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Tumblr: I bet the reason Caleb was so in a rush to get married is because you can’t testify against your spouse. Caleb definitely has something to hide/is AD.

Caleb, one episode later : I want to marry you so we can’t testify against each other.



female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”


A very important compilation.


Would you trade this war to make it so? It is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another.

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Prompt Sanvers: One where they are at the dinner with Jeremiah and Mon-el is spewing hate and Alex does get to go off on him before Maggie is there and calming her down, instead of Kara dragging him off.

Anon, I had the most fun writing this. Also, thank you to @chaoticsawyer @dxtsawyer and @ohmywanderingsoul for the help coming up with parts of Alex’s bit.

I hope I did this anon justice.

It was supposed to be a happy night. Jeremiah was home. The world was safe(ish). Everything was going just swell. There was even tequila.

But no.

“…and now he’s just gunna walk right back in to the DEO. With full access, I’m guessing, right? No background checks for your old soldier buddy.”

Alex had been across the dining room, making herself a drink, but at that, she ever so slowly set the glass down and turned to face Mon-el.

“What did you just say?”

Maggie glanced out of the corner of her eye at Kara, whose eyes had grown wide at the sound of the tension in Alex’s voice. Then she took a second and glanced at J’onn, who was looking at Mon-el like he knew what he was in for. And being a mind reader, he actually did.

After a few seconds of Alex and Mon-el staring each other down, Kara finally pulled it together and tried to lead Mon-el out of the room until a low growl of “No, let him stay.” from Alex stopped her in her tracks.

So when Alex took a step towards Mon-el, Jeremiah saw the look on his daughter’s face and tried to intervene.

“Honey, it’s okay. He’s right. You should be taking all of the nece-“

“No. This is between me and him.”

And at that, all of the shit hit the fan.

“Who the hell are you to be saying anything about my father? He was kidnapped. He was taken! Taken from me. Taken from Kara. I was still a kid. But I know my father. And I know that he is a better man than you will ever be. And this?” Alex gestured around. “This? This is a family. This is my family. And you don’t get to come in here, after two months, and imply that about my father. My father. You don’t get to come in here and insert yourself into our lives. You may be from another planet, and you may be learning Earth customs, but that’s no excuse to be an ass. I don’t care if you’ve been here for two years or two months or two days. I don’t care. Because you treat everyone like they’re below you. You treat the world like it owes you something. You act like a hero, when on the inside you’re a coward. I know it’s an act. I know you’re trying to get at my sister. And considering how loud and obnoxious you were about making sure we all knew it, it seems like you’ve succeeded.”

Maggie watched as Kara’s jaw almost hit the floor. “But Alex-“

Alex shook her head. “Oh no. I’m not done.”

From then on it was like a dance: Alex took a step forward and Mon-el took a step back, looking absolutely dumbfounded.  

“And while we’re on that subject, you will never be good enough for her. You will never even be good for her. You have her fooled. She thinks you’re worth it. Like there’s something inside of you worth being brought out. And that may be true, but Kara is so nice, that to make you a decent man, she will put herself down. She will let herself be less of an equal to fuel your precious ego. My sister is Supergirl. Supergirl! But you treat her like she’s a prize to be won. Like she’s lucky to have your love. When in reality, you don’t deserve her. You don’t listen to her. You don’t respect her wishes.’

Mon-el finally stopped backing up and decided to stand his ground, “This isn’t about Kara and I’s relationship. This is about Jere-“

“No. It’s about all of this. Because not everything is about you. As much as you want it to be, it’s not. This is not the Mon-el show. So start showing some respect.”

Between the looks of shock on everyone’s faces, and the quiet shuffling of feet as Kara escorted Mon-el out of the door with a mutter of “I think it’s time for you to leave.” Alex didn’t know what to do with herself but stand there awkwardly trying to catch her breath.

At some point during all of this, Maggie had snuck away into the kitchen, but she had just returned with a shot glass, filled to the brim with the tequila she had brought. She handed it to her girl, “Take a shot babe, cause we have a man down.”

  • Two-Bit: Ponyboy is the best, but he's 14. When he was born, I was just starting elementary school.
  • Two-Bit: If we had been friends back then, I would have been hanging out with a baby. I don't know anything about infant care!
  • Two-Bit: My God.
  • Two-Bit: I could have killed him.

i don’t know if everyone has read the news yet but usa network decided not to renew eyewitness. however i do still believe there is hope for someone else to pick it up. adi tv studios just tweeted about it and it seems like they haven’t lost all hope either.


I am dead and gone, this is everything, fandom shall watch it


“Let’s fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well.”
[PART 2!]

새해 복 많이 받으세요! // HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope 2017 treats you well~ 💕

OKAY OKAY OKAY so what if (as I’ve seen suggested) Hap really is supposed to be some alternate-universe version of OA’s dad, and in this version HIS DAUGHTER died in a bus crash, jump-starting his obsession with finding out what comes after death?

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I'm rly curious about the clown story...what happened after he chased you???

bro. i’m giving u the full story. it’s a typical halloween party. i’m chillin, but there’s no candy. so i’m out with like 5 or 6 friends and we’re just going around the neighborhood, blasting fetty wap, as it was autumn of 2015 and it was both appropriate and timely to do so.

we turn onto this v well decorated street and are like. yes. they have to have the full size candy bars. they gotta. (spoiler: they didn’t.) when we turn into this dead. end. street, we see some dudes next to a golf cart with all types of halloween-y stuff on it. i watch a man put a clown mask on. there is a chainsaw on the seat in front of him.

i turn around and keep walking straight with my friends. u know. sweatin. mainly bc it’s like 90-something degrees out and 100% humidity bc i live in florida (aka literal hell), but also bc i know this man is about to try some shit. i’m givin myself an internal pep talk like ya this is cool this is chill we gettin candy but then i hear a rev from a chainsaw behind me

and i’m like. shit. be chill. this guy won’t chase if i don’t run. i’m gonna stay w my friends and we’re gonna get some hershey bars! okay! it’s all good! this man revs again. and a girl in my group turns around. screams. and starts running. and idk what happened okay it was some complete fight or flight split second adrenaline bullshit and now i’m running too.

so. of course. this man is chasing us. lit. this girl turns so she gets to the sidewalk and i keep going straight. and guess who this son of a gun keeps chasing. me. again, lit. at the end of the road there’s a house and i stop because i literally cannot jump through this poor suburban family’s window (their lights were turned off too so you know they weren’t down w this halloween shit). and i’m just standing there, watching a chainsaw-wielding clown run in my direction and i’m like. shit. i’m not gonna die but u kno. i might die.

i see my friend on the sidewalk to my right about 50 yards away and think. can i do this. can i outrun a middle aged man in a full costume and mask carrying what is probably a heavy object. so i go for it, while yelling something along the lines of “i will lit-er-alleeeeeee fucking kill you,” reach him, grip the back of his shirt and use him as a shield, and (according to him) scare the knife-wielding gremlin standing next to him

anyway there was a mother with her like 6 year old son right in front of us and i feel bad for teaching him both a curse word and about homicide but u know. a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. so yeah that’s why i hate clowns thank u for listening


She is the moon because when darkness appears, she begins to rise.
When darkness appears, she continues to shine.
She is the moon, alone but strong throughout the night. (x)

tony/t-rad soulmate au (submission)

i’ve kinda accepted now that the tony/t-rad treehouse has precisely two people in it, me and you but i know we can make this the best fucking treehouse ever with some of that hashtag quality content so i’m going to go first. apologises for typos, inconsistencies and general badness, i’m too tired to read this over tbh so i’m just going with it

Hearing you talk about the soulmate au you’ve been working on has been making me think about the trope because it is one of my favs and there’s so much you can do with it so i’m going with a soulmate au first off. I know it’s standard to have one soulmate trope but imagine a world with all of the tropes combined so everyone has a soulmate, the difficult part is actually finding out what trope applies to you. Names, marks and actual writing are the most common but you get body-swapping and dream-sharing and red strings catching on lampposts in the streets and everything else you can think of. 

Don’t ask Tony to explain how but at the WJC he somehow became the official team Canada soulmate guide. Like people trust him to help them and he?? doesn’t understand why he gives off that vibe (it’s the cheekbones, good complexion and oddly nice eyes) but he still tries his best because that’s who he is.

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