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For Your Love || Jeff Atkins x Asexual!Reader

I’m glad you asked, because I’ve seen a few imagines with asexual readers and I noticed a repeat of something that really bothered me. Always by the end, they were magically cured by ‘the one’. Like, no. If that’s someone’s sexual orientation, or lack thereof, they’re not going to change it for one person. If people truly desire our asexual cupcakes, they’re not going to constantly be trying to convert them.

Word Count: 1,174

Warnings: Mild Bullying, Sexual Dialogues


    You had thought your relationship was going well. Marcus Cole, straight-A student and President of the Honor Board, was what most would consider a perfect gentleman. He would hold open doors for you, carry around your bags; basically, treat you like you always thought guys should treat their girlfriends. But it was on the night of the back-to-school Winter Formal that you saw him for who he truly was.

    The two of you had just taken a break from dancing to go grab some punch. Upon hearing from Montgomery that it’d been spiked, you stuck to grabbing a soda, watching Marcus pick through the large platters of snacks with a frown.

    “Hey, do you want to get out of here?” he asked, nodding towards the door. “We could go back to my place and hang.”

    “Are you not having a good time?“ you responded.

    He shot you that that sly smirk, never failing to melt your heart. "I just thought maybe we could have a little bit more if we were alone.”

    The smile that had begun to itch across your face faded quickly, replaced by a concern that furrowed your brows and forced you to cast your eyes downward. “Can’t we stay longer? I wanted to ask Tony if he could get some slow songs playing.”

    You felt Marcus’s hands slide around your hips, drawing you against his chest—what might have been comforting under normal circumstances, but now it just served to make your stomach twist with nerves. “Come on, Y/N. You know you can trust me.” He leaned down, teeth nipping at your ear. “I’ll be gentle.”

    You shoved your hands against his chest, scrambling backwards a few feet. “Wait! I really need to tell you something.”

    “What?” he asked, sounding, and looking, pretty offended.

    “I’m asexual,” you said quickly. “It’s not like I don’t like you, I really do. It’s just… I don’t enjoy sex like that.”

    He seemed taken aback for a moment, before finally clearing his throat to speak. “So you don’t think we’d be having sex any time in the nearby future?”

    “I’d rather if we didn’t,” you replied, feeling as if your chest was rattling with broken glass. “We could still have a good relationship together.”

    “Look, Y/N,” he began. “You’re a gorgeous girl. I mean, every guy in this school wants you, and plenty hate me for being the one you chose. I just don’t think you’re ever going to find someone who’ll keep you if you keep holding out like this.”

    You stared at him in shock. “Wh-what?”

    He patted your shoulder, shaking his head sadly. “This just isn’t going to work out between us. When you get over this phase, or whatever this is, call me, okay?”

    “What the hell, Marcus?” you asked, voice raising. “Did you only start dating me to get in my pants?”

    Heads had turned from the crowd, people poking other people in the sides to draw their attention over. Marcus had turned a light red, glaring down at you for calling him out in front of everyone.

    “Like you didn’t start dating me just to get brownie points towards your school record,” he snapped.

    “I started dating you because I thought you were the one person who would understand that there are more important things than sex!” you cried.

    “You’re just a prude freak,” he replied, his voice breaking with anger.

    A few of his friends, who had grouped together near the front of the crowd, snickered quietly. One punched Marcus on the shoulder, telling him to let it go. Another claiming that he had something that could open up those legs.

    You felt tears stinging at the corners of your eyes, their words squeezing around your neck like a tightly knotted rope. You tore through them, racing out of the gym and down the hall. You didn’t stop until you had pushed open the door to the girls’ bathroom and collapsed against the wall, knees drawn to your chest and wetness streaming down your cheeks.

    To think you had once told yourself you loved him.

    Barely a few minutes had dragged by when you heard the door creak open. You looked up, surprised to see the tall, broad figure of Jeff Atkins slipping inside. His hair was moused into a swoopy, black wave, white tuxedo crisp and perfectly tailored.

    “Can I come in?” he asked.

    You shrugged. “I guess. If you want to hang out with a prude freak.”

    “Fuck Marcus,” he said. “You’re not prude, and you’re definitely not a freak. Last time I checked, you were just Y/N, and that’s fine with me.”

    He moved to sit down next to you. At closer glance, you could see he had replaced his normal white studs with a pair of snowflakes. You laughed, making him turn his head to smile at you.

    “What’s up with the earrings?” you asked.

    “I’m being festive,” he replied, motioning at the matching pattern on the hem of your dress. “And twinning with you, apparently.”

    “Looks like fate wanted us to meet each other in this bathroom,” you said with a soft sigh. “You don’t have to waste your night with me, you know.”

    “Assuming that any of my time spent with you is wasted.” He placed his hand over yours, bringing it into his lap. “My night is already ten times better.”

    You brushed away a stray tear, trying to pull away. “We won’t work out. It never does.”

    “Why?” he asked, tightening his grip. “You’re an asexual. So what? That’s not something that matters to me.”

    “You say that now, but imagine if we somehow managed to make it out of high school. Years from now. I’m not opposed to the idea of sex some time in a long term relationship, but I’m not going to be able to be sexually attracted to you. Are you willing to live your life like that?” you responded.

    You could tell by the expression on his face that he was seriously considering this. You were just bracing yourself for him to stand up and walk out when he gave a nod.


    “Jeff, are you sure?” You turned to face him, sitting back on your heels. “This isn’t a joke.”

    He nodded again. “Yes. I am one hundred percent positive. I’m not sure if this is a little too early or not, but I think I’m in love with you.”

    You laughed. “What?”

    “No, I’m serious,” he replied, lunging forwards to scoop you into his arms. He pulled you in for a hug, resting his head on your shoulder in a maternal kind of way. “I was pissed when you started dating Marcus. Ask Clay. He’s the one who watched me purposely tear book pages every time I had to turn them.”

    You felt yourself relaxing against him. “Wow, okay.  That’s certainly something.”

    He gave a low chuckle. “Do you want to go back to the dance?”

    “Yeah,” you whispered.

    For once, you had a feeling your relationship actually was going to work out.

Defense Mechanism

Summary: Everyone deals with life in their own way, sometimes you’re smiling through the pain, other times you’re an ass. Park Jimin is far better at the latter.

This is for the request that my lovesly @g-d0818 sent in to me so long ago!!




Part Two

Jimin couldn’t help but stare at you as you practiced up on stage; it wasn’t because you were beautiful–you were average, flawed–and it wasn’t because you had amazing talent–he’d often told you that you were talentless–and it definitely wasn’t because he thought you were worthy of attending the same prestigious university for the arts as him. Rather, Jimin stared at you because he was an artist who strove for perfection and you had a run in your tights.

How the hell was he supposed to sketch what was happening on stage if the subject matter itself wasn’t already perfect?

He was an artist, someone who strived for perfect technical abilities–someone who never once created something that wasn’t admired by all professors and students for its formal qualities, even if few (practically everyone) thought that his subject matter was boring and lacked originality/ purpose. So, when looking at you, the OCD running through his brain could only focus on that stupid run in your tights, and now he was noticing even more things about you that he hated. It always started like this, he would be doing something and you would be loud even if you never spoke–you would walk into a room and he would feel the compelling desire to point out all your faults. You irritated him in a way that he didn’t know was possible.

He ran his pencil across the paper, one of the few from his advanced III painting class that had decided to go to the auditorium during the interpretive dance class in order to sketch out poses and ideas for compositions and models. Once again he was distracted by your lack of care–you weren’t even wearing shoes and now your tight-clad feet were blackened because of it. He hated those tights. So much. You would have to toss them, though he knew you wouldn’t. You had once told him that it seemed pointless to get rid of something for one small flaw, as if he was a monster for suggesting that you better yourself and your appearance. You’re a dancer, how could you be so careless? How are you supposed to create a work of art without an already perfect canvas?

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I can not stress enough how disrespectful this is.

I didn’t even write it and I’m embarrassed that someone in our fandom did this.

I get it, Yuzuru is an adorable cinnamon roll and to the yoi fans, like a real life yuuri. But he’s NOT Yuuri. The similarities stop at being a japanese skater and having a plush tissue box (seriously that’s it).

Yuzuru is a FOUR TIME GOLD MEDALIST, and just won gold again. He’s a clean, professional skater, and while i love Yuuri, comparing Yuzuru to Yuuri who, while being a great skater, placed last at the last gpf, and may possibly not win this one, is wrong and disrespectful. You might as well be comparing Yuuri to Victor when it comes to skating talent, and we all know Victor is ten times better.

Fans of Yuzuru are lashing out at the yoi fanbase because of this, and i cant apologize enough to them because someone in our fandom thought this was a good idea.

Thanks to the idiot who did this, because now the real skating fan community hates us. 😰😤😠😡.

Please, go watch Yuzuru skate, and you will understand why it is important that you dont compare the two. As a hardcore yoi fan myself, i found that disturbing.

I hope our fandom doesn’t start doing that to other skaters. 😓i get how fans like yuzuru bc of yoi, hell i found an interest in iceskating period bc of the show, and the show did draw my eye to him, but they’re not the same.

God why cant ppl just like both without having to do this?

-Rant over

Edit: i see that the page is back to normal thank goodness. As for ppl saying that I’m overreacting, am i really? I follow many of Yuzuru’s pages and all of them expressed nothing but hate not only towards the person responsible, but the yoi fanbase as a whole, and even the show itself. “Yoi is disgusting leave yuzuru alone” “i hate that show for doing this to Yuzuru” “anime fans have gone too far” “i knew that these two communities could not mix”….i have a screencap of someone saying that last one and it hurts my heart so badly because yuri on ice is such a flawless piece of work and so far we’ve done nothing but love eachothers communities. But they feel like yoi fans are being rude, disrespectful, and going too far because of this and that upsets me because the community we should be respecting the most is the real life community, the one with real ppl, not the one with imaginary ppl, no matter if we love one more than the other. I’d like the yoi community to keep good face as a welcoming community that’s respectful. If you dont see whats wrong here, you’re part of the problem.
How to Deal with Demons-A Guide

As a witch who is bonded with a psychic, along my journey I have found out quite a lot about demons. Heres some information:

NEVER say a demons name out loud. it directly summons them to you, and it gives them power.

Demon oppression and possession are two completely different things, though they likely happen within the same sequence. Oppression is where they impact your mental and physical health. This happens at any given time, and will result in a completely different mood, headaches, sickness etc. Possession is where they have full control of your body, or someone else’s body. That person may “act right” and act like themselves, however that is the demon playing you as a fool. They stalk you before they possess you, learning every single tiny behavior and can mimic you perfectly. I learned that when a demon possessed my mom for two weeks. That was not particularly pleasant. Demons get a kick out of you knowing that they are there, the whole demonic behavior thing that you can see (speaking in tounges, violence, extreme hatred, etc.) is the times that they WANT you to know that you are there,

Don’t talk to the demon directly. Even if you fell it standing right behind you, don’t acknowledge it unless you are going to take defensive action.

Defensive Action-these are things that I use regularly in my practice. These can be adapted for most anyone who is struggling with demonic influence.

Holy water is life. Don’t make it yourself, unless you are a ordained Catholic priest. Get a lot, and put it everywhere. Whenever you feel them trying to invade or opress you, throw that shit all over you, drink it even! Here are some creative things that I have done:

     Holy water humidifiers

     Holy water squirt guns

     Holy water water balloons

     Holy water + purified salt shots for those who may be possessed (don’t do this too much kids, kidney failure does not sound fun

     Bake that shit into everything you eat. Smoothies, soups, stir fries, make rice and oatmeal, cookies, seriously whatever the hell you eat, put that shit in.

    Anoint candles with holy water and salt and burn them in your home.

    Draw protective sigils with holy water on your walls

Salt- pretty much life too. Demons hate this shit.  Here’s how you can use it

    Bake that shit into food.

    I have different banishing and burning powders that i have made that i store in jars with protective sigils on them.

               Burn in Hell powder- salt, black pepper, holy water (just a smidgen, and finally…. Cayenne pepper! You grind that shit up with your mortar and pestle, then you add a couple drops of holy water and have intent to burn the fuck out of demons. As you grind that, here is a quick chant to help keep your intent strong, “burns like fire, hurts like hell, demonic presence feel the power of my spell.

               Spirit Be Gone- salt, and pretty much every single protective herb that you have. First, grind that shit with your mortar and pestle, then draw protective sigils on bay leaves and burn them. Put the ash in, and grind it even more. “Negative energy, feel my bane, i banish you now, your power is in vain”. I use it for casting itty bitty circles whenever bed energy is around, and if you are a psychic, this really helps dispel negative spirits that love to talk/mess with you. It stops the headaches and such.

  Salt cont.

  do protective spells with that shit.

  Use salt baths and make your own bodyscrubs to rid you of negative energy.

 Salt the windows, doors, and floors of your home.

Make bracelets using a 9 knot chant, and annoint them with holy water, salt, and one drop of your blood. pass it through willow, sage, and pine smoke. It usually works to keep demonic entities out of your head, however if they are plaguing you physically, then untie a knot, starting with the last knot you did, and your energy will dispel and weaken them.

Protective stones work really well. keep them near and around you.

Defensive Strategies (please be aware that this will either work, or you wont be strong enough to complete the spell. If you can’t this demon or multiple demon will come AFTER YOU. Know for real how strong the demon is, get a psychic to figure this out. Hierarchy will not be too pleased with you if you try to put them in a jar. Make sure you are a very experienced mage/witch, or have one with you. The first night that I bound a demon, my ritual was interrupted, and that bastard took a leap out of my jar and almost choked me to death in front of my parents. Be EXTREMELY careful, and do this in the presence of another. If you need to do this, please send me a ask, and I will try to help you as much as I can. This spell works to capture a demon who is possessing a human.

You will Need:


a jar/vessel that you have enchanted to protect and bind a spirit

both of the salt mixes


ashes (a lot). Add ashes from sigils of banishing if possible

enough candles to make a large circle for you to work in

enough candles for you to seal the vessel

hair from the victim

banishing herbs

stones of protection

stones for power of you


holy water

lavender, rosemary, basil, bay

1. Cast a really strong circle. use rocks and candles placed at equidistant intervals to make it strong. line that circle with salt, burning powder, and banishing powder.

2. Call upon guides, angels, friendly spirits, familiars, etc. Ask them to observe and lend you strength and support.

3. Start by anointing the candle with holy water, salt, and banishing herbs. Intensify your own intent to purify and banish.

4. Light the candle in your circle (all of the other ones should be lit by now, with the formation of your circle) and prepare the hair.

5, Call upon the demon in mention “Demon, thou who hast been plaguing ___, i call you and summon you to this circle. Once you know that it is there, burn the hair and chant, “Christo, this is Gods land” over and over. Pour intent and strength into the words. this is dissolving the bond between the victim and the demon, isolating the demon.

6. Throw the hair into the jar (still chanting) and pour in ashes, protective herbs, marigolds. and pour the rest of the holy water in there. Cap the jar and shake that bitch. Keep chanting.

7. Seal the jar, with wax, ribbons, etc. when the wax is cooling, throw more powder, salt, and herbs on the jar. once, it is sealed, do not touch the jar. Thank the spirits that you have summoned, and say something to the jar like, “In the name of the holy Christ, I therefore bind and banish you satanic spirit, may you never plague the living again.”

8. DO NOT KEEP THE JAR I REPEAT DO NOT KEEP THE JAR. Bury that mother fucker far away from civilization, just get a psychic or clairvoyant to check if you did it right. Do not open the jar for goodness sake, that bastard will be pissed. just get the jar the hell away from you.

I hoped this helped you guys! Feel free to pm or ask me if you have any questions or need help!

I’m absolutely terrified of posting this, but here is a link to the first writing I’ve publicly shared in over two years. 

a short one shot from ChurchTale- the official name of my ‘Fell bros run a motorcycle shop/Kedgeup project. 

Pumpkin mocha breve


Written for the @carryon-countdown prompt: Coffee Shop AU

Summary: I watch him sipping at the cup and wait for the compliments. Which never come. He grimaces and all I want to do is spit on him. But I don’t. I’ve heard it’s not nice to spit on your customers on your first day at work.

(In which Baz works in a coffee shop and Simon is his first customer)

Word count: 925

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It’s unnecessarily grandiose to create your own beverage on your first day as a barista—especially when you’re not really a barista and you’re just being forced to work part-time at the shabby coffee shop around the corner—but I do it anyway. Because I can. And I might as well make a good start.

I hand a cup to my first customer. “What is this?“ he asks, estranged. I look at his face. He’s got the most unremarkable blue eyes. And bronze curls.

“Pumpkin mocha breve,” I say, with a smirk. “I created it myself.”

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anonymous asked:

i love your art its so beautiful and so nice to look at. do you have any tips on how to get better at art? im not to happy with my art and would like any tips you have to offer! thank you in advance!

Thank you so much friendo!

I feel like this advice is either going to be helpful or sound like utter bollocks to you. Sorry if it’s the latter.

For physical technical skill, there are tonnes and tonnes of YouTube videos and websites dedicated to helping you with drawing! Im not gonna talk about it on this reply, but I’m happy to talk through some specific physical skill related stuff if you ask!

What I want to talk about is the reason I think we hate to hear “just practice” as an answer so much - even though it’s the best answer anyone can give.

For me, getting better at art is all about having the confidence to accept that not everything I draw is gonna be a masterpiece. I said the word confidence because I used to frequently open up Sai and then just not draw because I knew what I’d draw would be “bad”- Or I would draw something and then delete it or not post it because there were too many parts of it I hated.

People say to practice practice practice, but I know how hard it is to just blindly do that over and over when what’s coming out isn’t what you’d hoped for. It’s disheartening as hell. So that’s why acceptance and self tolerance has to come with it.

Be kinder to yourself and your work.

Rather than thinking “I hate this drawing”, take a step back and think “drawing this made me realise some mistakes I’ve been making in my anatomy/colour/etc. Next time I might try something else”

The “next time” is crucial because you’re not torturing yourself over one drawing, desperately trying to fix it. youre accepting that that drawing is part of the greater learning curve, as was the drawing before, as was the drawing before.

play around with things like the expressiveness of your drawing, the colour or composition and find the thing YOU enjoy playing around with the most and work on it. Remember, you don’t have to be an all rounder to be a great drawer.

have a close look at some of your favourite artists and try to suss out WHY you like their work, then apply that to your own. But for gods sake, don’t compare yourself to them.

And remember: maybe your work isn’t as polished as you might like it to be, but there is only one person in the whole world who can draw like you, and it’s you! Don’t underestimate that fact.

every ship has a reason to exist. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Its so funny how much the UT fandom LOVES the multiverse theory, i mean it gave us underfell, underswap, storyshift, reapertale, and so much more! and each and every one of these AU’s have within them an infinite amount of timelines with endless possibilities. There are ships that you love, and ships that you hate, and that is perfectly normal and fine. 


I dont care if you ship soriel, asgoriel, fontcest, what ever the hell. NOTHING gives you the right to demean people for drawing, or writing, or all around gushing over their preferred ship. all sides do it, just look at soriel vs asgoriel. the decent ones who avoid the ship they dont like and focus on their own wind up browsing the tag only to see people posting hate in the tags. DO YOU ENJOY GOING INTO YOUR PREFERRED TAG AND SEEING HATE? seeing people just shit al over the pairing that you love? no? it doesn’t feel nice right? 

it’s shit like that, which only tells people that UT is a toxic fandom bc the toxic people in it are loud as fuck. some of them saying one ship is more cannon than the other when it being canon doesn’t even matter BECAUSE WE ARE ALL JUST MAKING FANART AND FANFICTION, EMPHASIS ON FICTION, so something being cannon isn’t even the fucking point! 

Everyone has a different interpretation of each and every character. some think sans is more sad than happy, or more happy than sad. some think Papyrus is just naive, while others think that he knows A LOT more than he lets on. in the INFINITE MULTIVERSE THAT THE FANDOM HAS CREATED, all pairings and interpretations are possible., oh and ASLL GENDERS/ PERSONAL IDENTIFICATIONS/SEXUALITIES ARE POSSIBLE TOO!

So you know what? the toxic members of the UT fandom are loud, lets be louder. ANYONE who simply wants to browse in peace, who is done with constant flaming on both sides, who wants to enjoy this fandom, GET LOUD. for those that read this far,  and maybe dont agree with me, or those that feel from all of the toxicity…….what would Papyrus do? would HE go bashing people for likign what they like? 

I hate this hellsite.

So, I am VERY angry right now because of this: http://tumblr.jaltoid.com/post/160926541643/how-about-we-dont-hurt-real-people-over-fictional

Apparently, some lunatic tried to MURDER an artist at a con because they drew ship art of Frisk and Sans…Frisk has no set age in the game and the drawing is not sexual in nature. And these people tried to kill her by giving her a cookie with a needle baked in it. I just…can’t right now. WHY?! THE HELL WHY!?! She didn’t do anything wrong and these nut jobs tried to kill her. Look, I hate loli/shotacon and I’m as against pedophilia as you could be and this is disgusting. 

I hate these morons. I hate these disgusting excuses of human beings who think art is more important than the lives of real people. It’s gross and wrong and I’ve been seeing it all over this site recently. I’ve seen it with the Voltron fandom. I’ve seen it with the Samurai Jack fandom and now this one. I hate this and this makes me so upset. Why do these people have to do this? I’m sorry guys if this is too dark for this blog but please try to send support to the artist if you can. 

wait what the hell, why did i wake up to messages of people asking others to stop sending hate/’kill yourself’ messages to ishida. wtf guys this shouldn’t even be happening. where did this world come to. it’s HIS manga. he can do WHATEVER he wants with his characters. how dare you tell the author to go kill themselves over the story they’re writing and drawing with their own hands. for YOU. you should be ashamed of yourself. idrc about ships for the majority of the time (and i multiship way too much stuff) but this extreme behavior because of them really has to stop.

anonymous asked:

I feel like some of the stuff this roach person is being accused of is pretty stupid, like """"abusive ship porn""""" like what the hell its a fucking cartoon and I hate this website. Also, while it is kinda weird, in some states it is legal to date and have sex with 16 year olds, such as mine, so when people freak over people drawing porn of 17 year olds I don't understand the problem. But that's just me dude, but the terf shit is obviously a no no. Weird, but still legal.

i dont give a shit if its legal are you really trying to defend r/oach/patrol in here on this day? please consider reading this post its beyond just drawing abusive ship shit thats like, the least of what theyve done. if you didnt already know theyre like infamous for being a piece of shit & its very backed up they know theyre an asshole and thrive on it

anonymous asked:

Hey maddy , what do I really think about THE recent kishi interview I was disappointed about him saying that sakura was just as kiba and shikamaru , I just don't know why he have to say it after saying that sakura is the heroine and that they series needed a lead female character so that's why he draw sakura, I don't know why he had to display sakura like that with a topic about NH, like hell what does love interest has to do with the character position in the series?!! 😦


Regarding this interview, I think people are going crazy over absolutely nothing. People in this fandom tend to lose their shit over the smallest thing and to be honest, it can get a little annoying. It reminds me of when Sarada’s new design was unveiled for the Boruto manga, and people went absolutely mental, hating on Ikemoto, accusing him of oversexualising Sarada, accusing him of reducing her character to nothing but fan service, even going so far as to accuse him of paedophilia, and I was just there like -_-

What exactly did Kishi say in this interview that was so bad? He didn’t say that the only reason Sakura is the heroine was because of a love triangle, he said that he placed Sakura in the mix in order to spice things up, but this wasn’t what made her the heroine. To the Anon I actually answered, love interest doesn’t have anything to do with character position, and that’s precisely why Sakura is the heroine, despite the fact that she and Naruto are not a couple.

What Kishi said in this interview hasn’t changed anything. Sakura is still and has always been the heroine. Regarding the Shikamau and Kiba comment, why is that so terrible? That’s only how Kishi apparently felt at the very beginning, but why does that take anything away from what she became? Kishi obviously very quickly grew to see her as far more than just “another character”, because she was established as the heroine within the first 3 chapters, and that never changed. Some people are acting as though Kishi said that Sakura isn’t the heroine or something.

I just really don’t see what the big deal is.

anonymous asked:

hello! i really love your fics and how you manage to create such exciting plots and original ideas. i want to write more fics of my own, but I am struggling with almost crippling self doubt and writers block. any advice on how to come up with ideas for fics and develop them?

I got this ask a while ago and I really just sat back in my chair and thought, okay, wow, ask an easy question anon!  And I have no great answers for this. 

But this morning I was thinking and I realize that I do actually have one tip I might give for developing plots, which is this: I do think that one of the things that helps flesh out writing is a strong sense of place.  I think this is my theatre background talking but I always feel like–what does the set look like? What objects are in the room and where did those objects come from? I feel like a lot of what bores me in stories are places that feel like they could be anywhere, big blank rooms where there’s no sense of history or taste or age or whatever.  (This was btw one of my big problems with Ultron too - what the hell was Tony Stark’s living room? That was not a place where a person lived! What the hell Avengers HQ upstate that looks like a car dealership?  Compare that to what the Russo’s did: the coffee grinds in the sink, Wanda’s dorm room decoration.)  I think there’s a reason that we stare at the drawings of Steve’s pre-war apartment or Bucky’s Romanian flat - those objects tell us about the life that’s going on there. The plums! The chocolates, the oatmeal, the newspapers pasted over the windows. (This was also one of the things that I found excruciatingly difficult about SGA: the set decoration literally was big blank rooms with plastic chairs. God, I fucking hated it. There’s a reason why–I mean, if you look at my SGA work, I had to create places that weren’t!–the market and the tavern in Victors, or Pink!Sheppard’s rustic cabin, or send them to Florida or whatever, whatever, because SGA was just this terrible awful blank soundstage. I was always whining to astolat in SGA, but whereeeee do they get a BAGEL, where? & she would be like “There are replicators! They can make the bagels!” because if I don’t know where you can buy a bagel, I’m just LOST, I’m so lost.

Anyway, that is my tip; if you know where the spaces are, things suggest themselves.  I remember–what weirdly comes to mind for me in thinking abotu this was Bucky’s family home in Angels: I knew what kind of house it was, and then I was like, right, drainpipe, there would totally be a drainpipe, and then of course you have to have him climb out the window down the drainpipe, which is not so much a plot essential but is fun and makes me happy. The gun on the wall can’t go off if you don’t know there’s a gun there; you can’t clock somebody over the head with a lamp if there’s no lamp!


Old as hell art of my fursona. Nothing like a classic generic red fox, right? :’D

Then his 2016 look, drawn by a good friend. 

(I combined your submissions into one)


Bah, there’s nothing wrong with foxes. Foxes are familar and loveable creatures. No one should be ashamed or self-hating torwards their fox characters. They are well known and used in media over and over in different ways. It’s impossible to get tired of foxes for me, personally.Was he a sonic-inspired oc at one point? I quite like his ponytail. In the newer drawing did he stop having it? Red fur and green eyes call for a lot of clever contrast. He seems like a good natured boy, full of life and wonder(and pain from that bite from the looks of it). I think I’d like to hang out with him. I can’t see him doing any harm ever. A good fox boy. 10/10!!! 💖💖💖💖

Tully’s Halloween Farm

“I don’t wanna.” Y/N frowned, burrowing further into her scarf, her eyes darting between Joe, her camera, and the trailer everyone was climbing onto. “Zoe, you’ve already climbed on there, so I’m telling you on here, I hate you for dragging me here.”

Joe chuckled, vlogging her as well. “Come on, love. It’ll be fun!”

“Being scared is not fun, Joseph!” She flipped her camera around to face her boyfriend, who kept laughing.

“They’re going to leave without us if we don’t get on.” He reached forward to take her free hand in his.

“Let them!” She whined, but allowed Joe to pull her forward so they could load on to the trailer with everyone else.

They had been on the ride for about a minute now, and Y/N had Joe’s hand gripped tightly in hers, her entire body tense as shadowy figures moved in the shadows around them.

“Y/N, love,” Joe said softly into her ear. “Can you lighten your grip on my hand? I’d like to still have it when we finish this ride.” His tone was teasing, and Jim chuckled from his spot beside Joe.

“You can lose a hand, you made me come on this bloody thing!” She turned to glare at him, and a moment later they both let out a scream as a ‘zombie’ jumped up onto their ride.

“Bloody hell!” Joe yelped, his camera following the person. Y/N turned and buried her head into his shoulder, her camera left forgotten in her pocket for this ride. She was too busy wrapping her arms around Joe in an attempt to save herself.

“Poor Y/N, can’t handle this.” Jim’s voice carried over to her, and she knows that he’s vlogging her hiding.

“Piss off, Jim.” She lifted her head to glare over at him, just in time for another ‘zombie’ to jump at her, causing her and the two boys to let out a scream. “I hate this ride!” Y/N yelled, drawing laughter from the friends seated around them.

The hay ride had ended, Joe’s hand was still intact, and now the group was making their way towards the haunted house.

“This should be a good one. Right Caspar?” Joe asked, turning his camera to his best friend, who gave a thumbs up.

“You ready for this one, Y/N?” The South African turned to her camera, and smiled at the face behind it.

“No. Just like all the other bloody things this stupid farm has thrown at us. Just, don’t disappear in there you two.” She bit her lip, looking between the two boys, knowing that it would be something they’d do.

“No worries, we’ll protect you!” Joe swung an arm around her shoulders, leading her closer to the house.

“You excited!” Alfie asked suddenly, appearing just over Y/N’s shoulder, which only made her let out a small scream and jump.

“Shit, Alfie, you scared me!” She put a hand to her chest, feeling her heart race a mile a minute.

“That was nothing compared to what’s coming!” He told her before moving past them and through the doorway.

“I hate this so much.” Y/N told her camera. “I also have no idea how much of my footage is going to be usable, so I apologize for the crappy vlog guys. Never let your friends talk you into a Halloween scare immersion thing!”

“Let’s go, Y/N! Think of it this way, the quicker you go in, the quicker you come out.” Joe winked at her before they followed Alfie through the doorway, darkness surrounding them.

“No, no, no! Never again!” Y/N had her face buried in Joe’s back, pushing him forward, hoping that the exit was near.

“It’s not tha-AH! SHIT! FUCK!” Joe screamed before laughing. He was enjoying this far to much. “I think we’re almost done though.” He said over his shoulder.

“We better be! I think my heart gave out a few rooms back.” Feeling a hand on her back, she let out a scream and spun around, grimacing at the zombified face grinning at her.

“She looks nice, should we invite her for dinner?” Joe teased her, his hand finding hers in the dark and pulling her along.

“I hate you.” She mumbled, practically shoving him out the door that lead to the exit.

“You made it!” Jim said, his camera pointed at them. “I was beginning to wonder where everyone was!”

“You did that alone, Jim?” Zoe asked as she walked out of the house as well.

“I lost everyone, so just carried on.” He laughed. “Y/N looks like she saw a ghost, a real one!”

“It as bloody scary!” She replied, turning to bury her face in Joe’s chest.

“It’s over now, love.” He said, laughing still though.

“And I am never doing it again!”

“Awe, come on. You had fun!”

“No I didn’t, Joseph.”

“Oooh, full name, mate. That’s dangerous.” Alfie laughed.

“I hate you all.” Y/N groaned. “Can we go get coffee and tea now?”

“Just watch out for more zombies.” Caspar chimed in as their group began to walk towards the hotel.

“I’m going to punch the next zombie I see!” Was her reply, but her grip on Joe’s hand remained tight.

“I’ll protect you, Y/N. Don’t worry.” Joe reassured her, placing a kiss on her temple.