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I have a migraine and I actually want to fall in a ditch but oh well :/ do you think you could do a got7 Mark au please? I really love your account by the way. It really helps me calm down because your writing is so smooth.

  • athlete doctor!mark tuan 
  • specializes in athletic injuries and knows too much about,,,,too many sports,,,,,,shouldn’t he be an athlete himself why does he have a medical degree
  • mark: because i went to med school,,,,,,,,,,in cali,,,,
  • everyone: we didn’t need to know it was in c-
  • mark: in California 
  • everyone thinks he’s really handsome and super smart,,,,but he isn’t much of a talker. like when he’s with patients usually nurses do all the talking and he just explains what’s going on and what kind of treatment the person is gonna need
  • he’s polite and all that but literally every patient that’s ever tried to be like “dr. tuan, what are your hobbies?” mark answers really simply and cuts to the chase
  • and it’s like,,,,,,,,you really separate work and your personal life don’t you
  • but it’s actually kinda cute,,,,you don’t have to hear him say something to tell how family orientated and sweet he is. like his desk is covered in framed photos of his parents and siblings. him holding his nieces, him with cousins, him with his best friend fellow doctor jackson
  • and for someone so quiet and serious on the job,,,,his social life looks great LOL
  • even though every nurse who’s ever asked him out has been (gently) rejected
  • you come in because you’ve been having really bad leg cramps ever since you got injured at your soccer game and instead of asking dr. tuan about his hobbies or telling him you need more pain meds
  • you’re like “doctor, let’s be real - do i have to get my leg cut off?” and you’re looking at him dead serious and mark,,,,,,,,he bursts into laughter
  • and he never does that except when dr. wang visits
  • and he’s just like “no one has ever started a conversation with me like that before!” and you’re like fffff please don’t laugh!!!! im seriously worried
  • and he regains his composure and he’s like “no, your leg will stay. it’s probably another pulled muscle.”
  • and he examines your leg and writes a prescription but he asks you why you’re smiling so wide and you’re like “because!!!! i get to keep my leg that i love so much” and mark, again, can’t hold back his chuckling
  • and he’s like “you’re,,,,,incredible you know that?” and you’re like hmmm why
  • and mark is like no one has made me laugh that hard since forever,,,,,plus they’re cute,,,,,,and he looks at your chart and says your name and he’s like
  • “call me at this number if the pain doesn’t go away, send me updates on how you’re feeling ok!”
  • and you nod and thank him and as you’re leaving you’re like talking to the secretary and you’re like “he gave me this number to call if anything happens” and when she sees it her eyes go wide and she’s like ,,,,,,that’s not our direct line,,,,,,,you got dr. tuan’s own!!!!! cell number
  • and you’re like H U H,,,,really,,,,,,,,
  • and she’s like omg omg omg he neVER DOES THAT
  • and you look over at the office where mark is going over another patient’s chart,,,,,and you remember how strong his features are, how he looks more like a model than an average doctor
  • and you can’t help but feel really lucky,,,,like you have his number,,,,,the hot doctors number,,,,,,
  • and hell yeah a week later you find yourself on a dinner date with said doctor because mark finds you charming and adorable and you make him laugh so hard he almost spits his wine out at the table LOL 

I may have said this before but honestly any version of a kiss or hookup between bellarke​ is going to be fun for me

Angsty passion? Excellent. Happy celebration love? What a delight. Bitter angry sad? Hard to picture but I could swing that way. Soft romantic intensity? EPIC. Fast hot and dirty cuz omg we almost died??! Hells yeah. Friends holding each other in melancholy grief? Sure thing hurt/comfort is real. True love’s kiss when the doors close and the clock strikes midnight? Sign me up.

Honestly these two are so ready to tip into the Feelings Pool that any way we get there will be a good ride. And best part: the ride is only beginning.


“That’s ridiculous. The only point in having enemies is so you can defeat them, kill them, brush them aside.
…Or give them a chance to redeem themselves.” 

― Derek Landy

Seventeen are in LA for two weeks. They will have ~42 meals. I’m excited that Josh can experience all the things that he’s missed while being in Korea. Let them visit all the mundane traditional American restaurants like Ihop and Inn n out. Take a trip to walmart just to make hot dogs in their hotel. Probably eat some damn good mexican food. I hope Josh takes them to all the big, common, chain places and also to the little “hidden treasures” he found over the years. I hope that he takes him to all his favorite places that he had to leave behind when he moved. I hope that, just for a while, they don’t feel like celebrities. And that Josh just feels like he’s back home. But this time he gets to share his old life with his brothers and bongbong. 

Winchesterprincessbride Reads-A/B/O Edition

Everyone who knows me knows I am complete, utter A/B/O trash.  Especially Alpha! Sam.  He just does it for me in a big, BIG way. I know I often see people looking for A/B/O fic recs, so I’m gonna make some recommendations since I have read so many of them.

1.  Nice To Meet You- By @ilostmyshoe-79  -  Alpha!Sam yummyness! I have read this one so many times I can probably recite it by memory.  One of my all-time favorites. Kimmy is the bomb!

2. Claimed- By @ilostmyshoe-79 Another Kimmy masterpiece.  This one is Alpha!Dean, and another one of my all-time favorites. So I like Kimmy, so?

3. Moonlight By @cleverdame A/B/O and Daddy!Sam feels in the same story. Hells Yeah!!! This story has a sequel.  Blisteringly hot sexy times in this one! George is a Sam!girl after my own heart!

4. I Lost My Sock By @huntingandwritingthings  Who knew laundry could be so hot? It all starts when Sam’s sock end’s up in the reader’s basket.  I will never look at laundry as boring again!

5. Political Animals By yours truly, @winchesterprincessbride  It’s my list so I can put one of my own stories if I want! Alpha Sam!/Omega Reader (duh!) where they hook up in a bar and reader bails, only to cross paths later at a debate where their parents are opponents.

6. Together- By @kittenofdoomage  This is Alpha!Dean and it is angsty as all get out. But it’s Kitten, so you know it’s DAMN good! Some trigger warnings so check before you read.  

7. Starting Over By my favorite redhead, @oriona75 This is an A/B/O AU featuring Alpha! Tahmoh and Omega Reader and it’s really good! This was one of the first A/B/O’s I read and I remember thinking to myself, What the hell is a knot??? Oh how far I have come LOL!

8. Alpha looks like an Omega By one of my buddies in the A/B/O trash can, @dr-dean  This one is 12 chapters in on AO3, and it has a unique twist.  The reader is the Alpha, and DEAN is the Omega.  SO GOOD, and the spin makes it different.

9. The Arrangement By @helvonasche If you know Hel, you know she writes some damn fine smut! Sam and (OC Charlotte AKA Chuck) make an arrangement to get them through her heats and his ruts.  Dean and Donna are a couple in this also, which is a plus!

10. Of Hyacinths and Cookies By @madamelibrarian - Alpha!Sam/Omega!Jess .Even though I knew what was going to happen, I wanted the ending to be different somehow.  Knowing didn’t make it any easier.  So touching and sweet and sad.

11. Brown-eyed Girl By my pal @jotink78 AKA Sleepy Jean.  This little gem is her first attempt at A/B/O.  SJ doesn’t do smut, and you don’t even notice. It’s Alpha!Sam. (Are you guys sensing a pattern here ?? :) What happens when Sam saves an Omega from an assault and realizes he wants her for himself?

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@kittenofdoomage @huntingandwritingthings @cleverdame @ilostmyshoe-79

Obsessed| Part TWO

Negan x Reader x Daryl

Part 1

Words: 595

Summary:  The reader is the 20 years old daughter of Rick, in a relationship with Daryl for some months now. When Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, Daryl attacked him because Negan was interested in you.

A/N: Coming Chapters contain smut, drugs and suggested rape


Daryl was gone. He was a prisoner, a prisoner of Negan and who the hell would know, if he even was alive? Since he was gone, everything changed. Negan had destroyed us in just one single night and now, one week after this cruel night, it was like Alexandria was stuck in a never ending funeral. Maggie and Sasha went to Hilltop and I was worried with so many sorrows, that I might went crazy. She could still die, if whatever she had was dangerous and after the lost of Glenn Maggie was traumatized, like all of us. 

I will never forget what I saw and my dreams were full with this pictures and Negan. Every single night I cried and screamed. That was why Carl slept in my bed now. He was there for me and I hated it. I was his older sister, I should be there for him, but no, I was a failure. 

“Y/N, Carl told me you cried again.” I sighed when my father came to me, after I had given Judith something to eat.

“It’s ok,” I answered with a smile, even when it was a lie. My dad had enough problems.

“No it’s not. I know you are missing Daryl but he is a fighter, I know he will make it out alive.”
“And what are we doing? Even if he can escape, the Saviors are there and we have to work for them, or they will kill us,” I said hysterically and cradled Judith more to my body.

“We have to accept this.”
“I just don’t know how,” I whispered and gave him Judith, so I could went outside and thought about how everything changed and what could happen next. Negan will be back in some days and just to think about this man brought a strange feeling up in me. I was scared of him and I hated him for what he had done, but when I thought about the glance, he had given to me, I’ve got goose bumps. I understood completely why Daryl punched him, after all I’ve told him he was over protective about me and Negan had looked at me like he wanted to rip off my clothes. A fact which would filled me with disgust by any other person, but when he did this it was different and this fact made me sick.



“Any special plans with the guy?,” Simon asked, when some of my men brought Daryl away.

“When he is a part of us, Rick the prick will see that everything he owns is mine, even his strongest man,” I laughed and still had other plans, too.

“What about the girl?”

“The girl?, “ I asked amused, exactly knowing which girl he meant.

“The girl, the girlfriend of the guy. You seemed like you would like her.”

“Hell yeah she is hot but just a girl,” I laughed. But now, when I had her boyfriend, she was kind of single and in this new world there was enough place for her being one of my wives. I smiled when I thought about her at my side but now there wasn’t the right time for drama because of a girl and the fact she reminded me of something.

“If this guy tries to revolt, at least we know how to make him bend to our will, “ Simon said delighted and I had the strong feeling this girl could be more important than I could ever imagine.


I hope you guys liked it even if it was short. Just realized I closed my ask box. Now it is open again xD

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