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Bad Boy Parker: Peter Parker

Word Count: 1.8k

Warning(s): Bad Boy!Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request: Heyyy I really need a bad boy Peter Parker imagine!! I will love you to death if you write one for me :) thank you for all your amazing imagines💕
A/N: The dear anon who requested this imagine didn’t give me much to work with, so I kinda just… wrote this and made Peter Parker a Bad Boy? Idk I hope you all enjoy and it’s not too bad.

Note: Reader and Peter are sixteen

Y/N was new to Midtown High School and was still learning her way around. She had only been there for a day, and was now on her second day at the school. On her first day, Y/N had met a girl named Leila who had been quick to befriend Y/N and to show her around the school along with invite Y/N to join her and her friends during lunch. 

It was only her second day at the school and she had already managed to be late. Great, now she was going to end up making a grand entrance, which would do exactly what she didn’t want to happen: draw attention. “God damnit, Y/N.” Y/N cursed herself under her breath as she paused outside of the door to her first class. She took in a deep breath and opened the door. As expected, the teacher stopped his talking and the entire class turned to face the door.

“Ah, Ms. Y/L/N. How nice of you to finally join us. It is only your second day at this school and you’re already late.”

“I know, I’m really sorry. Had a couple bumps back home and it just made thing… and you don’t care. I’ll just be taking my seat.” Y/N said as she tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and as she walked towards her seat. She set her book bag on the floor by her desk and pulled her books out. Minutes into the class and Y/N was extremely bored. She had learned this material at her previous school. Her eyes wandered around the classroom until they landed on the most handsome boy she had ever seen. He also hadn’t been there the previous day. He looked beyond disinterested in what the teacher was saying as he fiddled with the pen in his hand.

Y/N was staring shamelessly and Peter knew. He could feel her eyes on him and this pleased him immensely. His lips stretched into a small smirk as he turned his head to meet Y/N’s gaze. Y/N didn’t break eye contact with the mystery boy until he sent her a discreet wink. Of course, Y/N felt like she was going to melt and had to look away. The rest of the time, Y/N avoided eye contact with him in fear of saying something she would regret.

When the bell rang, Y/N didn’t hesitate in the slightest to quickly shove her books in her bag and practically sprint out of the classroom. She was aware the sound of the heels of her ankle boots were loud as she sped walked away from the classroom, but she didn’t care. Luckily, Y/N had her next class with Leila, who would hopefully take her mind off of whoever he was. And after this class was lunch, which would give Y/N even more time to come up with ways to avoid whoever he was.

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Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Karamatsu 01 - Newtype Karamatsu

Chibita: Help, help! 

Osomatsu: Oh, it’s Chibita. Why are you carrying Karamatsu on your back? Are you going to give us money? 

Chibita: Of course not! You ought to be paying me back for your tab, idjit, damn it! Nevermind about that, Karamatsu is in a bad way.  

Todomatsu: Karamatsu is always in a bad way. He’s so painful. 

Ichimatsu: Don’t come in here carrying that. 

Jyushimatsu: Illegal entry! Illegal entry! 

Chibita: You jerks, you really are awful brothers…

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It’s already EXO’s FIFTH year and people STILL can’t stop trying to degrade all they’ve achieved with their own efforts. I’m SICK AND TIRED of this “EXO didn’t work hard” narrative “EXO doesn’t deserve their success” narrative. Tbh, I’m shocked that out of all groups, you’re coming to E FREAKING X TO THE O about “hard work” and having things given to them on a platter, when just a few years ago…not 1, not 2, but THREE members left due to being driven to the ground, after being exhausted until they couldn’t take it anymore. I guess that’s only convenient when trying to tear EXO’s image down, but not when it comes to acknowledging how much they’ve gone through.

EXO benefited off their company? Hell yeah. Bitch, if I work my ass off to overcome the 1 to 1000 chance to get into Harvard then you better bet I’ll reap every single benefit I can. But everything I did to get there, and everything I do once I officially start looking for a career is MY effort, nevermind my university’s prestige. Every obstacle I face from then on, I alone, have to overcome it.

Look me in the eye and try to tell me that EXO faced no obstacles, not after everything they’ve been through would have left more groups than not disbanded. It wasn’t too long ago everyone would gleefully say “EXO is over, they’ll disband soon” I can’t believe all that’s suddenly in the past.

EXO had their head start, they got their privileges and special SM benefits, but just like any idol, at the end of the day they had to grit their teeth to survive. And survive they did– there’s no there’s word for it.

Long Distance (Chapter Thirteen)

2500 words of NSFW guys. Bucky tries out his arm. And it works really well. That’s actually all I’m going to say. Smut Under The Cut


Enjoy :)

Tony was on all fours, straddling Steve’s legs, pressing his face into a solid chest, trying to quiet his moans, digging his fingers into big arms, trying to keep himself still.

It wasn’t easy.

Not like this.

Steve was running gentle circles over his back, soothing strokes and soft words of encouragement, scratching his nails lightly through Tony’s hair.

And Bucky— well Bucky was trying to make Tony scream.

The elevator ride up to Tony’s penthouse had passed in a blur of heated kisses and roaming hands. Tony didn’t even remember leading his boyfriends to the bedroom, but here they were. He didn’t even really remember getting undressed, even though he was pretty sure Steve had ripped his pants as he yanked them off, and Bucky hadn’t even tried to save his shirt.

So they were naked , all of them, and there was so much skin and heated flesh that Tony thought he could be drunk on it.

Or at least he could be if Bucky wasn’t currently trying his damnest to make him lose his mind.

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I know sketchyy-pencil makes fan art for the ship and well... I'm an angst whore D: can you please make an angst one shot where she cheats on you or something... To tie it with mysme lets pretend she is Jaehee and you are MC lmao

Fuck MC and Jaehee this story is about me and @sketchyy-pencil ( also if you want to send HCS for the ship I guess you can since this was really easy for me to write lmao) 

I never knew life would treat me this way. My life was actually looking great; I had an angel as a S/O, my job was amazing and I was finally happy. Hah. Life’s a bitch. I never knew taking my love to dinner would actually turn into the worst night of my life. During our dinner conversation I noticed she seemed distant. Hell she’s been distant for months. I thought it was her job stressing her out so I made sure everything was in place: having the apartment cleaned, making sure we have everything ready, and having a hot meal waiting for her. Yeah it was hard working and taking care of our home but she was worth it. She was worth my blood sweat and tears. She use to enjoy my cooking till gradually, she stopped eating my food. I already ate don’t worry or I’m not hungry  was the constant excuses she gave me. One night I even decided to run her a bubble bath but she yelled at me saying I was too nice to her. Her words did hurt me but I didn’t pay attention to it because I knew she was stressed. I didn’t pay much attention to her because at the time, I didn’t want our arguments to escalate.

During dinner, I remembered I asked her how was work and she simply took a sip of wine and told me “ I’m in love with someone else”. My heart stopped beating because I looked into her eyes and I knew she was telling the truth. I continue eating my food and told her to answer my question and she did. We didn’t talk much after. We finally made it to our driveway and I went to her side of the door and opened it for her like I always had. Now we are sitting on the couch acting as strangers. I was speechless because I was still trying to comprehend those six words that caused agony within me. I took a deep breath and looked at the floor “ How long was this going on? I won’t get mad at you I promise” I whispered. She ran her fingers through her hair like she always does when she’s nervous “ For 5 months now” she sighed. I cleared my throat and laid down at the couch “ I hope the person makes you really happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world my angel. I love you so much that I prefer your happiness over mine. So I understand why you cheated on me. I was no longer your happiness. I’m sorry for not being enough” my voice hitched.

I felt her eyes pierce through my skin and she started to cry while punching my shoulder “Why aren’t you crying ! Why are you not ha-hating me! Please hate m-me! You were enough you were more than enough! Fucking hate me! Tell me off!! Say you never want to see me again!! ” she screeched. I just laughed while she was hitting me. I finally looked into those beautiful eyes again “There is no point in hitting me angel. Your words already hurt me enough to where a bullet won’t even do shit to me. I might as well add that I can never hate you. I respect and love you so much that my ass will support you in every decision you made. I told you from the beginning, I will stand by your side even if you make the wrong choice. Even if it means you loving someone else.” I uttered. I stood up from the couch and kneeled between her. I grabbed her hands and gently kissed it for the last time. I closed my eyes for a quick second and I felt hot tears rolling down my face. I gazed into her eyes “ I need to know one thing. Just one thing. When did you stop loving me?” I managed to say. It’s easy to see her emotions through her eyes. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and it took all the strength that I had to not wipe her tears away. That was no longer my job no more. She decided to pick someone else for the job and that caused pain to ache into my bones. I felt her fingers try to wipe my tears but I slapped her hand away from my face. Her breath hitched “I ne-never stopped loving you” she whispered ever so gently. Her eyes were telling me the truth but I knew her heart was lying to her mind “Bullshit. You don’t hurt the people you love” I hissed. Tears were caressing her face ever so lightly. She grabbed my hand and forced her fingers to interlock with mine. She brought my hand to her lips and kissed it every so gently. I took my hand away from her and held her hand to my heart, “Remember way back then when we first started talking, you were so hard yet so easy to figure out. Your eyes showed me your soul and it captured my heart. You were my heaven and hell. I’m curious though, do you remember that long message I sent you because you teased me that I couldn’t be sweet?” I mentioned. She laughed and it sounded like angels singing to my ears. She nodded while cleaning her eyes. I fixed her hair because it was covering her face “I still mean every word from it” I stuttered while I got up and kissed her forehead.

She gave me a puzzled look while I went and grabbed a suitcase to pack all my clothes and belongings. It was a half hour later till I had my suitcases at the front door. She told to that she wanted to leave and I told her that I didn’t want to stay because I didn’t want to be surrounded by memories of her. She sat down at the couch and I went to her and outlined a cross to her forehead “I hope God gives you many more blessings and I hope you are happy with your new life and love” I said. She looked at me with fresh tears in her eyes and there was a lump in my throat. I was ready to leave but I stopped and looked back “I will never know where we went wrong but there is one thing that I know” I whimpered. I walked closer to her and I put my hand inside my right pocket taking out a blue velvet small box. I opened it revealing the engagement ring and placed it on the table in front of her. I examined the living room once last time and my eyes finally laid on hers “ I was suppose to give it to you after dinner. It doesn’t belong to me. It was meant for you so you can do whatever you want with it. Thank you. It was an honor having my heart broken by you” I said while tears were running down my eyes. I gave her one last look and walked away.

Goodbye my love.

Extra Angsty Bonus:

I ran down the stairs with the little belongings I had. I heard my name being yelled by her but I kept going down the stairs faster. I finally reached the lobby but she took the elevator and she tried to stop me from leaving. She went on her knees begging me to stay but I pushed her off me and told her to never put her pride down for anyone. I ran through the double doors and made my way through the streets. The cold air was burning my throat and I decided to look back at her for one last time but suddenly everything turned black…..

Being Regina Mills Daughter and dating Ruby Lucas would include:

anon ask:  Hey could please do headcannons for Regina Mills’ 19 year old daughter dating Ruby Lucas? Thank you so much
warning: none
Ruby Lucas is my bae <3
Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Originally posted by millswhite

  • Regina is very overprotective of you
  • so when she discovered that you were dating Ruby Lucas
  • let just say that she didn’t take it very well
  • “What are you doing with that dog?”
  • “She’s not a dog mom!, she’s a cute little puppy who I love very much deal with it”
  • Ruby melt when you said that
  • She’s actually like a cute little puppy with you
  • she loves when you play with her hair
  • Regina eventually approves your relationship with Ruby
  • Snow convinced her , after she gave her a long talk about how evil she was for not letting you be with the love of your life

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Patater Week (Feb 7) - Proposal


It was supposed to be a romantic camping getaway. Instead, they’re tearing the campsite apart as fast as possible because the radio announced a freak blizzard on the way and snowflakes are already billowing down.

They manage to get everything in the car and drive out of the woods without they get stuck in a forming snowdrift.

Alexei drives, because they’re in Canada, the car is a rental, and of the two of them, he’s the one with an international driver’s license.

(”Can’t believe you have passport but not international driver’s license, Kent. What you do when you playing in Vancouver? Or Montreal?”

“I go back to the hotel after the game and I sleep.”)

Alexei is calm but Kent is scrunched down in the passenger’s seat, seething. Alexei thinks the glower is darker than warranted, but he does kind of understand Kent’s annoyance. The camping trip was his idea. A just-over-two-years anniversary trip, since their actual anniversary was in the middle of playoffs due to their having hooked up during All Stars weekend one time and managing to admit mutual feelings of “like” around the time they realized they might be facing off for the cup.

They hadn’t, but the Skype call regarding that issue had been enlightening, to say the least.

“Is okay, Kent,” Alexei says as the windshield wipers zip across his vision and the road before him turns increasingly white. “We try again, yes? Maybe go back out tomorrow, if weather clears?”

Kent grumbles and buries his nose deeper in his coat. He’s cold-blooded and gets chills if a cool breeze blows by. Alexei loves it, because it gives him the excuse to wrap Kent up in Alexei’s warm arms all the time. Now, he pats Kent’s leg. But Kent’s not having it. He grumbles again and says, “No way this’ll clear up by tomorrow. Next week, maybe.”

“So we re-schedule our flights home,” Alexei says. He takes his hand back, because a responsible driver always has two hands on the wheel. “Stay in hotel until snow is gone. No big deal—”

And that is the moment one of their tires blows out.

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Headcanon #136

During his time in Deadlock after his old home was gone, Jesse had a senior member supervise and show him the ropes of the gang. While the senior did that, he also made sure that the cowboy would swear his loyalty to the gang. This came to fruition when he mentally and emotionally manipulated McCree to do it.

Deadlock Member: “Y’know McCree, you really got natural talent with that aim of yours. I’d even say that that unnatural aiming is a gift, ya really are a kid who’s been blessed with that!”
Jesse: “Ble- blessed… kid?”

When these two words are said together, it immediately triggers McCree to flashback to the day he saw his old orphanage being burnt to the ground and him discovering the owner’s corpse. He huddle onto the ground, hyperventilating and crying.


Deadlock Member: *laughs* “Oh yeah, silly ol’ me I forgot. Ya really hate those words. Don’t worry kid.” He walks up to McCree and punches him hard in the face. “I’ll make sure ya get your due punishment.” He continues to relentlessly punch McCree. “It’s such a shame that such a hard workin’ brat had to get his life shit on and punished for it. But if ya really don’t wanna be a blessed kid. Just keep doing what Deadlock tells ya and you’ll definitely have a ticket ta hell. So make sure ya do it. Work for Deadlock’s sake. Die for Deadlock’s sake.”

Jesse: “… I don’t… I don’t deserve heaven… I deserve nothing. All for Deadlock.”
Deadlock Member: “That’s right! After all, we’re family ain’t we?”

“...Hella Lit.”

Requested by an anon. I’m back and not better than ever. 

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Being friends with Jay gave you special privileges. You were always around him and friends. You were given a lot of attention because you looked different than other girls. 

You’ve been best friends with Jay since the beginning of AOMG. Jay treated you like a little sister. A little sister who was the better dancer. To all his friends you were of course off limits.

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Soukoku Fluff One-shot Fic Rec List

First things first, I am probably not in any position to make recommendations; I’m just a Soukoku fluff devotee who has dedicated my whole fandom life to hunting down every single one of them.

I try my best not to read angst (bc I don’t need it; my real life is already too angsty lol) but because this is Soukoku, it’s hard to avoid angst completely. Also, I’m not really into smut, unless it’s woven into a good storyline, or sometimes I just read them because there’s no more fluff :(((((( 

BUT Soukoku fluff is my life because these two just deserve all the happiness you know?? So I just want to share my love for these particular fics and the overflowing happiness they have brought me. So here, here kill yourself with fluff (take note that this isn’t in any particular order).

But first here’s the fluffiest official art for you:

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That ADHD feel when:
-You get hyperfocused on a subject and drop it two weeks later
-“Can you please hand me that?” “What?” “Can you please hand-” “Yeah”
-Doing or hearing something and then immediately forgetting it
-“I can’t find my wallet” “I can’t find my keys” “I can’t find my pencil” etc etc
-trying so hard to focus and zoning out immediately
-always messy room/work area
-Super depressive episodes that come out of nowhere
-“I think I have adhd, I’m so random” “:/”
-people getting mad at you for fidgeting
-failing classes no matter how hard you try
-procrastinating to the extreme
-Multiple people trying to talk to you at once is absolute hell
-jumping from task to task before finishing anything


Alex Hogh / OFC.

Part 1/???

Part 2

(probably not more than 10-11)

Summary: Ivy works on the make up/fx department for Vikings. She’s going through a breakup and sleeping on the couch with her colleagues because her ex-girlfriend throw her out of their shared apartment, then Alex came to the rescue.

Disclaimer: This is Alex the character, the persona we know through social media and pretty much speculation and I’m fucking infuriated with him. Hence, fantasy meets writing. (also let me live, I’m lonely)

Warnings: None, little bit of fluff.

Originally posted by dailyalexhogh

Ivy sat down on the edge of the couch, playing with the loose string of her sweater as her girlfriend of four years keeps berating her like she was some kid, she’s twenty six. It wasn’t just that, the constant jealousy fits that she had, questioning Ivy’s sexuality, she was bisexual and her girlfriend lesbian.

‘We can’t do this anymore, Dominic.’ She cut off her girlfriend’s rant. ‘I am so tired, this shit it’s been going on for too long and I endured it. You’re angry all the time, doubting every move I make when I never, even give you a reason.’

Ivy rubbed her face with both hands, trying to get herself to say what she’s been thinking for a while now.

‘I don’t want to keep living like this, I hate it.’

Dominic scoff at her, shaking her head almost looking at her with disgust.

‘You’re breaking up with me, you?’ She asked, the nastiness of her tone make Ivy’s skin crawl.

‘Yes, I am.’ Ivy nod looking down, not really wanting to see that look.

Her girlfriend, ex girlfriend now, stopped pacing and stood in front of her and an accusatory finger poked her on her shoulder, making her roll her eyes.

‘You’re seeing someone else, some bitch or some guy since you can’t make up your fucking mind—’

‘Fuck you,’ Ivy spat, tired: at her stupid shit. ‘I’m out, we’re fucking done. You keep the apartment, I’ll get my shit and get out’

Of course, that didn’t end like that. Dominic, extra as she was make a scene, shouted some more, throw her some stuff and finally Ivy ended up crashing on the couch of some girl from the makeup department.

It’s been around two weeks, two weeks of peace of mind but her back was almost on breaking point for sleeping on the couch. She groaned as she pushed her fingers to her back, standing on location freezing cold also didn’t help.

‘I love my job, it’s great. I love it,’ She repeated as a mantra while massaging the knots on her back. She saw Georgia approaching with one of the set assistants for a re-touch between scenes, Ivy liked her, the girl was the definition of sweetheart.

‘Are you okay, love?’ Georgia asked putting a hand on her back, Ivy just groaned and shake her head.

‘My back it’s literally killing me,’ She answered as the blonde girl sat down in the fold up chair on the little tent that provided some kind of shelter for the wind, favorite hang out stop for some of the talent. ‘I love Kim, she’s great for letting me crash on her couch. But it’s such a piece of shit couch.’ They both laughed as she applied some more blood on the side of the mouth.

‘You haven’t found a flat yet?’

‘I haven’t had the time to even look, I’ve pulling twelve hours the last two weeks since I’ve evicted myself from my own apartment.’ Ivy joked making Georgia giggle.

‘I’ve love for you to come with us but there’s literally no room left also.’

‘It’s okay, Gee.’ Ivy grabbed another little bottle that had blood more liquid than the one she used before and pour a little on a disposable cup. ‘This is for before the scene and now wet your lips with this, for the effect.’

‘Oh,’ Georgia grabbed the cup and give it a taste, eyebrows almost hitting her hairline at the taste. ‘Ah, it’s finally tasty!’

‘What’s finally tasty?’ Alex interrupted making his way to his usual chair besides Georgia, he was always between takes on this tent with Ivy, goofing around, talking, eating or just sleeping.

‘I got new blood, it’s better than the other you all guys freaking hated.’ Ivy explained and give the extra cup to her assistant and they rushed outside again, leaving them alone. ‘What you doing here?’

‘Came to see my favorite girl on set and I’m also hungry as fuck, you have no idea.’ Alex smiled and started digging on her bag, knowing that she always had some food stashed there for him.

‘Yeah, your favorite cause I give you food,’ She teased him and swat at his hand and she pulled a little container with some cookies.

‘You’re the best, I swear-’ He open it and dig in, putting an entire cookie on his mouth, making her smile and went about her things and also the pain on her back was bothering her.

‘Feeling the old age, already?’ He teased her, Ivy throw him a balled up napkin and smiled, seating on the chair next to Alex and grabbed a cookie for herself.

‘Feeling the spring of the couch, that’s what I’m feeling.’ She slouch on the chair, enjoying the few minutes of resting before going back to work.

Alex almost jumped out of his seat. ‘You haven’t found a place yet?’


‘Why you didn’t tell me?’ He spoke with his mouth full spitting some crumble cookie as she cleaned it out from his costume with her hand.

‘Cause I—’

‘There’s an empty room at my place, Marco uses it when he’s too fucked up to go to the his but, fuck Marco, come live with me.’ Alex quickly offer thriving on how her cute face light up at the offer.

‘Are you serious?’ She asked, hopeful at the thought of a real bed.

‘Yes!, we’ll be best roommates and braid each other’s hair, you know the usual’ Alex laughed fucking around as she swat on his shoulder. “Jokes aside, yes Ivy. There’s plenty of room and we get along, you’re nice to look at and you’ll woke me up in the morning.’ He shrugged trying to look uninterested but failing at the smile tugging his lips.

‘For real?’ She asked again and he nod enthusiastically.


‘Alright, I’ll pick up my shit and then head off to your place.’ Ivy happily planned and grab Alex by his arm to hug him, almost smothering making him laugh nervously.

Alex laughed forgetting the cookies as he pulled her for a real hug, that linger for a little bit because he didn’t want to let her go. Because, he had been crushing on her for the past few months.

Alex helped up with her suitcase up to her new bedroom just a step away from his.

‘—And this is your bed.’ He said pointing at the bed and Ivy was looking at him, since they entered the apartment he had been pointing up everything trying to be funny.

‘Don’t you say, Alex. This is the bed? Oh boy, I thought this was the bed.’ Ivy was pointing at the little nightstand as he was laughing at her sarcasm.

She throw her things on the bed and guided Alex put with her hands his shoulders as he kept laughing.

‘Let’s go out?, I need a beer or something.’ Ivy proposed and Alex quickly agreed.

‘Yeah, sure. Wanna hang out with the crew?, I can call Jordan and Sophie. We could do something,’ Alex shrugged as they make their way to the kitchen.

‘Yeah, that sounds cool.’ Ivy pulled the hair band from her ponytail and the perfume of her shampoo hit Alex, making him bit his bottom lip, this was one of his weaknesses. ‘But first, I need to take a shower then will go.’

‘Take your time.’ Alex said as he chugged down a glass of water, looking her go and she turned around on the door.

‘Hey Alex,’ She called and he looked up. ‘Thank you, for letting me stay here. For everything.’

He gave her a toothy smile and nodded taking a deep breath, controlling his eagerness to tell her more.

‘You’re my friend, Ivy. Really, it’s nothing. I’m probably more excited to have you here than you living with me.’ He confessed and quickly hide it a with laugher, thinking that he had maybe said a little too much. She just laugh and went about to do her things.

Alex sighed as he rubbed his face, taking out his cellphone he needed to talk someone about it, thinking that the one that probably understood was Jordan.

Like he was reading his mind, his phone ring to life and it was, indeed, Jordan.

‘Hey, man. What’s up?’ Alex greeted him, eyes closed as he lean on the counter.

‘Is it true?, Ivy’s living with you?’

Alex sign again ‘Yeah, she’s taking a shower now asked me if you guys wanted to hang out.’

‘Man, weren’t you crushing on her pretty hard last time I saw you, witch it’s today by the way.”

‘Yeah, she didn’t have a place—

“I know, it’s cool that you helped her. Alex, look man, this could be messy.”

‘I won’t try nothing, man. She just got out of a relationship that was messy as hell. I know that, I’ll just… I’ll be here for her.’ Alex almost whispered as he turn his back to the kitchen door, hoping that Ivy couldn’t hear. ‘I’ll just work through it.’

‘Alright, mate. Hey, we’re heading out to that bar a couple of block from your place, meet us there with your girl, eh? Will grab a couple of Guinness play some pool. What you say?’Ivy wasn’t a fancy dresser, she liked simply looking things. That didn’t mean that she didn’t enjoy a dress and heels from time to time, but today wasn’t the day. Sneakers, black skinny jeans a white basic shirt half tucked into her jeans.

‘That shower, the history dudes knows how to pick their apartments.’ She said walking into the living room where Alex was on the couch waiting for her, cellphone on hand checking Instagram.

‘Smile, roommate.’ He smiled looking at her through the screen of his cell phone. ‘Say hi’

Ivy grimaced looking at the cellphone and wave her hand, making Alex laugh as he posted the little insta history.

Her own phone sounded with the notification as Alex pocketed his and stand up, giving her a once over.

‘I ain’t changing.’ She pointed a finger at him and Alex gasped.

‘I was going to tell you that there’s nothing that could opaque your natural beauty.’ He put his hands up making her smile.

‘Of course not, man. What you talking about?, all of this,’ She pointed at her body. ‘Genetics.’ Ivy snort and pushed him jokingly sitting besides him on the couch. ‘So, what Jordan said?’

When Jordan and Sophie arrived, founding them nested together on a both laughing at something on Ivy’s phone, looking extremely cozy with each other. He also noticed the four empty glasses of beer and the redden cheeks of Alex and the glassy eyes on her.

“You guys are seriously drunk?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at them but a firm smile on his lip, he heard Sophie laugh behind him.

‘No, I mean—

‘A little?’ Alex looked at her and she nodded, aprobbing. ‘Yeah, a little. Yes.’

‘We good.’ Ivy said standing up to hug Jordan hello and as well to Sophie.

‘Come on, let’s get the girls some drinks.’ Jordan said pulling Alex from the booth and put an arm around his shoulders, leaving the girls speaking to each other.

‘So,’ Jordan pushed him with his shoulder and Alex laughed shaking his head. ‘What’s going on you two cozy over there.’

‘I don’t know men, we just get along and she’s so…’ Alex groaned as he put both hands on his face and laughed. ‘It’s alright, I’m an idiot. Let’s have couple of drinks, yes?’

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Hi, just outta curiosity what do you consider toxic or lacking in logic that you see on Tumblr?

The extremes in which people take their social justice, for sure. For example, did you see that post about Locks of Love I reblogged last night? That post was 100% lacking in logic, with no sources, all for the sake of persecuting a company that they thought was bad. Why did they feel a need to make that post? Because they need someone to hate. Tumblr is an environment where if you aren’t actively fighting against something, you’re evil, which pushes people to persecute anything that even has a slight flaw, and blow everything out of proportion. Make a slightly ignorant comment, perhaps out of ACTUAL ignorance? Your blog is gone. And not from tumblr deleting it, from the thousands of people who will send disgusting asks until they’re run off the site, even if the comment was misunderstood, taken out of context, or as ive even seen, faked, by people who hate that blogger. There is no reasoning with the mass. Tumblr has devolved into what is actually an incredibly unhealthy mentality that people are “all good” or “all bad” but never in between, never a mix, and no one is ever safe, because tumblr will never find someone who is “all good” and if you enjoy someone who they have deemed “all bad” (which is everyone, eventually) like a musician or actor, you are also now “all bad.”

There’s also the fact that everyone has a different experience on tumblr, but everyone talks like their personal experience should account for the experience of everyone. For example, people with a certain disability telling people to STOP DOING A THING while other people with the same disability then have to fight to correct the damage done because, no, you don’t have to stop doing the thing, actually. Take scopophobia, for example. A while ago someone made a post saying that ANY imagine where someone is looking at you, even an animal, or an anime character, should be tagged scopophobia. Suddenly, every image where you could even see someone’s eyes was tagged, and people who had actual scopophobia had to spend months trying to be like “no, please stop doing this, we literally can’t even see anything on our dash anymore because now our tumblr savior is picking up things that AREN’T EVEN SCOPOPHOBIA RELATED” while others still insisted that was the way to be. Because everyone is different, and generally segmented into groups of differing opinions, there is literally no way to assure that you present yourself as “all good” to tumblr, because what may be “all good” to one group, is “all bad” to the next. It’s an unwinnable situation.

Not only that, but tumblr actively encourages self-care, which is great, but many posts take it too far. “If you don’t feel up to going to school today, don’t! You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone” was a REAL SENTENCE, IN A REAL POST, THAT I HAVE SEEN. Also “everything should be free, nothing should cost money!” these posts are made by pre-teens who lack a fundamental understanding about how society and human structure works, even back in the days before money, bartering existed. These posts are incredibly detrimental to pre-teens on this website who are going to get into the real world and get their asses kicked because they think everyone should cater to them, and are also complete bullshit and incredibly insulting to everyone who has come before them and lived with mental illness, like me, and my mother, and my grandmother, who recognized that while self-care is important, just because life is hard for you doesn’t mean you get to sit on your ass and do nothing, you have to keep going and work just like everyone else (I am not grouping developmental or physical disability into this however).

So yeah, toxic as hell and detrimental to kids who think this is how the world works.


A bit late, but here’s Ectober’s Prompt for October 29th: Spiders. I did the best I could to stay on topic (ie poorly). Warnings for copious nerdy-references.

“I always forget that you guys that do that,” Sam said, unable to look away.

Danielle, walking along the ceiling of Sam’s basement in her homemade Halloween Costume, continued to sing off-key. “Spider-Dan, Spider-Dan, does whatever a Spider-Dan does.”

Danny shrugged. “Yeah, we don’t really need to use it really often, what with the flying and all.”

“Can she swing, from a web? Even better: she can fly.”

“This is painful to listen to,” Danny informed her.

“More painful than the Amazing Spider Man 2?” Danielle asked.

“I thought we swore a clone-cousin blood pact to never speak of that again.”

“Y’know,” Sam said. “As hilarious as the thought of one of my nosy parents seeing you and having a heart attack, you should probably come down eventually.”

She flapped a dismissive hand. “Psht, relax, Sam. I know how to-”

Everyone turned to the the footsteps pounding down the stairs by twos. Sam exhaled with relief as Tucker hopped down the last two steps, grinning proudly in his crisp Starfleet Uniform. “’Sup, local lifeforms.”

“Oh my God,” Sam gaped. “Just when I thought he couldn’t be any more of a nerd, he’s is boldly nerding where no one has nerded before.”

“That joke really doesn’t help your case, Sam,” Danny said. 

Tucker put his hands on his hips in mock affront. “Hey yeah, glass houses, Sam!” He looked admiringly around the Manson’s fully decked out basement. “Even ridiculously expensive imported glass houses.”

“Point taken.” 

Tucker kept glancing around the basement. “Hey Danny, wasn’t Elle supposed to be-”

“HI TUCKER,” she reappeared on the ceiling, two inches from his face.

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highlights of the 18hr livestream’s Mario Kart sessions (feat. Supportive Brendan™ and Clueless Ashley™) pt. 3

• *lauren casually just feeds brian chips from offscreen*

• Brendan: “uh, Ashley, Kayla’s rooting for you because of strong women” Lauren: “no one rooted for me because of strong women!!” Brendan: “they all were upset because you left!” Lauren: “alright. okay yeah”

•Gabe: “these are the controls that have existed in every version of mario” Ashley: “I’ve never been good at it. also i haven’t played in like 15 years” Gabe: “it’s like riding a bike” Ashley: “i haven’t ridden a bike since i was 11”

• Brian: “hey can we please race in complete silence thank you so much”

• Lauren: “Gabe… who are you?” Gabe: “bottom right” Lauren: “well he’s a real grandstander, you might wanna keep him in check. look at him LOOK AT HIM i hate this guy”

• Brian: “guys sometimes you just go from 2nd to 5th in the blink of an eye. ain’t that just the way”

• Ashley: “am i supposed to be underwater???”

• Brendan *reading the chat*: “they’d like Lauren to continue cursing and they’re cheering for Ashley” Lauren: “i can only curse when I’m competing” Brian: “otherwise she’s like a Puritan” Lauren: “i’m a pure princess”

• Ashley: “Brendan, you and I are the same” Brendan: “at being terrible? fantastic. the score to beat, Ashley, is seven points total in four games”

• Joey: “FUCK. my. little. mouth.” Lauren: “Joey!” Joey: “sorry…” Clayton: “hey it’s not that little”

• *Clayton’s eating chicken and holding a bag of chips* Lauren: “it looks like you just pulled a chicken wing out of that bag”

• Ashley: “How many times do we have to go around in a circle?” Gabe: “three times it’s three laps” Ashley: “my hand is already hurtingggg”

• Lauren: “ooh the ghost!” Brian: “it’s a SQUID” Lauren: “no it’s NOT it’s a little ghost that goes around” Brian: “it is objectively… it is objectively a squid”

• Ashley: “i have carpal tunnel now”

•Ashley: “oww somebody hurt me and I don’t know why you would do that” Gabe: “Joey was that you you son of a bitch?” Joey *smugly*: “yes.”

• Lauren: “wait is that why i was moving so slow??” Joey: “yes well it stops you from moving very fast” Lauren: “what? i thought it was helping me… all this time it was cursing me?!?”

• Brian: “ok everybody get out their proverbial checkbooks cause it looks like Gabe is going down my friends”

• Ashley: “what do you want from me?! im trying really hard ok…”

• Lauren: “yeah jojo get him. fuck that guy he mugs too much”

• Ashley: “I’m really struggling with steering. You know what it is? I’m from California so I never really learned how to drive in the snow very well”

• Brendan: “Ashley you’re doing better sweetie!”

• Ashley: “i mean i hit that iceberg real good. i’m titanic”

• Lauren was just mumbling incoherently into Joey’s shoulder for a while

• Brendan: “someone provide Ashley with emotional support” Gabe: “you’re not last Ashley, you’re killin it”

• Lauren: “I am TIRED can we all just go to sleep now?”

• Ashley: “I’m gonna leave as soon as I finish losing this. I should already be asleep”

• Gavyn, to Ashley: “I’m behind you right now and I’m giving you all of the girl power vibes I’ve got”

• Brendan: “Kayla, I totally agree: the scoring does work like golf so I am still the winner in this room”

• Joey: “hell yeah I’m drifting hard I’m drifting fast and I’m gonna drift into this entire corner BYEEEE”

• Gabe: “someone just hit me with a goddamn boomerang” Ashley: “I hope it was me” Gabe: “it CANT have been” Ashley: “well SHUT UP you might have lapped me”

• Ashley: “I GOT TWELVE!!”

pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 3

Parachute (Roman Reigns x Reader)

Context: Hard fought battles are sometimes done thorough the name of love. Reader has Roman, Roman has the Reader. And if life were honest, that’s not to bad.

**A/N:**Requested by @lclb13. Song used in this is “Parachute” by Cheryl Cole (totally her awesome choice, not mine. I’m just the writer). I was supposed to finish this last week but college has been overwhelming me (screams in agony). This is written as an alternate timeline of No Mercy.

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“…Don’t believe the things you tell yourself so late night and

You are your own worst enemy, you’ll never win the fight

Just hold onto me

I’ll hold onto you

It’s you and me up against the world, it’s you and me…”

          “Miss (Y/N). A princess and a quiet storm. You’re one of the top superstars in the Raw Women’s Division going up for your first championship opportunity this Sunday against Alexa Bliss in a Falls Count Anywhere match. What is your opinion of Roman Reigns outside of the ring? You seem to spend a lot of time with him.”

           I knew someone was going to manage to slip something in. Today was going too well to be true.

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I've been following you for a while (I love your blog) and gathered enough courage to share a thought with you since today I'm feeling less shy lol Ah, you know how Jimin has made obvious he doesn't like his body at 100%, but still has the nerve to tease fans, give sexy smirks or feeling genuinely confident sometimes? Honestly, I like Jimin a lot because I can relate to him in that aspect. I may be insecure about some parts of my body, weight, my face without make-up, but still feel sexy af-

[sometimes, times when I know I definitely am. I’m saying this because I think Jimin likes to be liked because, well, who doesn’t? However, I feel he gets those thrills like I do, he really enjoys the feeling of being pleasing to others’s eyes, and actually tries hard to look good because he simply adores being attractive. I’m not trying he’s a narcissist here, I’m just stating Jimin seems like the kind of person who would take care a lot of his appearance even without being an idol because he-

just likes doing it. But my point here, after writing-vomiting all that stuff, is that he acts different when Jungkook is the one who says he’s attractive. Like, I’m not going to give specific moments, but Jimin acts different. He smiles different. It’s not the same when fans scream he’s sexy, V/Hope call him handsome or Nam/Jin/Yoon say he’s good-looking. He looks at Jungkook somehow dumb and even surprised one time. Maybe a little flustered? It reminds me to that time when my crush told me I-

was attractive. It didn’t give me the thrills (my confident side disappeared, I felt shy lol), but it made feel really warm and soft. Happy, like too damn happy. It was a different feeling, one which was stronger. Fans and others have told him he’s attractive and he may be aware of being handsome, but he still has this cute reaction when Jungkook tells him handsome. He smiles like he does with others, but it’s not that knowing smirk. It’s not the smile who screams “hell yeah, thanks, I know-

I’m handsome, I work hard to keep it that way”, it’s that “Oh, you think I’m handsome??? Ah, that… that makes me happy” smile. Seriously, I don’t think they are real, but, as a Jikook shipper, I found that really cute??? Sorry if this was too weird to read. Again, I love your blog <3

thank you for liking my blog <3 and i totally get what you mean. Jimin isn’t narcissistic in any way, but he does like looking appealing, he likes to please others and himself with his looks. that’s why he tried so hard to get abs, and why he loses so much weight. it’s not just for fans, but for himself. he genuinely just wants to be seen as good looking. and not in a bad way. it’s the same reason i fill in my eyebrows and put on nice clothes even if i’m just going to the gas station. it’s because i want to look decent around others. added on top of that, i totally get what you mean with he reacts differently when jungkook compliments him. he seems to have gotten more used to it now, but still reacts differently than he does when others compliment him .

(gif cred: gayjikookadi

he just seems softer in a way when jk compliments him, like he can barely hold back his smile and such. it’s just ahh!! i find it absolutely adorable as well! And it wasn’t weird at all to read, i really enjoyed reading your thoughts :)