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Hey maddy , what do I really think about THE recent kishi interview I was disappointed about him saying that sakura was just as kiba and shikamaru , I just don't know why he have to say it after saying that sakura is the heroine and that they series needed a lead female character so that's why he draw sakura, I don't know why he had to display sakura like that with a topic about NH, like hell what does love interest has to do with the character position in the series?!! 😦


Regarding this interview, I think people are going crazy over absolutely nothing. People in this fandom tend to lose their shit over the smallest thing and to be honest, it can get a little annoying. It reminds me of when Sarada’s new design was unveiled for the Boruto manga, and people went absolutely mental, hating on Ikemoto, accusing him of oversexualising Sarada, accusing him of reducing her character to nothing but fan service, even going so far as to accuse him of paedophilia, and I was just there like -_-

What exactly did Kishi say in this interview that was so bad? He didn’t say that the only reason Sakura is the heroine was because of a love triangle, he said that he placed Sakura in the mix in order to spice things up, but this wasn’t what made her the heroine. To the Anon I actually answered, love interest doesn’t have anything to do with character position, and that’s precisely why Sakura is the heroine, despite the fact that she and Naruto are not a couple.

What Kishi said in this interview hasn’t changed anything. Sakura is still and has always been the heroine. Regarding the Shikamau and Kiba comment, why is that so terrible? That’s only how Kishi apparently felt at the very beginning, but why does that take anything away from what she became? Kishi obviously very quickly grew to see her as far more than just “another character”, because she was established as the heroine within the first 3 chapters, and that never changed. Some people are acting as though Kishi said that Sakura isn’t the heroine or something.

I just really don’t see what the big deal is.


dumping your bf over e3 memes

I’m absolutely terrified of posting this, but here is a link to the first writing I’ve publicly shared in over two years. 

a short one shot from ChurchTale- the official name of my ‘Fell bros run a motorcycle shop/Kedgeup project. 

i have fallen into rusame hell and there is no return button he l p-

Just evil guys being evil dudes. 

Also, WOY style backgrounds are DECEPTIVELY DIFFICULT to draw! I guess it gave me an even bigger appreciation than I already had for all the hard work that goes into this show by all the different types of artists, but I’m never trying that again.  ALSO, I should probably give credit where it is due: (under cut) 

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