hell yeah it was fun!!!!!!

y'know i used to think rebels/punks in those family-friendly movies were over-dramatic and Bad but now i know they were completely reasonable


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 12

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hey. all concerts are good concerts but sign me the FUCK up for small venue concerts over big arena concerts any day

“I am but a simple idiot wizard”

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you

Excuse You, It’s Actually Teal Blue

Bing: “Second of all, at least I’m not a generic basic primary colored-designed search engine!”
…Did I just not tell you design is not everything?

(Ah yes. These two. And Bing’s new color scheme thing. Oh well! Hope y’all like it!)


Matching mood boards for Ehm/Michael and Ny0/Jeremy for my ask blog, @ask-readyplayergaymers!

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35 for the OT3

35. “Who did this to you?”
I tried to make this not angsty because damn, people, these fics are hurting me. Anyway, here you gooo :D

“Who did this to you?”


“Who fucking did this to you?” Katsuki’s fists were clenched at his sides, face pulled into a dangerous glare.

Sitting against the wall of the school, beneath his two boyfriends, Izuku grimaced. He had to peer up at them through one eye; the other was swollen near-shut, black-and-blue. He could feel bruises forming under his shirt and there was a tear in his left sleeve. It had happened so fast, he hadn’t even had a chance to retaliate. “J—just some guys,” he mumbled.

“Some guys?!” Katsuki demanded.

Next to him, Shouto pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to keep his cool. “Izuku, have they been…bullying you like this for a while?” he asked.

Izuku couldn’t lie, not to them. He nodded.

“FUCK,” Katsuki snapped, stomping off to the side to let some of his anger out. A cloud of swearing rose from him as he paced.

Shouto’s eyes flashed with anger and Izuku knew that he was barely keeping it back behind a wall of calm. Kneeling down in front of Izuku, Shouto reached out to touch his cheek. “Izuku,” he murmured, stroking his thumb over Izuku’s cheekbone, just beneath his swollen eye. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Didn’t want you to get involved,” Izuku mumbled. He dropped his eyes. “I thought they might hurt you…”

“Oh, baby,” Shouto cooed and Izuku felt a delighted thrum shoot up his spine, despite the situation. “You can tell us anything, okay? They won’t hurt us.”

“Damn right they won’t!” Izuku jumped at Katsuki’s shout and glanced up when Katsuki marched back over, livid. He jabbed a finger at them. “All right, here’s what we’re gonna do,” he announced furiously. “We take Deku home, we get him patched up, and then you and me, Halfie.” He opened a palm, fingers curled, and sparks popped from his skin. “We’re gonna beat those fucking sons of bitches into the fucking pavement. Okay?”

Izuku glanced quickly at Shouto. He usually didn’t agree to violence, not when an angry Katsuki was involved. Surprise flickered through him when Shouto nodded, steam lifting off his shoulder and frost dusting the other.

“Thought you’d never ask.”

↪ 2014; art of Nightwing
↪ It’s his birthday today, so I decided I should upload a pic of him, sadly an old one. ( which I will probably delete later… ) :’) 


pick it up pick it all up 

and once again i begin posting all the art i drew a while back that i have saved up!

i dont actually know how light or fire works please go easy on this one

and here’s a finished commission for the lovely @misscres! talk about a power cutie, and drawn with Red & his gaster blaster - hell yeah, this was a lovely commission to get to do!(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑