hell yeah i have worked hard on this

wonder if there’s anything i can give him to express how i feel haha 

Based on OVA 5 - Miraxus on the Love Love Slide in Ryuuzetsu Land. 
Something we all wanted to see. 

Dirty thoughts + Motion sickness = bad combination. 

I’d hate to be in Laxus’ position, really.. cuz what can you do when you’re aroused, nauseous, and pissed off as hell? Yeah… a recipe for disaster.

 Laxus’ tattoo is so friggin hard to draw.. I can never get it right! Therefore I’m sorry if the picture looks a little weird. I really have mixed feelings about this piece. And Laxus is holding her in the middle..his arm is just beneath her breasts. ahhh fuckk it, i did the best i could. v_v 

Thanks to Fallen Ark Angel’s fanfics, I remembered to give Laxus his (sharp) canines. xD  

Honestly this turned out to be different from what I originally planned, but oh well. Whatever works, I guess. x) 

Enjoy! Apologies for the mess, again. 


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Today I felt proud because I finally realized that I need to stop giving up on basketball. I made it into the all-star basketball team yet I have cried alot because I don't feel confident. Today I feel proud because I know if I work hard I can achieve anything


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tagged (years ago) by my lovelies 💕 @bbhsthighs @goddessofbaekhyun @hoejisoo to do a bias selfie tag moodboard thing. 

yall probably already know how am I with that bias thing I’m hoeing around with everyone I love them all so it was pretty hard to chose but I came to two of my all time faves. Appreciate my hard work and struggle k.

I haven’t been on hear for a while so probably everyone forgot me by now lol *single tear rolls down my face* don’t get weirded out its me the annyoing always yelling and cursing over the idols one :)

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Jealous BTS- when they see you talking to another guy

can you do a scenario/reaction of bts when they get jealous seeing their GF talking with another man? thx~

Jin: “AHAHAHAHAA THAT’S HILARIOUS! What are we talking about?” *loudly interrupts your conversation with the guy*

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Jimin: “Yeah babe, but if you want all of this, you’ll have to stop talking and come with me” *seductive Jimin confusing my Suga Bias heart*

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J-Hope: “Yeah and- WHO THE HELL IS THAT PEASANT Y/N IS TALKING TO” *judges hard*

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Jungkook: *on the outside* “Oh, hi, pleased to meet you I am Jungkook, Y/N’s boyfriend” 

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*on the inside* has already imagined 5 different ways he can kick the guy’s ass.

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Rap Monster: “What? Me? Jealous? No, what are you talking about? I am totally fine. I’m fine. See?” 

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Suga: *does aegyo behind the guy’s back to attract your attention. It works*

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V: “You, yes YOU! I don’t care who you think you are. You know who gets to take her home? This guy! So watch out” 

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alejandro bedoya being a dick to the WNT chapter 784

“We’re not talking about a man and a woman doing the same work at a law firm and billing the same hours and bringing in the same revenue.” 

Listen you human grease stain WE ARE talking about billing the same hours and bringing in the same revenue because they both work as hard and bring in more money than you, and the assumption alone that they don’t work as hard because of their gender is impossibly insulting. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more emasculated man in my life, to try and shut down their efforts to make equal to a shit-kicking team like yours.

All you have to do from your position is just say “hell yeah, pay our girls more,” WHY ARE YOU OBJECTING? Do you have a concern for the USSF’s bank account? Are you just sick of being told you’re a disappointment in relation to them? Can you not support a raise for a team that has made this country infinitely prouder than yours has? And where do you get your confidence? In your game you’re a bottom feeder. Bottom-table French team for years before coming home to die in the MLS. How do you have such a massive ego to feel like you can reasonably object to WORLD CHAMPIONS making the same money as your ridiculed ass? You don’t deserve that confidence. Go represent our nation well for once and come back… if you can make the 2018 WC team, which I hope to god you don’t because I was hoping I might enjoy it.


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you just have to show off your ass, huh? your parents clearly raised you right. lol

Hell yeah I work hard for it 😘😘

So after watching yesterday’s SG episode I came across something I didn’t like

-she’s not working at cat co anymore and she’s “happy” because she gets to spend more time with mon-el

-they broke up so now she has to see him regardless whether she wants to or not..

-is the deo paying her or..? Because she was working and now what?

-she’s upset with mon-el because of his family and their history.. I mean the Lena luthor technically should be an issue because of her family too..
and yeah Lena didn’t have anything to do with what her family does but what if mon-el was just raised to see that as a norm and was drunk more often than not

This is not anti karamel or anti supercorp
This is me wondering what the hell the sg writers are doing..

Is it so hard to ask for some good content?

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Are you up for complaining about school with me, because while you're revising your paper im working on a project which is due tomorrow

Hell yeah man lets complain! School is hard!! I wanna go on spring break but I have a billion things I need to do before I get to leave on Wednesday.

What’s your project on?

The other day I was rewatching Dreamscaperers, and I’d kind of forgot that the start of the episode has Dipper taking care of a bat 

(sorry, I just had to include this cause its so funny haha…)

And that I’d totally missed some character progression that had taken place since the end of season 1 to the middle of season 2 -I mean look at this you guys! I adore the continuity in this show

Here we have Dreamscaperers; Dipper’s annoyed at Stan for making him do the hard chores, and injured from trying to capture a bat…

Aaaaand then we have Northwest Mansion Mystery:

He takes on a giant vampire bat *wipes away tear* they grow up so fast! 

2017 has been a ridiculous year so far for me. One thing I refuse to give up on is myself. In years past I would have never had the guts to post this picture. Today I posted it on my Instagram for 2,000+ people to see.

I can point out every horrible aspect of my body. But what good will that do? Do I have cellulite? Yup. Are there stretch marks? You betcha. Am I pale af? Hell to the yeah. But I love it all.

I’ve worked hard to love this butt. To love these hips. To love these legs that make me 5'10.

At the end of the day only you have to live with yourself and your opinion of yourself. How will you paint your view? I choose love.

today I was stocking cans of Pringles at work and I heard someone whisper hell yeah on the other side of the shelves and for a few seconds I thought about how hard I would have to impale a chip can into me to die.

At my favorite sandwich place they know me as “the Taylor Swift girl” and when I showed them secret sessions photos one of the guys that works there was like “can you take me to a Taylor Swift concert I wanna meet her” im like “HELL YEAH BUT I GO HARD YOU HAVE TO DRESS UP INSANELY WITH ME” and he was like “yo im down” I was like nice I’ll start making our wedding invitations

Jesus Christ, okay one, that anon was an asshole. They deserved to be called out on being one, as well. I don’t feel even a little bad about making them look so rude, because yoooo that’s what they were being: rude. Please, please please post something that you’ve worked really hard on to a site only to have some jerkoff comment about how not all of us readers are into that age reversal shit it’s a legit tag you know. Two, yeah I am writing for free. I am spending hours writing fic when I should be studying for finals. I could be hanging with friends. Hell, I could be doing a lot of things, but I enjoyed writing fic. But hey, not anymore. And yeah, readers take time to give feedback (and I do appreciate feedback that isn’t rude even if it is criticism, I could direct you to another comment on that same fic that criticized my writing but did so in a nice way) but it literally takes hours for me to write one chapter of fic. And you say that if writers all behaved my way the fandom would plummet… getting this ask and seeing that people posting such rude comments on my fic is something that should be defended? It just honestly makes me want to delete my Ao3 and focus on school and family. Because this past week has really, really made writing ereri fic not fun anymore. 


While Frances waits for them to come back to the idea she suggested, one that will work, someone walking by catches her eye. With his wild curls and leather jacket, it’s hard to miss him. Her mind has been wandering to Harry more often than she’d like since she dropped him and the equipment off at the shed Sunday night.