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Skyrim Movie Dream Cast:

The Dragonborn

With his gravelly voice and good looks that, like all good Skyrim characters you worked hard to create, will be covered by a helmet for 90% of the screentime, Karl Urban is the man for the job. But no matter; from working in Dredd and LOTR, this man knows how to pull off a good helm!!


Although this character is a pain in your sneaking ass throughout the game, a well-written script without faulty AI could actually do her justice. Maria Hill with her rockin’ Avengers attitude and catlike eyes has a real potential for a warrior woman.

Ulfric Stormcloak

If the story was truly about revolution, we’d need a rebel leader. The artist Karissa Salton has already picked up on the fact that, with his muscular physique and flowing Viking locks, Chris Hemsworth would make an imposing Ulfric Stormcloak.

General Tullius

On the Imperial side, we need not more than a gritty, military-crew-cut grandpa, and if the script would allow us to see him fighting, what a sight Stephen Lang duelling Chris Hemsworth would be? He’s cut out for the job, sure as a gun.

Dragon Voices

With his sonorous Saruman voice, Christopher Lee could give the tongue of dragons a non-cliche, yet rich tone. At his age, however, this movie better be made quickly!

Note: There are a HUGE amount of NPCs in this game, however I tried to pick out the ones that could either have interesting relationships or advance a movie-adaptation plot. I would love to see Orcs, the elf-types, Khajits, Argonians and Redguards too in the plot, as they are too interesting to miss out!!

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Random Things

Hey! I just wanted to post this for everyone who’s following me 

I just wanted to start out, I’m really sorry to all the people who followed me because of the writing I promised. As it is a stupid excuse, school is still a pretty good one if that makes any sense. 

With summer trailing along, I’ve been stocking up all of the random works I had written and will be editing them and posting them. I have been playing around with a schedule, but… It won’t happen haha. But, I will be posting AT LEAST once a week. At least. Even if it’s just a tiny drabble. Hell, I might even post five in a week, even though that is highly unlikely unless their requests. 

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I don’t have a name for her yet, I wanna wait with it, cause I might tweak her some more, cause for some dumb reason the extra sliders in racemenu aren’t working, ugh.

Anyway, I am genuinely surprised everything is functioning in the first blow and I am really happy how the hooves came along. These are the hooves from Nuska’s resources, but reshaped by yours truly. I didn’t liked the idea of using the HDT or whatever you spell it, plus I knew it is possible to nail Faun feet more precisely without fucking around with the skeleton + making animations for it, so tadaa.

This shit is far from done but this will do for now, hell yeah.