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ace discourse stance?please tell me you don't think cishet aces are lgbt im beggin you

hell nope! i am a cishet ace and i am 100% NOT LGBT

i also answered a similar ask pretty recently which you can read here: http://kinksharne.tumblr.com/post/161508726985/what-exactly-are-your-feelings-on-all-the-ace

or just browse my /tagged/ace and you should get a pretty good idea lmao. but yeah feel free to message me with other discourse questions!!


Big Hero 6 parallels

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more descendants hcs? specifically angsty ones? also are u ever gonna write a fic for the movies?

  • BYE u guys are too good to me tbh 
  • uhhh okay umaharry hcs bc i really do love them and they have so much potential for angst
    • also bc as @hopelessfountainkinkdom​ - aka lana aka a ray of sunshine to the darkness i bring to her day - pointed out, malevie are happy for once and deserve Goodness and so do jaylos so i’m laying off of them
  • also im gonna be honest this isnt hcs so much as an actual soulmate au bc i fucking love soulmate aus
  • ANYWAYS! au where like the first words ur soulmate says to u is somewhere on ur body and when  u two meet it’ll be all magical and shit
  • but - and heres the catch - there is no magic on the isle. the poor kids dont even have wifi so like soulmates arent really smth that work on the isle
  • and even if they did what are the odds of them working out? its the isle of the lost - a place for people alone destined to forever be unhappy. soulmates either connect so strongly and last so fiercely or they burn like a wildfire destroying in their path. and with the isle people take a guess as to what would happen
  • anyways so yeah a lotta isle folks kinda gave up on the idea of soulmates its really little kids who still sort of believe in them uknow?
  • like yea they have words but who cares nothing works out at the end of the day people like them are destined for nothing
  • anyaways imagine a young uma learning how to read for the first time and she gets so excited!
  • when she gets home before her shift starts (she might be six but her mother doesnt care - uma has arms and legs she can work) she pulls herself up and looks at her neck
  • she tries reading the words (its kinda tricky - its an awkward angle and hey shes just learning how to read) but it says ‘what the hell i trusted you’
  • and she thinks - what the fuck?? 
  • she might be six but she knows what this place is
  • and she knows no one on the isle trusts anyone
  • she huffs and decides that her soulmate must be really dumb or niave and if so they’ll probably die soon
  • trust doesnt last long on the isle u see. people turn on u 
  • she decides to hide the words and maybe that way they’ll go away u know
  • meanwhile on a ship not so far away harry has words written on his wrist ‘you really shouldn’t trust people like me’ and its so?? he just doesnt understand?? what is the context??
  • hook catches him staring at the words and harry is expecting his father to yell at him but instead his father looks sad? and almost instinctively he reaches for his side and tells harry not to get too caught up
  • in a really soft voice he adds that looking for soulmates was a waste of time. find a good crew to have ur back and that’s all a pirate needs
  • (harry is a boy and wants to believe but his father looks so devastated at the thought of soulmates and really how can he believe in smth that makes everyone feel sadder)
  • so he pushes the thought of his head and doesnt really tries not to think abt soulmates anymore
  • anyways fast forward to later yeah and the kids are playing messing around
  • someone suggests a race and the winner gets a chocolate bar or smth
  • someone calls to the count of three and theyre off none of them going the designated path obviously instead twisting and turning through side roads and hopping around
  • harry and uma reach the finish line at the same time and for a second they both just look at each other before both jumping for it at the same time
  • neither of them grab it - some other kid does
  • uma and harry both turn on the kid and act as if they other isnt there trying to get the kid to give the chocolate bar to them
  • finally the kid is like “why dont you two share?” and uma shrugs in agreement
  • the kid hands it to her and she opens it up and now harry is waiting his hands already out in anticipation 
  • when she eats the entire bar with a smug look
  • a heartbeat passes, uma already turned then - “what the hell i trusted you”
  • and god uma just freezes 
  • bc those are the exact words on her neck and her eyes widen as she spins back around and the boy is still standing there angry and waiting still
  • she looks him over again and that is when she spies the writing on his wrist ‘you really shouldn’t trust people like me’ and god those words were on the tip of her tongue she was just abt to say them so she closes her mouth again and runs
  • fucking hell she runs faster than she ever has in her entire life and hides 
  • uma has never thought of herself as a coward before but ohgod that kid, harry, she reminds herself is her soulmate and ohgodohgodohgod
  • the next time that they meet is when he is pushed into the ocean and he cant swim so she dives in right after him
  • he looks at her for a moment and she knows that he recognizes her and ofc he says ‘u stole my chocolate bar once’
  • she swallows back the words that are threatening to spill out of her and instead says ‘yeah it was really good too’
  • and fuck her first words to her soulmate are a lie and there is a gnawing in her stomach and she feels awful in a way she never has before but its out and she cant take them back now
  • he grins and lets out a bark of laugh and admits ‘i suppose we are even now’
  • she shurgs and agrees with him and they start a good friendship together
  • the years pass and she becomes a captain, he her first mate and they have a good crew
  • and it isnt a secret to either of them at this point that he is so incredibly in love with her and she does a better job hiding her feelings 
  • (mostly its bc she knows she doesnt deserve him)
  • he doesnt push her tho bc he knows how fragile they both can be
  • he wont be the one to break her - he wont kill her like that
  • so fast forward and they get ben, negotiate and during the fight he falls into the ocean and without hesitation she stops her hunt for mal to reach for him and everyone in her crew is safe she goes after them
  • she makes it to auradon, spells ben and then god then she loses she has to turn away humiliated and defeated
  • she slowly makes her way back to the isle, back to her crew, her home and there he is on the shore waiting for her
  • and god ofc he is, he has always been waiting for her since the day they tied in that stupid race he has an anger problem, he wears a hook, he terrifies people just walking by them but god he has always been patient with her through everything
  • and she is so tired, beyond exhausted everything is falling down on her - all the years of her mothers abuse and neglect, all the times she lost to mal, all the times she let down her crew and oh if you listened closely you could hear her life falling around her
  • she cant even find the strength to make it to shore its a few feet away but feels so far and its harry who wades into the water and gently picks her up and carries her to their ship (to their home)
  • shes unconscious and he takes her to his room and he like bandages the cuts and bruises over her when he sees
  • its midday when uma wakes up and harry is sitting there
  • his hook is off and hes staring at nothing in particular his eyes are hazy and she clears her throat and tries to sit up
  • ‘harry?’
  • ‘i trusted you. those were the first words i ever said to u’ and his voice is so soft she could pretend as if she had never heard him but he is avoiding eyecontact with her and her chest feels so heavy and burdened
  • (shes sixteen she thinks. a while ago she was on a boat with other sixteen year olds and they looked happy. shocked and distrustful at her but they looked happy and she wants to feel that way so badly)
  • ‘yeah they were’
  • ‘but’ and he cant help the choked sigh that escape him as he holds up his wrists ‘these werent the first words you said to me. how can that be possible?’
  • uma swallows down her tears and admits ‘i saw them written on u. after u first talked to me for the first time i looked at you and i saw them. and i just’ and fucking hell she sounds so pathetic, she sounds so small and timid and useless and she just wants to sleep forever
  • ‘and you didnt want to be my soulmate’ and thats when uma looks back up at him so sharply. he doesnt even sound angry he just sounds defeated, resigned like ofc that was the whole story and uma’s heart breaks again
  • ‘god no harry no. i.’ and she stops again for a just a second before continuing ‘u shouldnt have trusted me. i’m not…enough’ and she isnt she needs him to understand that
  • despite her swagger and her facade she is still nothing, she is still the shrimpy girl who cant do anything right, she is still the same kid who messes up, she is the same girl who couldnt even get a wand to free her crew god he deserves better
  • ‘uma’ and she looks up again to see him crouching beside the bed ‘uma u have always been enough. even back then i trusted you’
  • and she lets out a bitter laugh and lets the words stumble out of her the way they were supposed to all those years ago but now its worse and ‘you really shouldn’t trust people like me’ and god everything hurts in a way she cant explain ‘im a mess’
  • tentatively he reaches out to her, holds her in a steadying manner and ‘god uma we all are. but you - you’re a mess thats worth believing in’
  • and the laugh is awkward, choked and a little breathless but it comes out and he grins
  • and they stay in his cabin for hrs and fucking hell they are both shits but they’re shits together and i love them sm
  • ALSO yeah i’ve been planning on writing a little thing for descendants (malevie? jaylos? probably umaharry tho lbr) but idk how much support i’d get tbh


Title: Formaldehyde and Seek [Ongoing]
Words: 4,270
Pairing: Kravitz/Taako

Before he can turn around, a pair of hands clamp down on his shoulders from behind.

“Let’s talk business.”

He immediately tenses. Right. He isn’t here for a visit–this is work.

Taako’s fingers curl into his chest, thumbs digging into the backs of his shoulders. “You know why I brought you here to meet, right? So you can see who I am, big deal and all–get an idea how much I’m not here to fuck around.”

“Quite aware.”

Link: AO3

Everyone: Omg Will this! Will that! FUCKIN’ SOLANGELO!!!!!!!!!

Me: Who the fuck is Will


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So tumblr lately has been henever i reblog something from someone searching the thing on their blog for random tags and right as I reblogged a post from you it searched "hell yeah hellyeahhellyeahhellyeahhellyeah" and I'm so confused???

You and me both, friend asdfasdf

Tumblr is just…weird. For example, some of my links don’t work on the app and I’ve sent a complaint to Tumblr but they’ve probably never even seen it and will probably never see it anyways, but I hope someday some of my links will work again.

There are links on other people’s blogs on mobile that don’t work for me either? Not everyone has the problem and it’s so confusing — Tumblr is just confusing. xD


Dreaming about your dead boss *:・゚✧ #justrhysthings  ✧ :・゚*

Okay so I saw that there was a coffeeshop au thing going around maybe and…

Bartimaeus and the other spirits work there. Barti is a sassy waiter, maybe sometimes spits in the food of people who are rude but does his job mainly with a smile and then gossips about the worst customers all the time. Despite all the outside rudeness anyone that he gets attached to will have him as their best friend, big brother, or both after a short time. He also flirts when he thinks that’s going to get him more money, or if (heaven forbid) he likes that particular person. Usually it is the former, but everyone can see his ‘thing’ for two overworked boys… Faquarl works in the kitchen, glares at everyone, and probably would have gotten fired a long time ago if he weren’t the best damn chef/coffee maker around. Jabor is probably hired only because he’s good looking and attracts more paying customers; he’s there to be eye candy, not because he can actually do anything. Queezle is there to just be generally nice all the time, and smile at the nice customers and gossip with Bart. But she’s also pretty sarcastic and could easily hold her own in a sass off against Bartimaeus.

The whole place used to be owned by an old couple, the Underwoods, especially Martha, who worked with a smile and was loved by all the customers. But after a tragic kitchen fire (most likely caused by Jabor’s antics, but that was never really proved, so he kept his job), she and her husband died, but the place was popular enough that it was rebuilt under new management. 

The new management in question was a group of business people, Sholto Pinn, (did I spell that right probably not) Jessica Whitwell, Mr. Devraux (That was defiantly spelled wrong I am so sorry), and some others. They take the place from ‘down to earth, friendly family coffee shop’ to ‘chic, interesting, hip place to be’. 

This attracts new customers. One of them is Nat Underwood, who’s grandparents were the previous owners. But he doesn’t say anything about that and comes in as this arrogant prick who’s almost always there, swamped with work from his school or something. He’s rude to the staff, with a particular hatred for Bartimaeus, and always demands to be served quicker, faster, because he’s always in a hurry. But then he might be a bit nicer, and everyone knows that he’s always rude because he’s swamped with work; the poor kid has absolute bags under his eyes all the time, and they feel a tiny bit sorry for him. Also, even though he seems to hate Barty, he’s also taking hours of Bartimaeus’ time up, making the poor server talk to him even though, hey, my shift ended five minutes ago kid, and everyone suspects that he probably has a crush on him. Also, everyone makes fun of him because he orders frou frou drinks and takes them with just about ten sugars but hey, that’s how he likes it. To get back at the teasing he gets the blackest most bitter coffee and drains it in one gulp and everyone just stares there like… what. And he just gives and exasperated sigh and goes back to his book or his work. 

Kitty comes in because she’s curious and ends up their best customer. She drinks black coffee to seem tough but really does like sweet stuff the best. Especially chocolate eclairs. Yum. As time goes by the staff gets really attached to her and she starts hanging out with the wrong crowd and they’re all really worried, especially Bartimaeus, who is sort of like her older brother at that point. At some point she has this awful boyfriend who yells at her and she yells back and they probably get in a horrible fight and break everything and she has this awful black eye but the other guy is worse and they end up having to drag the both of them out of it. She and Nathaniel meet and they start out enemies but then sort of become friends and even start dating but it was awkward and even Kitty can tell that Nat is gay and so they break up but stay friends.

Jane comes in every morning, is insanely rude to everyone there, and buys the most expensive coffee on the menu with about one million specifications and if they don’t get it perfectly right then she’ll yell. She has a strange allergy to things like chocolate, and if any of that gets NEAR her coffee she will yell and scream and threaten. People hate her, the staff hates her, but the owners know her personally and so they will never let any one kick her out. Also, she tips insanely well, so they tolerate her. She and Nathaniel go to the same school, but she’s two years ahead of him, and only talks to him when she wants something from him. Which is… all the time. They date for a while too, but that ends in a mysterious breakup that Nat won’t tell anyone about.

Ptolemy is… A strange customer. He sits in the back and always has a book, or two, or three. He doesn’t like coffee at all and no one is sure why he’s even there but he buys pastries and is insanely nice to everyone so no one can even think about complaining. He and Barti have an on again off again relationship; Bartimaeus is smitten as a lovestruck puppy but he’s also looking out for Ptolemy in every way he knows how, and also has quite the tendency to be rude and sarcastic to the people he cares about most and Ptolemy sometimes can’t take that. So they’ll break up. And get back together. And break up. He goes to a prestigious school and everyone knows that he’s going to be successful as hell but right now he’s also pretty poor. Occasionally, he even gets a job there for a while but then he’ll get fired (the bosses don’t like him that much, for whatever reason) or quit, and start the process over. At some point in his relationship with Barti he gets in an accident and Bart can’t save him and… Wow, that’s just the worst thing that had ever happened to the poor kid and no one knows what to do for the longest time. His relationship with Nathaniel is strange; he likes the kid that he was, but hates the ambitious, rude thing that Nat became. But with Kitty he’s nice and she’s nicer to him than anyone, really, even if she is a little tiny bit jealous of what he has.

Piper is Nathaniel’s little fangirl. Well, maybe. She’s an underclassman at the school that he goes to and everyone thinks that they’re siblings. She follows him around and probably wants to be him, but she also knows that he’s a total dick all the time. She loves the coffeeshop, and always gets the most caffeinated, sugary thing she can get her hands on. After all, it takes a lot of energy to put up with Nat.

Asmira is Bartimaeus’ civil worker little sister who comes in to the shop and makes it known that she hates the place and the decor and how much she hates Barti in general but she always stays and eventually everyone sees how great she really is even if she does call the place the breeding ground for sniveling anarchists. She and Kitty have sort of a hatedate relationship. Well, at first. They obviously have opposite views on everything but they’re not really so different and they end up being best friends and maybe a little bit more…

The only other regular at the coffeeshop is this mysterious guy Verroq who never talks to anyone that doesn’t talk to him first and isn’t nice at all when he does. Everyone thinks that he’s a murderer, but hey, business is business, and so he gets served his black coffee and he downs it in one gulp and then he’s off, and everyone just sort of… stares in silence until he’s gone.  

Okay, wow that’s a huge post I am so sorry. But yeah I just love that idea so I went wild with it.

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Can you pls rec me som long joshler pics


okay so there arent a lot of well written long joshler fics but the ones that are good are REALLY GOOD. i dont know what your definition of long is so im gonna put the word count down too

Light a Match and All Ill See is You (131k wowser)

this ones amazing like my absolute favorite, when i first read the description i was reluctant because i saw the word superheroes and thought it would suck but its so good and it has a nice ending but definitely read the tags

Kik (16k)

this ones a wip but its being regularly updated and i really like it, i think its a really cool concept.

Breaking Free (12k)

also a work in progress but so good

Surrounding All My Surroundings (26k)

okay so this one is another one of my favorites, im a sucker for a college au. its really cute and funny and i just love it so much

I Miss Missing You Now and Then (12k)

its one chapter but its 12k words so?? that counts right?? idk but its good (enemies to friends hell yeah)

Stay in Place (Sing a Chorus) (9k)

this thing is a masterpiece honest to god but you need to read the tags, i can not stress this enough. it does not have a happy ending what so ever but its so damn good

Get Down on Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me (5k)

basically josh is a moody petulant child and takes it out on tyler but its okay bc sex later

Don’t Fear the Reaper (8k)

this ones so cute man which is weird because its also really dark but yeah. please read the tags.

We Could Fly Far Away (55k)

just so cute okay. tyler is ftm in this fic. its SO FKN CUTE

again i apologize for taking so long, if any of the links are broken pls let me know and ill fix em. hope you enjoy!!!



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🐝- Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them! 
1-very patient w me when im feeling anxious n need reassurance abt things like. quite honestly ive avoided a lot of breakdowns bc shes so good abt it bless
2- really fucking funny tbh? bless
3- a rly good writer??? how do u even do that?????? (n tbh a big part of the reason why ive wanted 2 pick up writing again even tho im too lazy to do it sjkdnf)

1- super talented!! like theyre good at music + writing + poetry + singing,,,, what an icon
2- has always been there for me?? like weve been friends for 3 years now and ive always been able 2 go to them w pretty much anything bless
3- EXCELLENT music taste like holy shit every singe song theyve shown me is so good i die

1- RLY GOOD ART like??? i die theyre so good
2- v sweet… sends me Th Boys if im upset… n just like! rly caring n lovely overall tbh
3- just nice to talk to like every time we talk is just a Good Time honestly