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I thought i was the only one who like Louis' outfit that night! Despite the shoes, i do love his outfit & layering strategy!

I think majority of ppl liked it? tbqh I don’t really follow what people think anymore because there is so much resentment towards him wearing “streetwear” (lmao) and him getting gifted which is one of the most ridiculous and laughable concepts to be mad about this fandom established lately. anyway, I did like it except for the sneakers! however I did appreciate the fact those were a big step away from his regular footwear choices which makes me think he is open to experimenting and going into more futuristic or adventurous styles in footwear and that’s amazing. also, his layering strategy, hell yeah! i loved the big sweater with that hoodie that brought in a pop of white and then an oversized jacket with some really cool detailing (I knew he’d look so good in off—white, I freaking told ya) I definitely think lately louis has done a lot to move forward with his style and my favorite thing is it’s really distinguishable and he stays true to himself even when he steps up his game. I’m really excited for what comes next


oh. oh.

Has anyone ever noticed that in episode 4 Lance and Keith were chilling by themselves during the speech????

AND THEN Hunk joins them

and no Arusian’s turn to them to continue a conversation afterwards so 0u0 they were just talking and chilling during the party and that makes me v happy


have it as proof that i’m still alive

highlights of 4x07
  • shirtless Bellamy HELLO 
  •  honestly Kane is hot too 
  • and Harper DAMN 
  • “I just needed to see my mom” aw Clarke baby 
  • “Go take a shower” thank you Abby making sure Clarke is clean 
  • BELLAMY SUITING UP TO SAVE ONE OF THE HUNDRED that boy loves his costumes 
  • Honestly Bellamy is so BRAVE and GOOD I love him so much 
  • Becca’s house is amazing but there’s no way that pool stayed clean the whole time 
  • Shower time for Clarke hell yeah I love this new soft look 
  • Why won’t anyone let my baby girl rest 
  • …Oh Bellamy…such a sad moment but GOD Bob is so good 
  • Murphy and Emori, the morally gray murder children 
  • Ilian is such a cutie patootie but I want Octagon to stay the hell away from him!!! Don’t taint him with your shitty ways!!! 
  • Bellamy and Kane’s relationship is so important and their talks break my heart 
  • “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” YES Bellamy time to focus on people who actually care about you 
  • Oh hi Roan 
  • Omfg did Emori plant that guy here what a devious little bean I love her
Language is powerful, and even those of us who don’t choose the bisexual label have a responsibility to ensure that the world is safe for those who do. One way to accomplish that goal is to practice saying the word ‘bisexual’. Say it again, 'bisexual.’ Paint it on the walls; wear it on a t-shirt. Write it on toothpaste on your bathroom mirror; notice it as you stare at your beautiful self. Bisexual. Say it louder; say it in public; say it to someone who might not be comfortable hearing it. Let them begin to get over their discomfort. Begin to get over your own. Ask yourself: what is it about that word that is so frightening to people? How can we lower the fear content, undo the negative associations, create new meaning, open possibilities?
—  Naomi Tucker, Introduction to Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries, & Visions

both aaron and robert need some serious communication and actual therapy otherwise they will always end up destroying each other until there’s nothing left of either of them