hell ring


So…. I saw this. And I just couldn’t resist. Because I’m a weak, weak human being

Just imagine, when the Paladins come back to earth years later, nobody has a clue how or why a bunch of people that went missing quite some time ago  reappear in giant robot lions out of nowhere. Suddenly both, the missing students from the Galaxy Garrison and the Kerberos crew are back and there’s a giant alien space castle and an alien princess and OMG.

When the media finds out about the Paladins they’re celebrated like rockstars. And since everybody desperately wants to know what happened out there, they’re invited to talk shows and stuff.

And now imagine Keith and Shiro sitting in one of these talk shows, dropping this on their audience because they’re both into memes. A lot. They planned this for weeks.

Also, Keith with undercut is my life now.


….. also: wedding rings. Hell yeah.

Damen said, ‘Wear it for me.’

For a moment he thought Laurent wasn’t going to do it. But in public, Laurent had no recourse to refusal. 

Laurent extended his hand. And then waited, palm outstretched, his eyes lifting to meet Damen’s.

Laurent said, ‘Put it on me.’

Listen, this scene destroyed me. I had to sit down on the floor in an aisle of priceline because I was so overwhelmed. I was on fire, and I bet you Jord was also on fire, albeit for different reasons. 

Part two of the continuing saga chronicling my descent into Captive Prince hell. 


{6 Home-Cleansing Tips}

The new moon is a time of cleansing and new beginnings, so I thought I would give my home a nice, thorough freshening! Nothing but good vibes up in here.

  1. Open! Your! Windows!
  2. Tuck a bayleaf in all four corners of your home. I drew a custom home-protection sigil on each of mine.
  3. Burn some incense! I chose sandalwood for overall purification (and ‘cause it smells deeelightful.)
  4. Mix water, salt, and lavender oil in a spray bottle. Spritz it around your home for an extra boost of peace & purity!
  5. Straight-up CLEAN! I scrubbed & swept & dusted until everything felt fresh as hell.
  6. Ring bells/chimes or clap to dispel any negative energy. I sent any bad vibes running for the hills with these bad boyzzz.

Happy cleaning!

Little college gothic things I’m (not) going to miss:

  • The gaggle of sorority girls parading through the alley at 1:07am, screaming and chatting in a key worthy of signaling turkeys. They might be turkeys. You aren’t sure. 
  • That dog barking from somewhere– you’re not sure where– but you’re pretty sure that it’s from inside an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. 
  • There are 20 pages in the assigned reading; you checked. You have reached the 35th page. There are still 30 pages to go.
  • The preacher man is on the quad again, yelling words you can’t hear, but you can still understand he is telling you you’re going to hell. There is a ring of students around him. Are they amused or are they trapped? 
  • “Just wake up early and do it in the morning,” the disembodied voice whispers to you. You look at the clock. It is 3:87. It was midnight 10 minutes ago. The witching hour is real. 
  • “How are you today?” “Tired, haha.” “How are you today?” “Tired, haha.” “How are you today?” “Tired, haha.” “How are you today?” “Tired, haha.”  "How are y 
  • You haven’t had an assignment all week. Tomorrow you have work for 6 hours, two tests, and an 8 page paper due. They are all for the same class. 
  • No one answers your text messages. It is 2:06am. You go to sleep. You wake up. There are 304 messages from the group chat. 
  • That meme was on your Facebook feed three months ago. Now it has different words and a different picture, but it is the same meme. You laugh, feeling empty inside, and share it. 
  • You feed a squirrel on the quad. You don’t know where it came from. You take ten steps. There is another squirrel. You feed that squirrel. You take ten more steps. There is another squirr

You: ring ding dong is trash

Me: your insults personally offends me, they are pitiful at best. I, for one, thought you could forge something more decent, something more–refined. But with such rebuttals coming from a person whose username is longer than their brain capacity; an illiterate bum; and a bigot who has a loss of vision (probably cataracts, you poor thing), then I suppose my expectations were far too high. There, that is how an insult is supposed to sound: Ah but wait, it wouldn’t be complete without a smiley, so let me add that in :)

Hell Ring Headcanons & Facts

Some of these are facts from the wiki.  The rings that do not have info or info that is not found for all the rings have been filled in by headcanons.

Ossa Impressione

Ability:  Supposedly the user is able to use the souls trapped in the ring as scapegoats.  There also been evidence of being able to link other souls to illusions..
Legends/Curses:  The ring is said to contain many souls of those in Hell.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Skeletal is how this ring’s form is described.  Personality can change to become cruel.

Best user: Someone who is indifferent or comfortable with death is preferable.  The user must be strong mentally and physically.  Self assured.


Ability:  The ring is said to bring misfortune upon its victim
Legends/Curses:  It is said to backfire with misfortune after 666 uses apparently
War Potential Doubling Form:  Out of all rings this one’s form is said to be the most demonic.  Personality can change to become very degrading and indifferent towards others.

Best user: Someone who is not superstitious.  Preferably someone who is ok with death and/or destruction.


Ability:  Victims of this ring are left paralyzed and unable to think. The ring itself is also carnivorous with the ability to consume an elephant with ease.
Legends/Curses:  The original user is said to be a traveler.  In an attempt to continue to see the world he gouged out his eye and attached it to this ring.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Some have said that it is the traveler himself who joins in this form.   Others say it is a demon.  Either way there have not been enough substantial reports to tell.  Personality can become violent and indiscriminate.

Best user: Someone who is strong both physically and mentally.  Preferably comfortable with death and violence though not naturally violent.


Ability:  Erase and create a presence/killing intent
Legends/Curses:  This ring has a history of its users being followed by ruin.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Fairly vague form that can be described as spirit-like.  Personality can become more melancholy.

Best user:  Someone who is accepting or indifferent towards death.  Someone more optimistic and confident.  


Ability:  Victims trapped by vines and flowers that trap the person in their worst nightmare.
Legends/Curses:  Users of the ring are rumored to have nightmares frequently.  Some people have been driven mad by it.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Seems to almost join with the vines coming from the ring.  Personality can change to become sinister.

Best user: Someone who is not disturbed much by nightmares or cannot remember them.  The user of this needs to have extraordinary mental strength.


Ability:  Weaken the opponent’s spirit.  Some unsubstantiated reports have said the user is able to seemingly implant thoughts in the victim’s mind.
Legends/Curses:  Hubris seems to often become the downfall of these users.  The ring seems to give many a false sense of security.
War Potential Doubling Form:  Some have described the forms as being very insect-like.  Personality can change to become highly arrogant and condescending.

Best user:  Someone humble in order to stave off the hubris that can come from this ring.  Better match than many of the other Hell Rings for those who are not as comfortable and/or accepting of death/violence.