hell yeah im gonna tag it

good night nya i can feel myself bursting with red oh man thats gay

shuffle tag!!

i got tagged in loads of stuff whilst i was away but this is the only one i haven’t done yet! i was tagged by @kotcatmeow​, @literallywhothe​ and @mysimblruniverse​, thank you my honeys <3

rules: put your music shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people!

  1. You Wanna Know - Don Broco (going well so far……)
  2. Cane Shuga - Glass Animals
  3. Aftertaste - Ellie Goulding
  4. King - Years & Years
  5. Landslide - Oh Wonder
  6. Sometimes - Blink 182 
  7. Heart of Glass - Blondie (heck yeah DEBBIEEEEEEEEEE)
  8. Obvious - Blink 182
  9. Feels Like Forever - Mice of Men (rip)
  10. Wonderland - Taylor Swift (honestly i haven’t listened to this in like 2 years but im gonna go jam to it now bye)

i thought that would be a hell of a lot more embarrassing but :^)

i tag @ximsia, @wyvvern, @wrixles @eirflower, @raspberi, @sim-blob, @femmesim, @lazerlemon, @loniden, @blarffy (if you’ve already done this or don’t want to, feel free to pass!)


superhero fancasts

i’ve always wanted to do this so like hell yeah im killin two birds with one stone 

since im mega close to 3k i wanna do like a thank you so i’m gonna do this thing where i’ll either say what hero/villain/anti-hero you remind me of and why

OR (im changing this to AND bc i like doing both)

make up a whole story on what i’d think you’d be. hero/villain/anti-hero/sidekick/whatever the fuck. like make up a whole name/powers/backstory and all that you feel? 


  • must be following me 
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  • send me an ask on what ur face tag is 
  • let me know what you want if you have any preferences (marvel only, dc only, hero only, villain only, or just let me go hog wild)

Hey so guess who hit 500! yeah so I thought i’d do a follow forever as a thank you to all of my lovely followers and mutuals and maybe show off some of my fav blogs. Header to cred to the absolutely incredible caffeincold, everyone should go check her out.

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