hell yea

Gaston’s bold personality made the role hard to cast, though. “Finding the right people was more challenging than they thought it would be,” producer David Hoberman reveals. “We must have read and sang a hundred people for Gaston.” Well, you only want the best for the best, right? - The Ultimate Guide to Beauty and the Beast

“im exhausted! im just resting!” “its practical okay i only do this because hinatas small and fluff-!!” “no i sAID SCRUFFY– and it dOES make sense okay!!” “NO IM NOT ENJOYING THIS AT ALL SHUT UP TSUKISHIMA”


………………………..whatever u say, king

Trying to find an excuse to post so i can mourn over the fact that I have to come up with and recite pick-up lines for my very first test of the year. Like wtf, pick-up lines??? I’m gonna d i e

Ok anyways, these are some really REALLY rough and incomplete sketches aka first drafts of the 4 MCs’ outfits. MC original has no specific power (that’s where you and your creativity come in) but the other three (plus unicorn) have been assigned their third and final ability! The unicorn has time-warping, space-bending, OP, and utterly magical powers bc reasons. Also, glittery rainbow hair

All MCs have base powers of Retrocognition (ability to see past events) and Memory Manipulation (that’s basically your VNs and reset button). More information is at the Power Listing wiki if you’re interested!!