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Hotch/Reid + Text Posts (pt. 1)

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I have no clue what I hoped to accomplish with this.  I may do more, idk.

some asshat: anti johnlock people are homophobic
me, a person who knows aromanticism and asexuality exist: why are you in my living room

“enough with kissing in Doctor Who”

I know I should scroll down ignoring it. But I don’t want to. And I don’t care how many times I’m going to repeat that.
I mean, let’s not mention the fact THAT YOU WERE HAPPY WITH THE KISS THING UNTIL LAST YEAR YEAH? But - seriously? You really want to miss the chance to see Peter kiss? And, above all, you wANT TO MISS THE CHANCE TO HEARD HIM TALKING ABOUT IT?

i respect whatever is your “opinion” but I just don’t understand you guys…almost 51 years of Doctor Who and what all you care about is physical appearances. And don’t hide behind the “DW is adventures not romance” line please because IT’S JUST SOMETHING YOU KEEP TELLING YOURSELF.
But maybe you are right, Doctor Who is not romance, IT’S MORE THAN THAT, and THIS EPIC SERIES, is proving it.