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So…. I saw this. And I just couldn’t resist. Because I’m a weak, weak human being

Just imagine, when the Paladins come back to earth years later, nobody has a clue how or why a bunch of people that went missing quite some time ago  reappear in giant robot lions out of nowhere. Suddenly both, the missing students from the Galaxy Garrison and the Kerberos crew are back and there’s a giant alien space castle and an alien princess and OMG.

When the media finds out about the Paladins they’re celebrated like rockstars. And since everybody desperately wants to know what happened out there, they’re invited to talk shows and stuff.

And now imagine Keith and Shiro sitting in one of these talk shows, dropping this on their audience because they’re both into memes. A lot. They planned this for weeks.

Also, Keith with undercut is my life now.


….. also: wedding rings. Hell yeah.

Things That Have Been Said in My Household but with Fairy Tail
  • <p> <b>Natsu:</b> Gray<p/><b>Gray:</b> What?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Are you gay?<p/><b>Gray:</b> No.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Are you sure?<p/><b>Gray:</b> 100%<p/><b>Natsu:</b> okay..*signals towards the others that he's not*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> You would think he would have come out the closet by now..<p/><b>Gray:</b> IM NOT GAY YOU FUCKERS.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Gray:</b> ERZA THE STUPID CAT SCRATCHED THE CURTAINS AGAIN.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> DONT YOU DARE TALK TO LILY THAT WAY. AND HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE MY PRECIOUS CAT OF SUCH CRIME. IT COULD HAVE BEEN NATSU.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *from downstairs* HEY!!<p/><b></b> __<p/><b></b> *door bell rings*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *answers it* NATSU YOURE GIRLFRIEND IS HERE.<p/><b>Lucy:</b> actually we're no--<p/><b>Erza:</b> There's my future daughter-in-law!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> shUT UP GUYS.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Erza:</b> NATSU AND GAJEEL STOP CLIMBING THE FUCKING TREE BEFORE ONE OF YOU END UP FALLING AN--<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *falls off tree*<p/><b>Erza:</b> Good Luck getting to a hospital you vermons. *walks back inside while Natsu cries and Gajeel laughs*<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *door bell*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT IT- *opens it* ERZA IT'S THAT GUY YOU LIKE.<p/><b>Jellal:</b> Uhh.<p/><b>Erza:</b> SHUT THE HELL UP GRAY.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *door rings*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT IT-*answers it*<p/><b>Juvia:</b> Hi Gray.<p/><b>Gray:</b> *flustered*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> OH LOOK IT'S GRAY'S WIFE.<p/><b>Gray:</b> shuT UP NATSU.<p/><b></b> __<p/><b></b> *natsu and lucy sitting in the treehouse*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> BE GENTLE WITH THE GIRL NATSU.<p/><b>Gray:</b> YEAH DONT BE SO RUFF WITH MY SISTER-IN-LAW.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> WE'RE NOT EVEN DATING<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Natsu, stop being a liar. And a bad one for that matter.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Levy:</b> *knocks*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT IT. *answers it* Oh hey Levy.<p/><b>Levy:</b> Hi Gray, is Gajeel home?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Yeah just a second, GAJEEL THAT GIRL YOU HAD THAT DREAM ABOUT IS HERE.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> SHUT THE HELL UP GRAY.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *leans in to kiss Lucy*<p/><b>Lucy:</b> *does same*<p/><b>Erza:</b> IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME YOU HORNYLESS TEENAGERS.<p/><b>Lucy:</b> Hi Erza..<p/><b>Natsu:</b> serIOUSLY.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *everyone arguing*<p/><b>Laxus:</b> SHUT UP ALL OF YOU. NO WONDER NONE OF YOU HAVENT GOT LAID YET.<p/><b>Gray:</b> SHUT UP LAXUS.<p/><b></b> __<p/><b><strike></b> that door thing is a tradition of some sort </strike><p/></p>

Damen said, ‘Wear it for me.’

For a moment he thought Laurent wasn’t going to do it. But in public, Laurent had no recourse to refusal. 

Laurent extended his hand. And then waited, palm outstretched, his eyes lifting to meet Damen’s.

Laurent said, ‘Put it on me.’

Listen, this scene destroyed me. I had to sit down on the floor in an aisle of priceline because I was so overwhelmed. I was on fire, and I bet you Jord was also on fire, albeit for different reasons. 

Part two of the continuing saga chronicling my descent into Captive Prince hell. 


{6 Home-Cleansing Tips}

The new moon is a time of cleansing and new beginnings, so I thought I would give my home a nice, thorough freshening! Nothing but good vibes up in here.

  1. Open! Your! Windows!
  2. Tuck a bayleaf in all four corners of your home. I drew a custom home-protection sigil on each of mine.
  3. Burn some incense! I chose sandalwood for overall purification (and ‘cause it smells deeelightful.)
  4. Mix water, salt, and lavender oil in a spray bottle. Spritz it around your home for an extra boost of peace & purity!
  5. Straight-up CLEAN! I scrubbed & swept & dusted until everything felt fresh as hell.
  6. Ring bells/chimes or clap to dispel any negative energy. I sent any bad vibes running for the hills with these bad boyzzz.

Happy cleaning!

Things Said in My Household but with Fairy Tail Pt.3
  • <p> <b>Natsu:</b> *snickering*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Wow....<p/><b>Gray:</b> What?<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Your underwear..<p/><b>Gray:</b> What about them?<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> WHAT STRAIGHT MAN WEARS RAINBOW COLORED UNDERWEAR.<p/><b>Gray:</b> THIS IS MY LAST PAIR, AND HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU. I AM NOT GAY.<p/><b>Erza:</b> Nooo you are as straight as curly french fries.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> *When Wendy Was A Baby*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I think she's pooped...<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> No shit sherlock. *covers nose*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Who's gonna change her?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I know who! Gray hold her for a sec! *gives Wendy to Gray<p/><b>Gray:</b> Alright! *holds Wendy*<p/><b></b> *Gajeel and Natsu Leave*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Wait...<p/><b>Gray:</b> ....<p/><b>Gray:</b> Fuck you guys<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Erza:</b> What are you doing under the table Wendy? And where is Gajeel, Gray, and Natsu?<p/><b>Wendy:</b> We were playing hide n seek. :D<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ...two hours ago<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Gray:</b> I feel like we're forgetting something.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Yeah me too.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> O-oh crap!! WENDY.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> We're fucked. And it's all your fault Gray!!<p/><b>Gray:</b> ME?! WHAT DID I DO?!<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Erza:</b> Guys meet Jellal, we're going on a date so dont expect us to be back anytime soon. See yaa *leaves*<p/><b>Jellal:</b> Hey--*gets pulled*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *marks another tally*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> What are you doing?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> marking another one of her unsuccessful dates<p/><b></b> ______<p/><b>Natsu:</b> .....<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *stuck in a catbox* help me..<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ...how..<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *Wendy, Natsu, and Gray Playing Minecraft*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Who the hell still plays minecraft?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I DO FUCKER.<p/><b>Gray:</b> GOT A PROBLEM?<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> YES I DO GOT A FUCKING PROBLEM. YA'LL DIDNT INVITE.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> See i told you guys.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Laxus:</b> All of you are gay.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> No laxus, Gray is.<p/><b>Gray:</b> I AM NOT, SHUT THE HELL UP NATSU.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *door rings*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> I GOT IT. *opens it to Juvia*<p/><b></b> GRAY IT'S THAT GIRL YOU SECRETLY EARN FOR AT NIGHT.<p/><b>Gray:</b> shUT UP GAJEEL.<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b></b> *door rings*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT IT. *opens it to Levy*<p/><b></b> GAJEEL, THAT GIRL YOU CALL SHORT BUT LIKE HER IS HERE.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Shut up Gray!<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *at a store*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Guys calm down. As long as we dont lose Erza we're fine.<p/><b></b> *cue the losing erza*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> FUCK.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Erza:</b> *laughs insanely in the car* free ahahahahah im free..<p/><b>Wendy:</b> im still here you know..<p/><b>Erza:</b> FUCK.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Natsu:</b> GUYS, LUCY SHE IS--<p/><b>Gray:</b> if you say pregnant ill fucking murder you.<p/><b>Erza:</b> We already have Gajeel as the cry baby.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Yeah!-- WAIT. FUCK OFF.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I was gonna say she's out of town with her family and I miss her T_T<p/><b>Gray:</b> hmm erza, maybe it's a tie between Natsu and Gajeel.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *sitting on the couch*<p/><b>Everyone:</b> COBRAAAA *going in for a hug*<p/><b>Cobra:</b> if any of you touch me ill leave.<p/><b>Everyone:</b> *steps away*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> COBRA!! *hugs him*<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *hugs back* Hey shorty.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> WHAT.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> HOW RUDE.<p/><b>Gray:</b> NO FAIIRRRR.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Natsu:</b> I have a pen.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Natsu no...<p/><b>Gray:</b> I have an apple.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> gray no...<p/><b>Both:</b> UH APPLE-PEN<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Jesus christ.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *At An Amusement Park*<p/><b>Erza:</b> Okay Wendy and Natsu are partners.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *mutters under breath* thank god. *he doesnt like rollercoasters*<p/><b></b> *later on a ride*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Natsu let's go on the one that drops!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> O-okay! *is terrified*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Hurry up Natsu! *pats a seat for him*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Im going im going! *sits down and straps self*<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *ditches Natsu last minute*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> SCREW YOU WEN--*gets lifted up*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Wendy you're pure evil.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> I know<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> i feel proud<p/><b>Wendy:</b> You should be.<p/><b></b> *insert Natsu's girly screams*<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> Here is part 3, ya'll really seemed to love them.<p/><b></b> Part 4? <p/></p>

Gentle reminder that you don’t have to have Hell Brain™ ringing on your doorbell every five seconds to be mentally ill. Sometimes we have good patches. Sometimes we become numb and void and stop feeling so bad. Your neurodivergence is not something that disappears just because you’ve grown used to it or it fades into the background. It’s still there, you’re still valid.

anonymous asked:

For the RPO AU you said Michael is already planning on proposing in a few years. Would Jeremy start to plan to too? Do they accidentally propose at the same time or does Jeremy somehow propose first? "Will you marry me?" "I mean holy shit yes but also I'VE BEEN PLANNING ON PROPOSING TO YOU FOR Y E A R S HOW DID YOU PROPOSE FIRST"

Did I say that?? Oh well it’s accurate anyway lolol but YES GOOD…

IT WOULD TOTALLY HAPPEN THAT WAY OH MY GOD? Michael would spend months preparing and talking with Christine and Rich on how he’s gonna propose and how perfect it’ll be and then Jeremy BEATS HIM TO IT and he’s like “Fuck I love you but you just ruined all of my plans oh well whatever get over here so I can kiss you senseless”

And they just get even worse around everyone, even more flirty and romantic and Rich fake gags when he finds them making out on the couch lolol

And I like the idea of Michael wearing his wedding ring everywhere, like he absolutely refuses to take it off, even when he has to wear his haptic gloves he either wears the ring over the gloves or under them, and it messes up the sensory system but he doesn’t care he adapts to the lag in-game and learns to fight with a disabled glove just because he CAN