hell hath no fury pt. 2

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You know that one picture you posted where Harley says "I guess I too have a trump card"? Do you know the name of the comic thats in? Thanks.

Sure, it’s from Gotham City Sirens #21: “Hell Hath No Fury pt 2″. :) 
Here are the pages leading up to it, too!

Hell Hath No Fury Pt 2

REQUESTED BY:  atlantianbloodliar , anon and  tora59

PAIRING: LokixReader

AUTHOR: http://faerose-86.tumblr.com/

Because I was asked so kindly, and I love writing Loki, I’ve decided to add a part two! Hope you like it!

WARNINGS: It’s a little angsty but not too bad.

*I feel so bad for doing this to Thor.*

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