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hi ! can you write a one-shot with Cat hearing a sexist comment about Kara by a employee during a meeting... (and of course Kara heard that but she doesn't want make a scene but Cat will because NO ONE TOUCH HER ASSISTANT)

The Meeting

The Art Department filed into the conference room for the monthly meeting.  It was Kara’s first.  Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was fighting against her instinct to fly out the window before anyone knew she’d come to work today.

The entire Art division resented her.  Between her close friendship with James, and her complicated history with Cat, everyone in the department assumed her promotion was nepotistic and unearned.

Kara heard the whispers.  How could she not?  The bullpen wasn’t far away, and neither was James’s office.  Her superhearing didn’t allow her to drown out her name, or the comments surrounding it.

“So, who did she bang first, him or her?”  

“Does it matter?  She got everything she wanted regardless.”

“Hey, who can blame either of them?  

I’d tap that ass too if it landed on the edge of my desk every day.”

“You know why Cat gave her a windowless closet for an office, right?  

Jesus, it even has a lock on the door.  

Could the boss-lady be more obvious?”   

“Haha.  Think she keeps a drawer full of sex toys in that new filing cabinet?”

“It’s always the quiet ones.”

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