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What don't you like about DVa? I'm not Korean and don't really know anything about Korean culture so I don't know what's wrong with her, but I'd like to know if she's problematic

shes not problematic per se, it’s just that her design has literally no cultural aspects, at all (pertaining to korean culture). im just saying that blizzard did a really /awful/ job at ‘implying’ her ethnicity. she’s obviously evangelion inspired, which is an anime. her first teaser was in a japanese map, on a japanese poster with japanese text all around her. i’d argue that every human/cyborg hero in overwatch has a very obvious + accurate cultural aspect to them except d.va. she seems to just be there to cater towards Weebs, really. she doesnt even have any “korean-inspired” skins? ! like! theyre literally just recolors! why does everyone else get a cool skin that incorporates their sweet-ass culture? !

additionally, there’s still a lot of anti-korean feelings in japan and anti-japanese feelings in korea. they just have a long history of not getting along so people are gonna be offended when someone assumes them to be another ethnicity. its really just frustrating to see people mistaken d.va for japanese, when she is really korean. i think blizzard missed a HUGE opportunity to give d.va an accurate design or at least give another character an accurate korean design. 

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Maybe you can help me here, because i don't understand. Why do you like Connor? He seemed incredibly bland and overly stereotypical for a Native American. I don't mean to be rude, he just wasn't a good character to me.

couple reasons

  • “overly stereotypical native american” A for effort, but no. an overly stereotypical native american would be a character who is either the typical “magical native american” trope, the “noble savage” trope, or the “tonto” trope. in my opinion, ac3 does a very good job at making sure that connor is closely tied to his cultural roots but at the same time stays away from harmful stereotypes (which were originally established and made popular by white people but that’s a whole other essay). “but connor does talk like tonto!” actually he doesn’t. a tonto-esque character would. talk. like this. kemosabe. connor’s manner of speaking is more careful and direct because english is his second language. when he’s speaking in his native language, he seems much more relaxed and at ease. and if his stoic/quiet nature seems stereotypical, it’s because he’s constantly surrounded by people he doesn’t trust, doesn’t like, and/or doesn’t understand and that makes him uncomfortable. also, if i had my home burned down and had to witness my mother die, i’d wouldn’t be so happy-go-lucky either. but still, connor’s not like that all the time. during the homestead missions he’s happy, smiling, helpful, and kind. if you think connor’s a stereotypical native, i highly suggest that you play the homestead missions (all of them, honestly they’re not that long and not too hard).
  • connor’s not the kind of character where everything about him is obvious or plain to see. since he doesn’t talk a lot, his emotions are sometimes hard to read but when he is clearly emotional, he really shows it in his expressions. a couple examples are when he chews out haytham and washington, when he’s forced to kill his best friend, when he’s talking to achilles when he’s on his deathbed, and the entire ending scene. he’s doesn’t have to be an overly animated or snarky character like ezio or edward in order to be interesting.
  • his refusal to give up or be cynical. i’ve honestly gotten sick of video game characters who have a nihilistic view of the world. connor doesn’t have that. after everything he goes through, he remains hopeful and optimistic not only in himself, but in other people as well.
  • the amount of respect he has for others. and this isn’t limited to his friends or allies, he also shows an incredible amount of respect for his enemies (when putnam kicked hickey’s corpse, connor told him to stop and said “he’s still a man”).
  • he doesn’t buy any of the founding fathers’ bullshit. he calls out washington on his hypocrisy multiple times and had a lengthy argument with sam adams saying that the patriot’s cause should not be put above other issues, especially those dealing with slavery and his people’s rights.
  • connor’s an outcast, as was i growing up. more of a personal reason but it made me relate to him a lot more even though our stories and backgrounds are completely different.
  • all in all, he was a different character. something i hadn’t seen in other video games, hell in other forms of media before. that made him incredibly refreshing.
  • connor’s just an genuinely good person. he’s always willing to help others and puts their needs before his.

if you still don’t like him then i’m not going to try and convince you any further, that’s your shtick, but i hope this answers your question.