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at my store, managers shouldn't have to go on till unless absolutely necessary and because different managers have different definitions of "absolutely necessary", they act like no one is doing anything when there's a long line and everyone is too busy to ring anyone up. Just because you're a manager doesn't mean you get to boss people around. It's a shame that they're drunk with power and think they're too good to earn their team's respect

There really ought to be a probationary period for being a manager to make sure they’re not a power tripping shit demon from the sixth dimension of customer service hell(worse than regular hell, trust me). Not to say there aren’t good managers out there, but Jesus why do so many suck? None of them should suck. Again, we need to clone that one manager I was talking about yesterday. I demand clones of perfect managers. -Abby

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Hi, can you please make a star for thatonegirrl16? She's going through a hell of a lot, check her post about it 💗

Of course I can. @thatonegirrl16, this star is for you <3 (sorry it’s a little late)

Seeing a family member go through health issues is one of the most stressful things you can go through :< Whatever happens, know that we are all here for you and you don’t have to go through anything alone <3

As for your job, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Sometimes that may mean not pleasing someone else, but if you feel like you need to do this (which you’ve said you do), then I say go for it. Everything will work out okay.

Again, I’m sorry for this being late D:

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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Dear Eddie, It's been too long since I've seen you, my dear. Too long. Do you perhaps know when you'll be coming home? I miss sleeping with you. In both senses. When you ARE on your way home, I suggest you pick up a bottle or two of whiskey, as the one we have currently is almost gone, meaning I'll probably finish it today. So hurry your ass up and get home. Love, Rosie.


You know damn well not to fucking bother me while I’m working, darlin’. You think the bills pay themselves? The hell they do…

Thing is, I know it’s been a while since I saw ya. I gotta say, sweetheart I’m actually startin’ to miss ya, too. But, I ain’t coming home till the jobs finished, last thing I need is my boss on me.


P.S. Don’t fuckin’ rush me, and keep your hands off my whiskey, darlin’.

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I just read One Hell of a Guy. I really procrastinated it because I didn't know if I was ready to read something like it after the god awful finale. But I absolutely love it. Stefan watching over Caroline and Damon is what i wish we got in the finale. And I cried when reading chapter 5. Caroline pouring her heart out to Stefan in the crypt and she knew he was listening. I didn't realize how much I needed that. It was very emotional but I appreciate that you wrote something like it so thank you

Wow thank you so much! Really messages like this are the reason I started writing the fic in the first place because I wanted it to be therapeutic for everyone. I wanted to find a way to cope with Caroline needing to move on and kind of “fixing” the things we missed in the finale (like Stefan watching over her) so it’s helped me feel at peace too with the finale. I also cried while writing chapter 5 which is crazy for me because I never cry reading fanfics but I was just so emotional over that scene because I KNEW that scene was going to happen at some point in Carolines life and it was just so heartbreakingly beautiful. So I really appreciate you reading the story and I hope you continue keeping up with it once I get the chance to update again.

Zodiac as things they need to stop doing

Aries: stop everything and just focus on one thing

Taurus: stop…. stop stopping, start moving

Gemini: stop making a joke every other minute

Cancer: stop being so sad, not everything is your fault

Leo: stop trying to convince yourself you’re not loved

Virgo: stop worrying about how you look, you look gr8

Libra: stop flirting w everyone thanks

Scorpio: stop tryin to b scary we know ur a softie

Sagittarius: stop talking

Capricorn: stop taking everything so seriously, especially yourself


Pisces: stop thinking you relate to everything

Okay, so Yuuri’s hobby is gaming.

Has there been art done of him playing video games? Is there an artist somewhere who also finds the idea of Yuuri gaming in baggy house clothes, thick socks, in the zone and ignoring a whining Viktor in the background cute as hell?


For some reason, I imagine Yuuri to be a console gamer? I think we have only seen him with his laptop, but still, I don’t know. Somehow I imagine him playing solitary games and RPGs. He probably tried MMORPGs, I guess. While I think Yuuri would get stressed out by the demands of real-time gaming - not to mention the weird-ass angry players… yeah, I’m looking at you Russians - it’s also fun to imagine him as that Asian kid with a strong af high-level mage trouncing everyone else. But maybe his one true online friend is Phichit, lol.

Plot twist: Yuri Plisetsky is an Angry Russian Gamer™ and probably encountered Yuuri at some point online without either of them knowing.

About the hate towards fem!Watsons

I wish people would stop making us who don’t want another female Watson & male Sherlock seem sexist. We are not complaining because we don’t want more female characters, hell, most of us are females.

We are complaining, because by making Watson a woman, they’re taking out the lgbt aspect of the story (because even when it’s strictly subtext there’s always the element of it with two men living together) and because WHY IS IT ALWAYS WATSON, THE SIDEKICK WHO GETS TO BE FEMALE?

I’d be ecstatic if a version where BOTH of them were female came out because there are way too few fictional female geniuses. And way too few lesbian ships. At least they could make Sherlock the female one, but no, it always needs to be watson - and it’s not even the hot blooded yet clever army doctor we know from the books, no, the female Watson is always kind of a mother figure. She takes care of Sherlock, she helps him to calm down when needed. Her military background is left out, like in elementray.

Also, the Sherlocks with female Watsons seem to be more masculine than the ones with male Watsons. In the acd canon sherlock is a very bubbly & feminine character, and for example Brett’s & Cumberbatch’s Sherlock are like this. I’ve only seen one episode of elementary, but apparently he’s a womanazer when the original Sherlock is not at all intereste in women.

So to conclude, we don’t hate the idea of female Watson - if we also got female Sherlock we’d be joyous. But the way Elementary & sherlock north are doing it is just forcing gender roles and ignoring lgbt rep. Thank you.

note: i didn’t mean to to badmouth elementary I’m sure it’s a good show and all, i was just using it as an example for my points of this phenomenon in general. I don’t hate elementary. I might even watch it one day. I made this post because there are already TWO popular versions with female Watson and none with both of them as females (and please dont link your indie fem sherlock versions to me as proof im sure they’re great but they aren’t POPULAR). Also i never said bbc Sherlock is good with representation?? I was just as furious as the next person when it turned out that it was queerbating but that doesn’t erase the fact that their characters are very well adapted from the acd canon. And when i talked about subtext as lgbt representation I meant the versions from the time when having lgbt characters was actually illegal, obvoiusly nowdays it isn’t good enough. And please notice how I said that i want lesbian johnlock before calling me sexist. Also “fuck you” isn’t a very convincing argument. Thank you.
BTS reaction to you killing your cactus by watering it too much


Hysterical laughther. 

“A- *laughter* A Cactus? How the hell  did you manage *laughter* to KILL a c- *laugther* a CACTUS?”


He’d be a bit too serious about the situation, trying to comfort you about your loss.

“It’s okay… It happens to the best of us, Jayiga,” he’d say, patting you back. “Next time we could get you… a… rock..?”

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The mochi would want to make you feel better. He’d attempt to distract you.

“Who needs a cactus when you have a boyfriend as cute as me?”

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He would drag you to the nearest florist to get you a new one.

“Let’s take care of it together! We’ll be its parents, and it will grow happy, and have a long, fulfilled life! What shall we name it?”


He would stare at you intently.

“I feel like this is a great metaphor about human nature…”

Bonus - God of Destruction

“I think we’re soulmates.” 

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Sarcasm mode: ON

“Y/N… Let’s not have children.”

Afterwards he’d feel bad about his comment and buy you dinner or something


He’d let out short chuckle, but would attempt to stay serious and comfort you.

“It’s alright, Jagiya! You take care of me pretty well, and that’s what counts, right?”

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Is this inspired by a real life experience? 

Yes. Her name was Hermione and I loved her T.T

PS: Requests are still open!

  • What he says: I'm fine
  • What he means: love triangles completely swamp the film industry and are an extremely overused trope meanwhile actual non monogamous relationships are hardly ever shown because they make monogamous people uncomfortable™ because they think polyamory and polygamy are the same thing but in the popular 80s film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, we see three teenagers who never get envious or possessive (except over a car) and take care of one another without making Cameron feel like the third wheel when they could of easily made jokes about that and we need more poly or hell even just healthy friendship triads that work desperately because they exist in real life.
  • as much as i love shiro, matt teasing him is one of my favourite things because it results in something like this….

shiro: hey matt, we’re together for this assignm-

matt: *frantically shushes him* takashi!! keep your voice down, there are children here oh my god

shiro: *whispering* “what?? but i was just saying-


everyone else in their class: “shiro what the hell this is a learning establishment, we cannot have you making noise and distracting us from our work!!?!”

shiro: i hate you all

everyone: “SHHHHH”

  • or something like THIS….

shiro: matt, when do you wanna work on the-

matt: what?

shiro: i said, when do you want to-

matt: *cups hand over ear* what??


matt: WHAT?!? i can’t understand what you’re saying, speak up


matt: …..

everyone: …..

matt: geez, i heard you, there’s no need to shout

shiro: LOOK HERE you piece of shit-

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Do you think the paladins celebrated holidays on the ship?

Yes!!! I do!!!

  • I think that one of them probably brought up holidays or birthdays at one point and everyone’s just like :/ because who the hell knows how much time has passed.
  • So Coran (who can probably sympathize, what with having lost his entire culture and all) works with Pidge and Hunk to figure out what time it is back on Earth. And a year has passed so they’re just like, well I guess we should throw everyone a collective birthday party.
  • So they do and everyone gets in on it, buying each other gifts and stuff at your local Space Mall™ and Allura sets aside a day for everyone to take a break because, hell if they don’t need one.
    • Coran and Hunk bake the ultimate birthday ‘cake’ which isn’t as much a cake as it is a bunch of alien ingredients cooked to resemble a cake. Hunk still manages to make it taste good because he’s the galaxy’s #1 chef.
    • They spend the whole day talking about their birthdays back on earth and stuff.
      • “I can’t believe Shiro’s six.”
      • They offer to throw Keith like 10 more parties once he reveals that he didn’t really have any until he met Shiro and became his honorary brother.
      • Lance almost cries when he’s talking about his family and everyone gathers him into a collective group hug.
    • Allura and Coran are #confused.
      • “Why would humans celebrate their birthday every year? That seems like an awful lot of trouble to celebrate a person’s life that often.” “…” “How long you you think people live?” “Hold on, how long do Alteans live?!”
  • After that, they keep track of Earth’s calendar and proceed to celebrate big holidays.
  • On Halloween…
    • Lance is just, “Exactly how mad at me do you think Allura would be if I went and knocked on everyone’s door on this next planet and asked for food.”
      • Needless to say, the others keep an eye on him the whole day.
    • They do end up finding a bunch of the alien equivalent of sweets but Shiro steals half of them because Halloween is his thing and he has a serious sweet tooth.
      • The others devise a plan to take them back but Pidge gets away with the loot and hides it and the candy is never to be found again. (It’s in the vents).
  • Christmas…
    • Of course they buy each other gifts cause why not. It’s adorable.
      • Both Keith and Lance buy each other two gifts. One is really thoughtful and sweet and the other is a cheap gift that they give while everyone’s exchanging gives. They give the meaningful ones to each other secretly because they don’t want the others to tease them.
    • Mistletoe.
      • Allura has no idea what it is and Shiro is flustered.
      • Everyone conspires to get Keith and Lance under the mistletoe but it doesn’t work and everyone’s disappointed until Keith lets it slip that Lance already pulled that trick on him when they were walking to breakfast.
  • New Years…
    • They all sit down together in the control room and Pidge and Hunk hook up a timer and they all watch it count down. When it hits zero there’s this moment of silence because as much as they’re glad that Earth has survived another year, they want more than anything to be there.
  • And because I can’t let anything end on a sad note, Allura and Coran show the Paladins a bunch of holidays that Altea celebrated. It’s such a bittersweet thing but it’s so amazing to see these memories coming to life before them. Even if the lovely elegance and extravagance of an Altean celebration dissolves into lighthearted fun and laughter, it reminds them that they have a new family. And as strange as it might be, it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

i love watching the show my cat from hell because 9/10 times it usually features a heterosexual couple fighting over their hellion cat with one partner (usually the guy) saying “i cant stand this cat it needs to leave” while the girl is just like “no we can figure something out” and when jackson galaxy asks them if they would call it quits over the cat the guy is just like “ofc not she would always choose me over the cat” but if you zoom in on the girls face when he says that you know,,,,,you know,,,,,who will be leaving,,,,,,,,that house first

i love katy perry’s chained to the rhythm so much. not only is it catchy as hell, it’s telling people with privilege to wake up and notice the horrors occurring outside their bubbles. honestly, that’s the first step we need to achieve some sort of progress. one lyric refers to being trapped in a white picket fence, which is symbolism for white privilege. and by including herself in this group, she is doing something quite rare for white people… acknowledging her own privilege. 

she says the truth is being distorted. and the lyric video makes a statement against people being fed lies by those in power. the subtext is powerful. her message is to stay aware, question everything, and not sit by complacently while our society is in trouble.

and if that weren’t enough skip marley comes in with his verse straight-up calling for revolution. “it is my desire/ break down the walls to connect, inspire/ up in your high place, liars/ time is ticking for the empire.” he calls out their greed and feeble truth, and says we’re about to riot.

in her grammys performance, she wore white pantsuit (an homage to hillary clinton), a planned parenthood pin, a “persist” armband (an ode to elizabeth warren being silenced on the senate floor), and ended her performance with a projection of the constitution on picket signs as she shouted “no hate!” she’s using her art to convey pivotal messages in such turbulent times, and i cannot wait to see more artists follow suit.

Alright I gotta level with you guys. Tyler gets appreciation for being “handsome strong boy” but can we really talk about him for a second? He’s built like a fucking semi truck and he also has a bit of a belly. He’s not traditionally “cut” and “ripped” like a male model would be. He’s naturally muscular and built THICK. Bright blue eyes. Unique face. Huge bushel of curls. Gorgeous scars. HE IS BEAUTIFUL✨
On top of that, he strives to be a well spoken and well rounded individual. Creative, intelligent, compassionate, and hilarious. He loves life. I don’t know y'all… Tyler is just one hell of a man and needs to be extra appreciated. Head strong and body strong. 10/10 would recommend


“I can’t wait to see the new Cate Blanchett movie,” is not a sentence I ever recall hearing. Not in the way we might hear, “I can’t wait to see the new Sandra Bullock movie,” or, “I’m looking forward to the new Hugh Jackman movie.” Blanchett has become a given; someone we don’t talk about a lot even though we always like her work. Blanchett, a two-time Oscar winner, is not spoken of the way we usually talk about “movie stars,” yet for an actor we all appreciate a lot, we don’t appreciate her enough. And after seeing Carol, hell, she may be the only true movie star working today.
My point is: Cate Blanchett is the best actor working today and this should just be accepted as fact, to the point no one ever needs to make a case for her again
. (x)

What's wrong with being a multifandom fan?

Absolutely nothing.

I don’t understand why people feel the need to leave another fandom in order to like or listen to other groups.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a multifandom fan.

Hell, most of the time, the groups we listen to are actually really good friends with each other.

Enjoying the music that one group produces doesn’t make you any less of a fan of another group that you stan. 

It is as simple as that.

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I need hcs on Yura asking Viktor for advice on how to be extra™ with his boyfriend

Oh my god can we just appreciate for a moment how much Yuri would have to psych himself up before asking Viktor for advice on how to be extra? But when he finally did, he’d be in for a hell of a ride. 

  • There is no way that Yura is getting away without at least three full pages of notes.
  • “Here’s the biggest thing, Yurio. If you only learn one thing from me, let it be this: go big or go home.”
  • Yura realizes what he’s gotten himself into when Viktor starts grilling him about Otabek’s sleep habits and eating schedule. “What do you mean, I have to make sure that I’m sleeping with him? We already sleep together! No, we will not be eating on gold plated silverware asshole, that’s going too far.” 
  • Okay so no goldware, but Victor does talk him into using plates coated in gold leaf and actual silverware for their anniversary the secret thing that Yuri refuses to tell him about
  • It’s almost as if there’s no limit to Viktor’s lack of personal space. “Pretend I’m Otabek. What would you say to me? No, that’s too plain. I thought you wanted to make him swoon?”
  • “That’s not what I–”
  • “Yura, listen to your father. Now, let’s try this again. Pretend I’m Otabek.”
  • By the time the lesson is over three 5 hour sessions later, Yuri has a new arsenal of Extra including but not limited to: 
  • the exact amount of pressure needed to keep a rose between your teeth without crushing it or stabbing yourself with thorns 
  • an actual psychologist’s recommendation on the color of lace he should wear to get Otabek going 
  • and the angle at which to hold his head so that the sexy-look-up-at-him-through-your-lashes look has maximum effect
  • (all methods have been tried and approved by Viktor Nikiforov, guaranteed 100% effectiveness on pain of Yuri’s wrath)
  • they work, even if Otabek is laughing the entire time

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No offense but gladio reminds me of a power fantasy for white men and is a complete asshole. I had a hard time really liking him.

It’s fine if that’s your opinion, but I think overall I personally liked him. My issue with him was that it seemed like the writers were more concerned with keeping him macho and manly feeling than making sure he was a consistent character. Like, getting in your face and yelling at you to get your princely shit together, then dipping out for a little solo mission action for an entire chapter of the game? What the hell! And a lot of his lines didn’t feel like writers going, “Hey, what would Gladio, the character, say about this?” and were a lot more “What would a tough character say here?” One of his most endearing character traits is his love of cup fucking noodles, but even that was kinda just there for product placement that fell to him by process of elimination, like “We need one of the boys to promote this product…Ignis would never admit to liking prepackaged, sodium-bomb food like that…it’d be too obvious to pick Noctis or Prompto to be the one who loved it…so who does that leave? Gladio.” At the end of the game, I felt really close to Noctis and Ignis after seeing all that they had suffered and lost along the way of this quest, and Prompto was always really open and let us see his struggles and fears so it felt like we really got to know him. And then it’s just like…Gladio, that crazy son of a gun. He loved him some cup noodles and talkin all deep. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(that’s a bit hyperbolic and I did really generally find him likable enough as a character, but I’m trying to level with you here, lol)

*Life is back to normal*

Claire : “It’s been one intense year. Now that everything is back to normal, i can finally put my mind on the work i love the most and just, live normally and-”

Co-worker : “Claire, we need your assistant for a patient who has been shot. His name is Tony Stark and-”

Claire : “AAAWH FUCK OFF!!