarily for selfish motives and needs to begin to acknowledge the other people who get hurt in the process. Dean is good and Dean does good, but (like most humans) Dean is selfish, but (unlike most people) is completely unable to recognize that selfish aspect of himself, thus allowing Dean to justify his sometimes terrible actions. So yes, anon—I believe Sam was completely correct to inform Dean that Dean’s actions carry consequences and that Dean’s actions are not as noble and pure as Dean likes to pretend they are.

  • ping: It occurs to me that if meph is often surrounded by fire, does that make him baked most of the time
  • Star Iceling: For some reason I went right to baking
  • Star Iceling: like he enjoys making tasty baked goods
  • ping: he might
  • ping: easy to make pizza
  • ping: cookies
  • Star Iceling: devil in an apron and big oven mitts
  • ping: YES
  • Star Iceling: He went off to hell to sulk because Provi didn't like his spinich puffs
Omaha Sex Diaries Fanfic (Part 17)

Natalia POV

The smoke consumed me, I tried to crawl to my door to get out, but I had no strength. Who would have thought the thing that made me feel the most alive, was going to end up killing me. Funny, how life worked out like that I thought as I closed my eyes, praying for a miracle.

And a miracle was what I received. I felt a hand shake my body with force, as I began to stir. My vision was blurry but finally coming in. I saw Nate’s figure in front of me, his face inches from mine.


“What the fuck happened Tal? I came to say hi and smelt smoke and saw your curtains on fire, I put them out before I got worse. How did this happen?” Nate asked me as he held me close. He held me like no one had ever held me before.

My mind was blank, I was confused. It took me a few seconds before I remembered how I ended up in this position.

“Swift, we were smoking on the roof. I guess we left our joints there, I fell asleep, and the curtains I guess caught fire.” I mumbled as I surveyed the damage, fortunately nothing to bad. I needed new curtains but that was about it. Thankfully Nate got here when he did.

“Why the fuck are you hanging with Swift?” Nate asked, veins ready to burst from his neck.

“Relax, he came by to just talk. I don’t want anything to do with him.” I said truthfully.

“He’s bad news, do you realize both times he’s fucked you over and I’ve had to save you?” Nate said as he began laughing.

“Why are you laughing? I thought you were mad?” I asked, now laughing because Nate was laughing.

“Tal, the fire was caused by the joints, how much weed was left in each?” Nate asked.

“Enough for you and me to get realllllly high.”

“Tal, you and I both inhaled a lot of smoke from the weed infused fire. We’re high right now.” Nate said as he pulled me to my feet.

“Who would’ve thought.” I smiled as I looked around my room. “We need to get the curtains down and in the garbage.” I said as I headed over to take them down.

“No you need to rest, I’ll walk you downstairs, get you some water and I’ll take care of it.” Nate said as he led me out of my room.

“You’re too good for me Nate.” I said shaking my head as his hand squeezed my side.

“Stop saying that.” He laughed as he guided me down the stairs to the living room. I curled up on the sofa and waited for Nate to return with my water.

“Here, I’m gonna go take down the curtains and throw everything out, spray febreze to mask the smell.” Nate said.

“Thank you. Can we go get Taco Bell when you’re done, I’m fucking starving.” I said.

“Hell yes!” Nate said as he went upstairs.

I pulled my phone out from my back pocket scrolling through my messages. I had some from Johnson from not too long ago.

Jack J: Tal, I’m home! You should come over!

Jack J: Offer still stands, my mom made brownies.

Jack J: Are you alive?

Jack J: My mom was convinced she smelt smoke, and said she saw lots of smoke coming from your room.


Jack J: She called the fire department, are you okay?

“Nate!” I screamed suddenly feeling like I was going to explode. The last text was only from a few minutes ago, which meant the fire department was on its way. I didn’t know what would happen if they found out the mini fire started because of marijuana, but I had a bad feeling.

“Nate!” I screamed again, still no answer. I began to get up and then I heard the sirens.

Nate heard them too. “Shit, what do we do?”

“Just get rid of the joints.” I said, feeling sick to my stomach.

“Tossed them off the roof. Hopefully they don’t find ‘em.” Nate said wiping the sweat off his brow.

The sirens grew closer and suddenly the fire department along with a large police officer burst down the door.

“I’m fine! It was just a candle, I’m good.” I said putting my hands up.

“We still need to check the area, for safety measures.” The first firefighter said as he sent the two other ones up to my room.

Nate squeezed my hand, reassuring me everything would be fine. However, I felt like it wouldn’t be, this negative feeling loomed inside of me.

“Something’s not right here.” Called one of the firefighters and my stomach dropped.

“I’m gonna need you two to come upstairs.” The firefighter said as the cop went outside.

I felt as if my legs were going to stop working, I was so nervous.

“There’s no sign of a candle here, what happened?” asked the skinniest of the firefighters.

“I got rid of it.” Nate said.


“Garbage, I was getting ready to toss the curtains.” Nate said pointing to the curtains that laid on the floor.

“I got something!” yelled the cops voice from outside.

I looked at Nate, for the first time fearful. For the last five years of my life, I lived it as reckless as possible, without the fear of getting caught or any implications. Now, everything was starting to unravel in my face.

I heard footsteps as the cop came up the stairs and entered my room, holding the two joints that I wish never survived the fire.

“Well, well look what we got here. You know this is illegal, right?” The cop said staring at me, probably ready to arrest me.

“Candle was a good cover story kid.” One of the firefighters said.

“But not good enough, I’m gonna have to take you downtown. This is a felony, you’re under arrest.” The cop said taking out his handcuffs as I began to cry.

“Wait, you’d be arresting the wrong person. The joints, they’re are mine.” Nate said confidently before the cop could handcuff me.

“Typical.” The cop said shaking his head as he read Nate his rights and handcuffed him.

“Nate, no. Don’t do this.” I cried.

“It’ll be fine, Tal. I told you I’ll always be there for you and I’ll keep that promise.” Nate said with a smile.

The cop led Nate out of my room, and the firefighters following.

It took me a minute to process what had just happened. Did Nate really just get arrested for possession of weed, weed that essentially belonged to me? How could he take the blame for me and why?

As a bunch of thoughts and emotions ran through my mind, I knew for certain that I could never repay Nate for his actions.