hell yeah benedict cumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch wins TV Detective at the National Television Awards -  Now in 1080p


I mean who leaves a wedding early?

John & Sherlock | Swallowed In The Sea

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I need YOU.

Hey everyone! I unfollowed a lot of inactives users and stuff. Now I want to follow a lot of fresh blood here, héhé.

So, if you post about:


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-Harry Potter

-Game Of Thrones

-Star Wars

-Doctor Who


-One Piece

-Roleplay (hell yeah!)

-Jenna Coleman, Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy… Etc.

-Cherik, and a lot of things that I probably forgot

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ohglennrhee  asked:

That is Benedict's ode to "I wear what I want when I'm not supervised" look.

You mean the pic of him in those fisherman boots and hat? xD I love how he dresses, Kristen~! I mean, yes, he looks hella hot in suits, but Casual!Benedict is my favorite.

He gives no fucks.

Frumpy cardigan? I’m gonna wear it

Jeans with two goddamn huge holes? I’m gonna wear it

Floppy hat? I’m down with that.

Maroon pants? Yes.

Pink socks with blue dots? Hells yeah.