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Title: Formaldehyde and Seek [Ongoing]
Words: 4,270
Pairing: Kravitz/Taako

Before he can turn around, a pair of hands clamp down on his shoulders from behind.

“Let’s talk business.”

He immediately tenses. Right. He isn’t here for a visit–this is work.

Taako’s fingers curl into his chest, thumbs digging into the backs of his shoulders. “You know why I brought you here to meet, right? So you can see who I am, big deal and all–get an idea how much I’m not here to fuck around.”

“Quite aware.”

Link: AO3

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2013harryrise  asked:

AGNES i need a huge favor. Im trying to convince my non 1d friend of M!M force closeting habits and of larry realness. So i need both receipts links to videos picturess a giffs. Pleaseeeeee. Its really important thx babe

I can’t believe I just did this, but yeah. 

I present to you the Larry Is Real Masterpost of masterposts/ the ultimate guide to Larry. It is really long, but I tried for it to be as organized as possible. Contains parts such as “tattoos”, “TXF”, “Management” etc. each part includes links to videos, links to masterposts, gifs, photos, tweets, timelines etc.

You are welcome to use this either as Larry resource, or when having doubts or when trying to convince someone. I’m sure this will work just perfectly, though I have to warn you that it is painful.

Thanks to everyone in this fandom making these masterposts and gifs, you are amazing.

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Uncle Roy on babysitting duty ;) I headcanon that he enjoys restoring old arcade cabinets as a hobby. Just to chill out after long nights of hacktivisting (im 100% sure its not even a word)


To celebrate 100 followers, I’m gonna do two things.

1. I’m going to clean up the tags here. I’ll add new tags for like content and categories, like fluff or angst, and subject for the reoccurring ones, like the trans sung and the Havve Sung same race ones.

2. I’m going to write a Sung and Havve origin story hell yeah. It’s not gonna be 100% angst, but it’s not going to be 100% fluff either. It’ll go through Sung’s childhood with Havve and his moms and then him losing his family and spending billions of years alone, and then finding Havve and maybe even up to finding Meouch and Phobos, who knows.

But I wanna hear from YOU GUYS now! What’s your favorite headcanon on this blog? What hc made you start following? I’m super curious, and I figured now would be a perfect time for you guys to share your thoughts and shit!



  • Junkomaeda Shipper: For your information, Junkomaeda is better then Komahina or any other ships! (This is literally what someone said to me I'm not saying that this is everyone!)
  • Me: THATS WRONG-! For your information, if you forgot, Junko is dead, and even if Komaeda DID wake up, he cant be in love with someone who is dead. Lets not forget Junko is cannonly an abuser, which means this ship is an abusive relationship, since Ko isnt an abuser, like for example he puts himself down by calling him trash, says he's not important, etc. , in island mode he joked about him and Hinata going to his love nest AND he actually almost admitted his love to Hinata, and most of this makes the Komahina ship more canon, (and in the next game hell knows he has a chance wake up and who knows what will happen.) I'm not saying for you to stop shipping this ship its just...really? Dont rub it in other peoples faces, you know there are people out there that dont like this ship and you need to fucking grow up. Okay? Okay.

anonymous asked:

I'm not the only one that doesn't like Sarge? Oh thank god! Like sure he got better in the later seasons but the early ones just... Put me off too much for me to truly like the character. Like hell Grif had an existional crisis because he started acting like Sarge while in power. I just don't understand how so many people can act like Sarge is just some precious angry boi

But anon! Sarge is my innocent red Boy!! uwuwu~~ He actually does love his team!!! That’s why he threatens them with violence all the time, everyone knows that physical abuse is the best way for a father to love their children!!!!

No but yeah, I’m happy other ppl are agreeing with me. I really wasn’t gonna like draw this out more than just letting my opinion be known but if y’all are egging me on I guess I’m turning this into a Sarge hate blog now!! Like the biggest problem I’m having rn is that I’ve never really seen ppl talk about it. It’s just kind of excused as a joke by the majority of the fandom and then people like to portray him as the “red team dad” which is?? no??? gross disgusting??????

Sarge’s treatment of Grif is abhorrent, there is literally no excuse. The entire premise of his relationship with all of his team members is that he’s fucking terrible to them for really no reason. he ignores (and sometimes encourages) Simmons’ insecurities and need for validation, he constantly tries to stifle anything Donut does that could be considered “gay” (tho tbf so does like everyone else) and he constantly verbally and physically abuses Grif and it fucking sucks because at no! point! is he ever expected to acknowledge his horrible abusiveness or better himself in any way!!!! and honestly i don’t think it even got better in the later season i think he just didn’t have as much control over the reds anymore so he can’t like. beat them into submission when theyre kind of his equals? 

helene-of-flowers  asked:

Pardon me for asking, but why is that one gifset whitewashed? It looks perfectly normal to me. I was never able to "see" izzy and Simon as latinx bc of their physique, so I'd be really grateful for any tips on how to recognize whitewashing for them


I’ll ignore how offensive it is that you are not able to see Izzy and Simon as latinx because they have light skin, i’m latina and i have very pale skin so it’s kinda :/ when people tell me im white because of it, i’m not. period.

But anyway, yeah, i’ll gladly explain. Izzy and Simon are originally white but on the show they are both latinx, and it’s never really mentioned in any way which is why I can see people getting confused about their race. Alberto is  of colombian and cuban descent, Emeraude is half mexican and half lebanese, it’s really important that you know, even if they “don’t look like it” to you, they aren’t white, they are representing latinx people, both of them have talked about how important it is that young people are gonna be able to feel represented because of them, and here’s when whitewashing them becomes a huge problem. You are taking that representation away, you are erasing something they are (proud of, mind you) and changing it because you just “don’t see them like that”. If you are white i can understand how whitewashing and colorism is not a big deal to you and you don’t notice or if you do you choose to ignore it, but that is not an excuse.

Now, because it sounds that you really want to get educated about this and find a way you can help to not contribute to this way of racism, here it is:

This is Emeraude’s normal skin tone (or at least what the coloring on the show makes it look like, which is not that far away):

and here is her with a coloring that whitewashes her:

You still can’t see the difference? How about with Alberto now?



Not yet? How about Harry?:

Normally colorings are made to make skin tones brighter, they are made to color white people, which is why, while making an edit, you have to be extra careful to not whitewash anyone. If someone calls you out on whitewashing, accept it and apologize and then try as hard as you possibly can to never do it again. You can notice gifsets or edits are whitewashed when you look at their skintones and find something odd, something weird, when you notice it just doesn’t look right on them.

Now, I want you to look at this:

It doesn’t look that weird right? The exact same coloring, but now used on a white person. That’s because it’s not changing her skin tone, well maybe it’s making her paler but it’s not taking dark skin and making it lighter to make it more “aesthetically pleasing”

Both Emeraude and Alberto have darker skin compared to Kat or Dom so it’s easy to notice, please try not to ignore it. When I first watched the show I noticed immediately that Emeraude was latina, and when I saw Matt I actually thought he was too (I guess just because he kinda reminds me of Noah Centineo) and then I found out Matt is white which is why I can also understand if people get confused while thinking of both characeter’s heritage,but, like I said before, it’s not an excuse, if you ever see an edit and you think that it is whitewashed but you are not sure then ask a poc. hell you can even come to my blog and ask me. 

Anyway, yeah just try to not ignore that poc are poc and try to stop thinking that there’s nothing wrong with whitewashing :).