hell hath no fury like an author scorned



Part One

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Break ups, Make ups??

Authors Note: I got 100 followers in the little over a week this blog has been up, I am so thankful that you guys stoped to my little blog and read the two stories I had posted here, I hope you stay and read more of what I write and remember that I love you guys

October 2nd, 2016 10:00 AM

I’ve seen healthier looking corpses, go get some rest Jughead. -Cherry

Shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend? -Jughead

They’ve always said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and on this day y/n might as well have been the devil. No one but Reggie and Y/n will know what happened on that day, the day that lead to the breakup of the school’s most notorious couple.

”What happened this morning?” Veronica asked sitting at the table “like who was yelling?”

”Reggie and Cherry broke up, nobody knows why because Reggie and Cherry avoids the topic.” Kevin said looking up from his phone leaning into talk to the group. “But word on the street is that Reggie was with some other girl on their anniversary.”

The love story of Reggie Mantle and Y/N L/N would be one that started in the seventh grade, the couple that would be the equivalent of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian of high school. They officially started dating about a month after y/n hit him in face during a game of dodgeball in the seventh grade, it would be history from there. In highschool they managed to maintain their spot Reggie playing football and y/n being a Vixen, member of student council, on the girls softball team, being a member of the pep club, as well as taking two ap classes and a member of the yearbook committee, she had a lot on her plate. But then again if your parents ran a funeral home you would do anything to avoid going home.

”Maybe we can take her to the movie theater in the next town over to cheer her up?” Betty offered up to the table. “Ouija came out and you know how she likes scary movies.”

”Shut up here she comes.” Veronica whispered as y/n came closer to the table.”

“I know you’re going to ask questions about what happened, but honestly I don’t want to talk about it.”

That’s how the next couple of days played out, both parties avoiding each other to the point that when you were in classes with the both of them it felt like the air grew thicker until you were suffocating.

After the initial awkwardness of the situation died down and you can see that little details didn’t add up such as, if Reggie and y/n broke up why does she still have his letterman and he still have her softball hoodie, or the fact that neither of them deleted pictures of each other of their instagram accounts, and the fact Reggie was just as possessive of y/n. It seemed like they never broke up

But that weekend after the game Betty Veronica, Kevin, y/n, and I managed to find ourselves in a booth at pop’s.

”So I’m assuming that you and Reggie got back together.” I said after the waitress walked away with our orders

”I’m not going to answer that question so how about I change the topic to Cheryl’s Halloween party that’s coming up, what are you guys being?” She asked playing with a straw.”

I tuned the conversation out after that because it wasn’t relevant information to me, instead I went back to writing but even then I couldn’t do that, I was distracted, there will be a big change coming soon and who knows what that will be.