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Hi hi! Can I get pros and cons of dating Suga, pls pls? ♡

hell fuckin yea you can B^) Writing this is 2nd person perspective, hope ya’ll don’t mind ((also I know it looks like I have more cons than pros, but I actually have more pros than cons if you were to count them. The cons are just longer.)


  • He’s a total sweetheart. He knows instinctively when you’re having a bad day and just what you need to cheer up. It usually involves a sweet treat or drink of some sort.
  • All of his friends become your friends, especially the other third years on Karasuno.
  • He never forgets important dates, like anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
  • Showers you with compliments daily, because tbh, he sees you as being prettier than all the stars in the sky.
  • Gets along fantastic with your friends and family. Everyone immediately loves him (as they should)
  • Suga gives the best hugs. I will fight you on this. It’s like hugging a warm pillow that hugs you back.
  • Sends you cute texts to wake up to and go to sleep to.
  • Helps remind you to eat and drink water and do your homework if you’re the forgetful type.
  • Has an endless supply of memes and jokes to make you laugh.
  • Will watch whatever movies you wanna watch, but insists you make it a fair trade and watch some of the movies he wants to watch. Luckily, he seems to have the same taste as you.
  • Loves cuddles. Anytime you wanna cuddle, that boy is there.


  • He’s a bit dense when it comes to presents. Suga gets nervous about getting something you already have or something you don’t like, so he tends to just ask you to pick something out or try his best and hope for the best.
  • Suga can be too hard on himself sometimes, and it sometimes shows when you’re around. This is because he trusts you and feels comfortable being real with you, but during those times he doesn’t really listen to you when you try to comfort him.
  • He can be picky about where to eat and what movie to go see and so on and so forth. He wants everything to be perfect, and gets nervous at the idea of spontaneity if it involves a romantic date night with you.
  • The topic of his future with you isn’t one he readily discusses. He’s not sure what he wants to do or what he’ll be able to do, and he doesn’t want to raise your hopes of a happy future with him in case he becomes a flop.
  • He sometimes spends too much time talking to his teammates than you would like occasionally, like at lunch or on the way home after practice. He doesn’t realize he’s doing it, and it’s not in the sense that he’s ignoring you, but he just gets drawn into the conversation and sort of forgets to include you in it.
  • There will occasionally be a time that he says a self depreciating joke or an insult towards himself while you two are together. The reason for this is that he’s insecure and it’s a coping mechanism, and it sometimes brings the mood of the conversation or date down.
  • At the beginning of the relationship and towards the middle of it he won’t give you his honest opinion on your outfit or appearance or hairstyle. He doesn’t want to say anything bad about you, and honestly he can’t really see anything bad about you. Basically he’s no help if you were to take him shopping.
  • On that same note, if you wanted him to try some food from your meal, he would- and even if he hated it, he’d say that it was delicious. It takes him a while to get comfortable enough to give his honest opinion to you.

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Matchup: I'm black, chubby, & nerdy. I have blue twists that goes up into a pompadour. Very shy, smart, and love to act. Cancer (June 28), and such a Rihanna fan. BTW, I dress in urban swag clothes. I have a big crush on Josuke

Hell yea, fam! I also like urban clothes and Rihanna so I gotchu

I ship you with: Jolyne Kujo

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Jolyne with you as her s/o

  • She’s always down to shop with you for cheap but great-looking clothes that goes in your guys’ styles
  • Jolyne finds your blue twists cute, considering she has her own strands of dyed hair
  • She likes to listen to some 2011 R&B and hippop jams with you. You both share your love for Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Drake
  • She doesn’t care if her s/o is dark and chubby, a total opposite of what she looks like. Jolyne isn’t afraid to kick anyone’s ass who mocks you
  • Jolyne doesn’t mind if you’re very shy. She likes young ladies who are modest, a complete different contrast to her outgoing, aggressive nature
  • She’s also relieved to know that you are well-educated. She wants her s/o to have a future for themselves and not end up in prison like she did

At the end Lillie is like head over heels for my character and I’m just there like is ur bro single I dig his angsty thieving ass I wanna travel with Gladion instead I mean hot damn son