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Darry taking a sick day

• soda has to force him to stay home
- “pepsi it’s okay I’m fine.”
- “you threw up 10 seconds ago”
• but pony has school and darry convinces soda to go to the DX, promising him he’d be just fine on his own
- “quit worryin’ im a big boy.”
• he literally takes his own temperature, counts out some meds, and heats up some soup
• laying in his dad’s armchair with his shirt off cause he’s sweaty as hell
- super red flushed face
- gets himself wet cold towels
• but his stomach keeps going haywire so he settles in his room since it’s closer to the bathroom
• darry periodically falling asleep but wakes up cause he’s just really uncomfortable
• but he enjoys the peacefulness
• UNTIL two bit and dally come in and their loud as hell
- darry gets up to yell at them but runs to bathroom and retches
- dally just kinda *peace fades*
- but two bit helps darry out, handing him a towel and placing a hand on his back
• two keeps him company after that and he starts to feel better after a couple of hours
• the day ends with the whole gang coming over to watch tv and eat as darry dozes on the armchair

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Maybe Nursey and Dex flirting at the haus party after the game?


“Did it hurt?”

Dex doesn’t deign to answer that question. Nursey looks up at him with wide eyes from where his head is in Dex’s lap. Apparently Nursey patrol tonight involves lounging sprawled on the couch and distracting his fellow D-man to keep him from dancing on tables and breaking his neck. Dex would complain but it’s kind of nice.

“You’re supposed to say, did what hurt?”

“See, you don’t even really need me,” Dex says.

“It’s more fun if you play along,” Nursey whines. “You’re no fun, Dexy.”

“I’m too sober to flirt with you, Nursey, sorry,” Dex sighs. “I’m sure Bitty’s willing.”

“Bitty’s with Jaaaack,” Nursey says. “He came for a Bit.”

“You make no sense.”

“Did it hurt?”

Dex rolls his eyes and takes a long drink from his beer. He’s not totally sober, but he’s definitely not drunk enough for this.

“Did what hurt?”

“Dexy!” Nursey sits up so fast that he knocks Dex’s cup out of his hand. “You did it! Oh my God!”

“Don’t get too excited,” Dex grumbles at the loss of his drink.

“Ok, ok ok Dexy,” Nursey rearranges himself sloppily so he’s straddled over Dex’s lap. If Dex weren’t already flushed as hell he would have been in trouble. “When you fell from heaven?”

“Oh Lord, you’ve seduced me. Please proceed to take me in a manly fashion.”

Nursey starts giggling uncontrollably into Dex’s neck. He’s heavy and solid in Dex’s lap and Dex can feel his thighs trembling a little.

“You’re so funny, angel,” Nursey hums. His lips are pressed against Dex’s skin and the vibrations thrum along his nerves. “And comfy. Dex, I’m gonna fall asleep.”

“What? No - ” Dex squawks but Nursey has already slumped into him. His breathing evens out immediately and Dex would be amused if he weren’t so irritated at having 200 pounds of stupid hockey player draped over him. “Motherfucker.”

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How about billdip tattoos? Maybe bill finds a neat tattoo on dip he never knew of and thinks it's kinda hot or they get matching tattoos or something?

After a drunken night at the bar, Bill and Dipper had made their way home and had a night filled with sloppy kisses and half-hearted fourplay before they were out cold.

Bill hadn’t ever slept over before since Dipper always acted shy about the blond staying in the same bed as he did, but apparently alcohol had cleared away any worries the brunet had about it.

“Morning, sleeping beauty,” Bill teased as he sat up, pulling the blue comforter off of them. “I think we should go get some- Oh, hello, what’s this?” He paused and moved the blanket further down, exposing the little tattoo on Dipper’s upper thigh.

It wasn’t very detailed, but it was clearly a golden triangle surrounded by blue flames, a single line in the middle that looked like an eye.

Flattered and amused, Bill poked at Dipper until the brunet opened his eyes.

“What?” Dipper groaned.

Bill gave a toothy grin and put his finger right over the tattoo. “I didn’t know you found me so attractive. Getting someone’s likeness tattooed on your hip is pretty big, Pine Tree.”

Dipper’s eyes flew open and his hand smacked over the mark. “Wh-what? That’s not you!” His cheeks turned a deep red and he pulled the blanket back over himself.

“Oh really? A golden triangle, one eye, and blue flames? Pretty sure that’s me. I’m one of a kind.”

The brunet hid his face and mumbled something about being embarrassed into the pillow.

“Aw, don’t be shy about it!” Bill laid on top of him, rubbing his hand over the mark. “I honestly think it’s kind of hot that you have a tattoo,” he purred.

“Really?” Dipper looked at him, his face still flushed.

“Hell yeah, I do! In fact, I’m going to encourage you to get more! Not all of them have to be of me, of course. We should even get some matching ones!” The blond excitedly wiggled to further wake his boyfriend up.

“I don’t know…” Dipper chewed his bottom lip and sighed. “I got this one in high school as a dare from Mabel. I’ve never really thought about getting a serious one.”

Bill poked his nose and laughed. “Well, now you have! We can plan it together, okay? I’ve been meaning to ink this body up!”

Dipper swatted the demon’s hand away, laughing at his enthusiasm. “Alright, alright, fine. We’ll talk about getting matching tattoos.”

“Yay! You won’t regret this, Pine Tree, I’ll help you look like a badass!”

The brunet groaned and buried his face into the pillow again. “I think I’m regretting it already.”

H2OVanoss| Word-Count: 1,278

Prompt: “Person A and Person B both trying to break into the same place on the same night by accident, only to be chased by the police upon meeting and having to hide in a closet/cupboard/safe together until they leave.” - @fanficy-prompts

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Delirious couldn’t help but cackle, spotting the other man down the hall of the bank, clad in black. When the other man spotted him as well, he snorted and laughed, walking toward him.

Evan shouldn’t have been as laid back in this situation, but there didn’t seem to be any harm. Other than they could both be caught and they’d spend time in prison. To Evan, this was all just a silly coincidence. Nothing really to worry about, so he thought.

There was a heavy somber that floated in the air of the bank. It was quiet, but that was because they knew not to be very loud as to not set off any alarms.

They mostly just stared at one another, Delirious a pacing and panicky mess. Evan was controlled, however, for some unknown reason this entire situation was nothing short of just another casual evening to him.

“What in the fuck are we supposed to do now?” Delirious laughed in attempt to hide his fear. That didn’t go unnoticed by Evan though. Nothing really did. He noticed everything, especially in times like this. He was careful, very careful.

As Evan was about to speak, he shut himself up immediately when a subtle beeping filled the bank. It wrung in his ears, just taunting him and ever so lightly tickling his nerves.

“Don’t. Fucking. Move.” Evan told the other, his voice hushed to an almost unheard whisper. Delirious perked up, the effect of the words causing him to stop his pacing. He knew, his movement counted on whether or not they’d be fucked. They stood still, listening intently to the beeps for a while, and then it stopped. Just as soon as it started, it was over and the both of them were grateful of that.

“Well, I guess since were both here for the same thing, I assume, we could at least work together?” Evan asked, with a small shrug of the shoulders.

 Delirious nodded. “Sure, why not?” I mean, after all help was always appreciated, but Delirious really wasn’t sure they were looking for the same thing. They explored the first floor of the bank together, making small talk, but they soon realized that they kind of really did have a connection. As they talked loudly to one another, the subtle beeping they once heard was no longer detectable. That is until it got louder, and louder, and it didn’t take long to know that was the alarm.

They clasped their hands over their ears, both with wide eyes. They could already hear the police sirens. Delirious began to panic again and before Evan could register his own actions, he grabbed Delirious’ hand and yanked him upstairs and into one of the offices.

He shoved Delirious into the closet, squeezed in with him, and shut the door. They could both hear the large bunch of police men run around the bank, shouting at each other. Evan felt Delirious’ body shake and he wondered. How could someone so anxious be in a business like this? “Hey, calm down. We’re ok, I promise,” he whispered into Delirious’ ear, since he was so close.

 Delirious nodded, trying his best to calm down and listen to this man. “I’m not even here for money,” Delirious’ voice was shaky as he whispered back. “I was fired yesterday and I forgot some of my shit here, my boss said I could come back after hours,” he admitted. Evan started to chuckle uncontrollably, he knew it was an awful time, but he couldn’t help it. Delirious laughed along with him, then leaned his head onto Evans shoulder.

“You ok now?” Evan asked, his heart fluttering at the sweet sight before him. Well, he couldn’t really see, but he felt it.

“I guess, I’m just scared. I’m not a fucking criminal man. What if they find us?” the words were slow and breathy.

“Don’t be scared. You’re with me right now, I can take care of you,” Evan absentmindedly wrapped an arm around the smaller man. “And I’m not a criminal either. I’m a business man.” Evan joked, the large smile evident in his voice. Delirious cracked a smile as well and leaned further into the other man.

The footsteps of the cops trailed upstairs and Evan could feel the cute boy in his arms’ heartbeat quicken. The shaking of his body began again and Evan felt his stomach sink. He softly ran his hand up and down his closet mate’s back, hoping to calm him down.

“Clear! Next room!” And at that, the door to the room they were hidden in swung open, hitting the wall with a large thud. Delirious whimpered, gripping onto Evans jacket, burying his face deep into his chest. Evan shushed him gently, now both arms wrapped around him and squeezing him tightly. The footsteps trailed around the room, occasionally stopping then continuing. Delirious was sure they’d been found, but much to his pleasure they didn’t.

The police left the room, and Evan let out a large sigh he didn’t realize he had held in. “We’re good,” Evan whispered, “They’re gone.” Delirious lifted his head and looked at Evan, words failing to come from his mouth.

“I’m Evan, by the way.”

“Jon, but friends just call me Delirious.”

“Well, lovely to meet you, Delirious.”

“You too.. Thank you for, well.. Not fucking me over,” Delirious let out a nervous laugh. Evan smiled once more.

“No problem, but hey.. You were fired right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, I could hook you up to, ya know, be a business man like me. Would you be up for it?” Delirious gave an open-mouthed smile.


“Seriously. I’ll train you personally.. It could even be a date..” Evan continued to look at Delirious, smiling at the way he buried his head back into his chest.

“Would you go on a date with me?” Evan asked once more, cracking the closet door open, so the moonlight would shine in. He was able to see the way Delirious’ face and neck flushed red.

“Hell yeah, I mean, sure, yeah, of course!” Delirious fumbled over his words, trying to find the right answer. Evan must have caught on because he just simply hugged Delirious as a way to shut him up.

“Let’s get the fuck outta here and get to that date,” Evan laughed and led Delirious out of the closet. He opened the window and to that Delirious’ eyebrows raised.

“Out the window?” He asked incredulously.

“Well, yeah,” Evan said as if it was obvious. “They’re still here, c’mon.” And out the window they went, Delirious was holding onto Evan with great strength as Evan slowly scaled down the side of the bank.

“You’re like fucking Spider Man, dude!” Delirious sounded just like an excited child and it was the best thing Evan had ever heard.

“Nah, but I could be your man,” Evan said lowering the two of them to the floor. He had a shit-eating smirk on his face as Delirious laughed.

“That was the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. And I love it,” Delirious jabbed Evan’s shoulder with his own. Evan laughed, leading Delirious down the alleyway.

  “This calls for a shit first date, but c’mon. Let’s go meet the rest of the crew,” Evan winked and Delirious laughed.

“Shit first date, maybe.. But I bet that there’ll be other chances to redeem yourself,”



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How do you feel about neprezi if you dont mind me asking




Flush otp for BOTH of them ngl I fucking LOVE NepRezi like they’re so perfect for each other???? Their canon interactions are genuinely priceless and their personalities are at such a good balance for each other I feel like they have lots of ground for understanding and mutual growth and like they’re so????? Cute??????? Also lbr everyone Terezi gets shipped w is either 1. nowhere NEAR her league 2. possessed by a demon + nowhere near her league or 3. actively abusive towards her so like she REALLY needs somebody who is like??? Actually good for her??? Would be a positive influence in her life??? And Nepeta, similarly, is out of Karkat’s league and deserves so much better than him and would have so much FUN dating Terezi like please y’all these are some good and quality girls here!!!!!

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kayla. my dear sweet kayla. it would do my heart good if you made a gifset of that wonderful moment from LTWS: HOT GRILLS. you know which moment i'm talking about. pretty please?

You guys are so naughty!… 

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Let this be a reminder, Ianthony fandom! Ian can deep throat and he can do it REALLY WELL!


I’m so going to hell…

One Rule

“Y/N! Y/N! Over here!!” I laughed as I saw Caspar jumping up and down waving his arms, a huge grin on his face. As soon as I got close enough, he ran over and wrapped his arms around me in a huge hug.

“Hello to you too, Casp.” I hugged him back, swaying back and forth.

“I cannot believe my little sis is finally here in London!” He grinned, pulling back. “I’m so excited to show you around. And for you to meet Joe and the other boys. And to film some videos. This is going to be great!”

“I can’t wait!” I grin up at him, “But right now I just want food and somewhere to crash, I’m exhausted.”

Nodding, Caspar turns and we head to baggage claim, catching up while we waited for my bag to make its turn around. Finally it showed up, and being the great big brother that he is, Caspar pushed through the crowd to get it before we headed for our uber.

Despite the jet lag, I feel a thrill of excitement as we drive through the streets with Caspar pointing out different places and buildings, and I can’t wait to explore the city and the people living in it.

Eventually we pull up to Caspar’s building and we hop out just as his phone rings. I stretch as he answers the phone, glancing over at him as I realize he’s talking about me.

“Yeah mate, we just got home. Come over, I want you to meet her!” Caspar looks over at me and smiles as he tugs my luggage along behind him, heading into the building. “Alright, see you soon.”

“Who was that?” I ask, following him in as he hangs up.

“Someone you’ll meet soon.”

“Caspar, I know all your friends, just tell me who it is.” I roll my eyes at his teasing, always the older brother.

“Joe.” He says simply, swinging open his front door as I feel my breath leave me.

I had seen Joe before on Caspar’s videos, obviously, and ended up watching a few of Joe’s videos as well. I never got to meet him in person before now, because when he came home with Caspar, I was away, but had been looking forward to meeting Joe ever since I  discovered how good of a friend he was to Caspar. The one catch? My crush.

I would never tell Caspar, but I had developed a slight crush on the Joe Sugg. I had figured I would meet him when I came here, despite the two having moved into separate places, but did not expect to meet him this soon.

“What do you want to eat?” Caspar’s question dragged me out of my thoughts, and I shook my head to clear my mind.

“Anythings good. You know what I like. I’m going to go freshen up.” I head into the bedroom with my bag in hand, ready to be out of the clothes I had been in for too many hours.

Just as I finish changing, I hear a new voice carry across the flat into my ears.

Joe’s here.

“There she is!” Caspar greets as I walk back into the room, and Joe turns to look at me and our eyes meet.

“Ah, the famous little sister of Caspar Lee. Lovely to meet you finally.” Joe smiles at me, and for a moment I’m speechless. Seeing him on a computer screen is quite different from in person, and the biggest thing I notice is that he just has this friendly aura around him.

“Lovely to finally meet my big brothers best friend as well.” I smile back at him.

“Awe, I’m so happy you two finally met!” Caspar wraps an arm around both of us, pulling us into a group hug. I blush at the sudden closeness to Joe, and I can smell his cologne. Subtle, but nice.

“Food’s on the way. Let’s go decide on a movie to watch.” Caspar directs us into the living room, plopping himself onto the chair, leaving Joe and I to sit on the couch.

“Oh, I have one rule for you Joe.” I look at Caspar confused before turning to look at Joe, who looks just as confused.

“Rule? About what?”

“About my sister.”

“There’s rules about me?” But Caspar ignores me and looks seriously at Joe.

“No falling in love with her.”

“What?” Joe and I exclaim at the same time.

“What the hell, Caspar!” I flush, avoiding looking at Joe.

“Mate, this is the first time I’ve even met her. Why would you say that.”

“Because my sister is awesome, and beautiful, and amazing…but don’t fall in love with her.”

“Caspar, please stop.” I mumble, embarrassed. Before anyone can say anything else, the door goes, announcing the arrival of the food. Caspar smiles at us before jumping up to grab it.

“Sorry about that.” I turn to Joe, trying to ignore the warmth on my cheeks.

“No worries, he’s a bit of a nutter.” Joe shrugs, a small smile on his face. “Although, he wasn’t wrong.”

“About what?”

“You are beautiful.”

My mouth drops open slightly, but before I can get a chance to reply, Caspar walks back in with the food, and the three of us settle in for a movie.

The entire time, I’m extremely aware of how close Joe and I are to each other.

For You (BTS Part 1)

//is nervous about posting fanfic b/c I ususally don’t write it so please be nice:) There’s going to be more coming if you’re interested as well In the meantime please enjoy// 


“It’s late.” He says, reaching from behind me to pluck the pencil from my cramping hand.

I startle, headphones falling out of my ears as I spin around eyes level with Taehyung’s crotch. I purse my lips, traveling my gaze up to pout at him. “I wasn’t finished yet.”

He bends down, his breath hot on my face as he whispers. “I. Don’t. Care.”

I break his stare searching behind him for the clock. “It’s only… 2 a.m?” The last part comes out a question. Last time I’d checked it was barely midnight.

“Why are you still up?” I ask him, taking in his light smile and perfectly messy hair.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” He smirks down at me.

“I’m sorry.” I say, suddenly flustered and upset with myself for keeping him up. “You should have gone to bed I didn’t realize it was so late…  ”

I stand, straightening my papers and setting them aside. God knows Suga will be pissed if he comes in to a messy studio.

It isn’t my first time staying in the dorm with Taehyung overnight, but I still am conscious of waking the other members as he takes my hand and navigates me quietly through the house. It’s usually a struggle groping in the darkness for the ladder and climbing onto the top bunk of Taehyung’s bed, but this time I do it with ease with Taehyung’s help.

“Are you almost finished with the song?” He whispers as he settles beside me, playing with the ends of my hair.

“Oh, I finished the song.” I say, fisting the cotton of his t-shirt teasingly. “I was working on something else.”

“Ohhhh.” He curiously sounds. “What if I give you incentive to tell me?”

“I might consider it.” I raise an eyebrow in the darkness.

His lips meet mine and as soon as I can feel their softness he’s gone, expectantly waiting for me to spill. I turn around, my back to him. “Maybe in the morning.” I yawn, biting my lip.

“Not fair.” He whispers, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me flush against his chest.

And we fall asleep to the loud noise of Namjoon’s snoring.

I wake up to the sound of Taehyung growling.

I can still feel his arms around me and can see the light of morning through my eyelids.

“Bwa! Bwa! Bwa!” Jungkook’s playful voice shouts from somewhere near me.

“Shut up all of you.” Suga whines, probably crabby from waking up in the middle of the night with inspiration for lyrics.

“This is like the fifth time this month, dude.” Rap Monster’s voice has a smile in it. “She should just move in.”

“Who’s moving in?” J-Hope shouts from out of the room.

A small whimper like sound escapes from my lips as I stretch and my eyes burst open, my cheeks warm and pink. Taehyung’s eyes are half open as I turn to him, catching him staring at me. His fingers are absently tracing patterns on a sliver of bare skin that escaped cover during sleep and the touch is so comforting I’m tempted to just shut my eyes again.

Jimin walks in the room, passing me a large smile and dance in the entryway. “Heard you were moving in!” He says excitedly. “Good. Now we have a reason to kick Namjoon out so we don’t have to listen to him snore.”

“Guys, I thought we already talked about this. I can’t help it.” Namjoon defends himself, looking guilty.

“Nope.” Taehyung’s voice, husky with sleep pipes as he sits up, taking me with him. “She’s staying right here in my bed.”

I suck in my lips and smile, dying with embarrassment and happiness on the inside.

“Careful.” J-Hope hops in the already cramped room and ruffles Jungkook’s hair. “We have a maknae in our presence.”

“I don’t know which one of you did it.” Suga begins, standing up and changing the subject. “But I found something great for our next track.”

I smile, happy that some of the pressure that Suga had been feeling is relieved by some of his bandmates.

“Speaking of songs.” Taehyung nudges me in the shoulder. “My girl’s got something great brewing in that beautiful head of hers.”

“Oooooooohhh, do share.” J-Hope nods encouragingly.

I give Taehyung a what the fuck look and swallow as all the BTS members look at me expectantly.

“Wait.” I put my hands up. “Where’s Jin?”

J-Hope is the first to answer, of course. “Suga’s already got him in the studio working on the new song.”

Taehyung nudges me again, letting me know hell will freeze over before he forgets about it.  

I sigh, climbing down from the bed and although they’ve all already seen me, make sure I don’t look like hell. Besides flushed cheeks, which is a common side effect of sleep for me, my makeup is still intact and I still look half presentable.

We take the elevator up to the small studio, my nerves too high to follow any conversation.

Everything in here is the same. Except Jin is in the soundproof recording room and my papers are nowhere to be found. “Where are they?” I ask mainly myself, but loud enough to be heard by the others.

“You can’t find them?”

“No I-” Panic mode activated. “I had my stack of lyrics and notes right here.”

Yoongi opens his mouth, closes it, then opens it again. “Oh, shit.”

//lol, you’re welcome for the extremely mild cliffhanger//

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For all vice captains! Their reactions when receiving a love letter from secret admirer ;p

This is going to be cute as hell

Nanao Ise: Flushing brightly, she stared at the paper with wide eyes, her captain trying to look over her shoulder the entire time. She frowned, putting the paper away while Shunsui babbled: “What is that, Nano-chan? Is it from your lover? What does it say?” She sighed, rubbing her temples and adjusting her glasses before saying she had to go somewhere. She had to find this person.

Marechiyo Omaeda: He grinned seeing the paper, happily scanning over the words over and over again, as if he hadn’t read it a million times already. Soi Fon was gone for the day..Maybe he could figure out who it was by asking around. Even if he didn’t, he would leave one of his family’s best pieces of jewelry for them in the spot that the letter was found, outside his door. Maybe they would come back to see if he had found it and would be happy to see the item there.

Izuru Kira: He stared the words down, almost scared that if he looked away they’d disappear. He had that puppy dog look about him, flushed with his bottom lip out with a smile, and wide blue eyes. He was a little shocked that someone had sent him a letter like this, and almost thought it was a trick by Rangiku and Shuuhei. Slowly though, he folded it back up, and tucked it away for safe keeping. He couldn’t help but think about how sweet it was as he made his way to the barracks.

Isane Kotetsu: The letter had been left at a table near her captains desk, and she only noticed it because it had Isane, open’ on it. Thinking it was something from the captain, a form that needed to be filled or something, she took the envelope and opened it quickly. When she started to read the letter, she realized that it clearly wasn’t from her captain, and made her eyes widen and her face red. Unohana entered soon enough, making her squeak with surprise as she asked what she was doing, and tucked the letter away for later examination.

Momo Hinamori: She stared at the letter that Shiro’s grandmother had given her, blinking as she took it and listened to her speak. “A young person dropped this in along with my mail, it said you’re name on it so I’ve held it to you.” She smiled, polite as ever, and left her to make some tea. Slowly, Momo opened it up, grinning and giggling as she read the cute note. When Shiro’s grandmother came back with the tea, she grinned: she knew who it was, but she’d never tell.

Renji Abarai: Smirking like an idiot, he leaned back into the couch as he thought about the letter. It was sweet, and very romantic even if he wasn’t really a romantic kind of guy. He thought about who it was though, trying to figure out which of his many fans would send that to him. He knew that a lot of people found him attractive, though there were only a few people that he thought could’ve wrote the letter. Well, he could investigate things later.

Tetsuzaemon Iba: Madarame and him had been fighting, recklessly while they were drunk. They had been stopped by a courier who said he had a letter for Iba, making him stare curiously at the piece of paper before he took it and opened it. The entire time Ikakku was trying to look over his shoulder, Iba read it with a swelling feeling inside his chest. “Keep it cool." he kept thinking, all the while grabbing the last of the sake bottle and going to where the letter said he should be right now. "At 4 p.m. meet me outside squad 7’s barricades.”

Shuuhei Hisagi: Turning his head along with the page, he acted almost as if the paper would disappear right in front of his eyes. It’d been left at the newspaper’s office and addressed to him, but upon reading it, it was from a secret admirer? He didn’t really believe it. He thought it was Rangiku or someone pulling his leg. When he asked around, he found no one knew where it came from, who put it there, or anything of the sort. Maybe he was right about that? Maybe it was a joke? Of course though, Rangiku denied it, claiming she hadn’t seen it before. Who sent it then?

Rangiku Matsumoto: Grinning widely, she giggled, holding the note to her chest as she started to twirl about the room. Someone had left her the absolute sweetest note ever! She loved it so much, she even told her captain about it when he came in, making him stare at her in disbelief that she got so worked up over a silly note. She shrugged him off, and instead started going on about how she felt her own love life starting to bloom. This went on through the entire day, making her start to wonder who sent it, and where they were from. Of course, she’d find them.

Mashiro Kuna: Staring at the letter in her hand, a big smile started forming on her face, she wonder who would had wrote her such a kind letter, telling about their unedifying love for them. Kensei came out and asked why was she smiling so big, but when she was about to explain he said never mind and left. She kept staring at the letter and decide she was going to figure out who wrote her it.

Yachiru Kusajishi: It was just another day of her eating sweets when someone from her squad brought the letter to her, she read it and thought it was really sweet how someone took a lot of time of writing it. When Kenpachi asked why she was so happy she giggled and took of running, trying to find the person and maybe give them some of her sweets.

Nemu Kurotsuchi: She looked over the note again, when she went into her room, the note sitting neatly on her bed with her name written on it, she read it over and over again with a blush face. When she heard Mayuri calling her name, she quickly hide the note, she was going to have to find the person one day and say how much it meant to her.

Rukia Kuchiki: Her face turning a few shades of pink, Rukia stared at the note, it had little bunny and hearts all around her name. She read the little about ten times but she still was in shock on how someone liked her. Once she was done, she would put the letter away and try to find the writer.

Prompt: I’m a firefighter and you started a fire in your kitchen but you’re still flirting with me even though you’re not wearing pants and I’m carrying you down a ladder. Stop complimenting my muscles for fuck’s sake.

This was actually terribly fun to write. :)


Kisame didn’t know what he was expecting when he climbed the fire ladder, and into the window of the 5th story apartment.

But a petite pink haired woman with no pants was not it.

She was definitely slightly intoxicated, if the slight swaying to her steps was any indication; plus you know, she started a fire in her kitchen trying to cook.

They stared at each other for a moment, smoke billowing around them. And then she smiled at him.

“I always wanted to be rescued by a hunky firefighter.”

Kisame flushed beneath his helmet, but remained professional.

“Ma’am, I need you to come over here. I need to get you out of here.”

Thankfully, she came over to him, talking all the while.

“While you’re at it, could you get me out of this shirt too? And maybe into your bed?”

Kisame fought the grin that threatened to surface, and pulled the woman to him before hoisting her out the window. She coughed slightly at the clean air, having been in the smoke a bit longer than she probably should’ve been. Kisame wasn’t willing to put her on his back considering her indecent state of dress, so he settled for the more difficult route. He bundled her up in one arm, and began descending with the other. She really was rather tiny.

“Damn, you are seriously strong.” Kisame felt her prodding at his arm, squeezing and poking him. She shivered, from the chill of the night he was assuming, and her eyes landed on him; Kisame noticed she looked hungry. “You’ve gotta be great in bed.” Definitely not shivering from the chill of the night, then.

Kisame nearly fell off the ladder. “Miss, are you intoxicated?” She nodded, but grinned broadly at him.

“Yep! Doesn’t change the fact that you’re smoking hot, and I’d ride you to hell and back.” Kisame flushed, and then she started giggling.

“Heh, I called you smoking hot, and you just saved me from a fire. I’m a genius. Wait till I tell Naruto.”

God this woman was the dorkiest, and maybe boldest person he’d ever met. And she was really cute. And while descending the ladder, he’d learned her little perky ass fit really well in his hand.

He grinned down at her as they finally touched the ground. “What’s your name, miss?”

She returned the grin, settling a bit more comfortably into his arms. “Sakura Haruno.”

“I’m Kisame Hoshigaki. Nice to meet you, kitten.”

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Number 21 for Wolfstar please p.s love your blog:)

God, this one turned out so long. Sorry about that! Hope you like it anyway. Thanks for the prompt and I’m glad you like my blog! That’s nice to hear!


Remus spent most of his day pretending that everything was fine. Under the circumstances, he didn’t really have any other choice. That was what happened when he dated his best friend. Sirius was undoubtably the best thing that had ever happened to him, but Remus had never been able to enjoy it for two very distinctive reasons.

1. Sirius Black was a perpetual flirt.

2. Remus Lupin was a werewolf. 

The first might have been overlooked had Sirius dialed things back after they got together. Remus had imagined that having Sirius be “his” would mean that Sirius would no longer feel the need to flirt with others. He had been sorely mistaken on that fact.

The other he had hoped would not be a problem when it came to Sirius. After all, Sirius knew what he was and accepted the wolf. In fact, the wolf was almost more fond of Padfoot than Remus was of Sirius…almost.

The problem was that the first issue had bled into the second, causing Remus some inner turmoil that had surfaced as the wolf. In other words, Remus’ jealousy had caused him to act out as the wolf, snapping at Padfoot and picking fights with him on the full moon. On more than one occasion the wolf had sent Sirius to the hospital wing the next day. 

Remus couldn’t live with the guilt and he couldn’t keep this up. He wouldn’t hurt Sirius anymore than he already had. Clearly they just weren’t right for each other or else Sirius wouldn’t feel the need to chat up any good-looking person that crossed his path.

Remus had more or less used the wolf as an excuse in his breakup speech with Sirius. It was a good out to use without telling Sirius the real problem. Remus had begun having nightmares of the wolf ripping Padfoot the shreds. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He’d told Sirius that it was for his own safety that he keep his distance from Remus.

After Gryffindor won the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw, James saw to it that there was a huge party in the common room (mostly in his own honor). The team was celebrated for their victory and Sirius and Peter had snuck into Hogsmeade and stolen some bottle of fire whiskey.

Remus stayed resolutely on the opposite side of the room from Sirius. He was absolutely miserable and he missed his best friend, but he couldn’t let anyone know that. This was his own doing and he was confident he had made the right decision.

“Hey everyone!” Sirius called out, stealing the attention of the entire room. “We’re playing spin the bottle! Who’s in?” 

A group formed around Sirius and Remus was careful not to join them. He stayed on the sofa and sipped his drink, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone. “Remus!” Sirius shouted, waving him over. “We can’t start without you.” 

“I don’t feel like playing,” Remus responded, uncomfortable as everyone turned to look at him. 

“Come on, don’t be a spoil sport,” Sirius teased, hopping up and jogging over to Remus. “It’s going to be fun.”

“Yeah?” Remus shot back. “Fun for who?”

“For all of us,” Sirius insisted, grabbing Remus’ arm and tugging him up.

“You really don’t want to do this, mate,” Remus warned him quietly. 

Sirius looked at him and tightened his grip on Remus. “Oh, I really think I do,” he countered, his gaze cold as steel.

Remus pulled his arm away and took his seat in the circle next to Lily while Sirius sat down next to James. Peter looked between Sirius and Remus nervously as if he was frightened of what might happen. 

“I’ll go first!” Sirius exclaimed, taking the empty fire whiskey bottle and spinning it. It landed on Marlene McKinnon and Sirius wiggled his eyebrows at her. “It’s your lucky day, Marls.” 

“Yeah right, Black,” Marlene said, rolling her eyes. She leaned forward and gave Sirius a small peck on the lips. 

“Oh come on,” Sirius goaded her. “Is that all you’ve got for me?” He was looking at Remus as he said it.

Marlene sighed heavily and sat back down. “Sorry Black, you’re not my cup of tea,” she informed him before spinning.

James ended up landing on Remus and Remus blushed. It was exactly the first time he’d kissed Prongs and he’d always found him quite good-looking. Remus decided to enact a little revenge on Sirius for forcing him into his dumb game. He cupped James’ face with his hands and kissed him deeply. He scratched his nails over the back of James’ neck, just the way James liked, making Prongs moan appreciatively.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Sirius called out, trying to keep his voice cheerful but there was a harshness to his tone. “Let someone else have a turn, eh?”

Remus gave Sirius a smug smirk and then spinner the bottle. It landed on Frank Longbottom and Remus crawled his way over, pulling Frank into a dirty kiss that was all heat and tongues. By the time Remus pulled back, Frank was panting and his face was flushed. “Fucking hell, Remus,” he said, blinking slowly. “I had no idea you knew how to snog like that!” 

Remus was about to respond when he was grabbed roughly by his collar and dragged to his feet. “Excuse us a second, won’t you?” Sirius said shortly. 

“Where are you going?” James asked, looking a bit worried, for good reason. None of the Marauders had really talked about The Breakup. They’d all just sort of gone back to the way things were, as if Remus and Sirius had never been together in the first place. Now it looked like their group was on the verge of imploding.

“Just carry on without us,” Sirius practically growled as he hauled Remus up the stairs towards their dormitory. 

“Sirius, let go of me!” Remus shouted, trying to pry Sirius off. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Sirius growled, shutting the door and casting a spell to lock it. 

“Me?” Remus asked incredulously. “I didn’t even want to play in the first place!” 

“Yeah, well you took to it rather well, didn’t you?” Sirius said accusingly, putting his hands on his hips in annoyance.

“You’re unbelievable!” Remus snapped, beginning to pace the length of the room. “You only wanted me over there so you could make me jealous.”

“So what if I did?” 

“Then you can’t get angry with me for doing the same thing to you!” 

Sirius slumped against the door, all his posturing from a moment ago apparently gone. It took Remus a moment to realize just how sad he looked. He walked over and tentatively put his hand on Sirius’ arm. “What is it?” he asked quietly. 

“It’s nothing,” Sirius said, wrenching his arm away.

“Don’t give me that shit, Sirius,” Remus responded.

Sirius slammed his head back against the door in anger, letting out a visceral scream. 

“Hey!” Remus said, reacting quickly. He grabbed Sirius and pulled him away, effectively hugging him to keep him from hurting himself. “Don’t do that, Pads.”

Sirius melted against Remus and buried his face in Remus’ neck. “I miss you so fucking much, Moony,” he mumbled, bringing his hands up and clinging to Remus’ shirt.

“You see me every day,” Remus reminded him softly.

“Yeah, but it’s not the same, is it?” 

Remus sighed and closed his eyes. He began to gently rub Sirius’ back in an effort to sooth him. “I miss you too.”

“Just tell me what I did wrong,” Sirius begged, letting out a small sob. “You still won’t tell me what I did to lose you.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Remus told him, holding him tightly. 

“Bollocks,” Sirius said, snuffling against Remus’ collarbone. 

Remus guided Sirius over to his bed and pulled him up onto the mattress. They lied down together, tangled up in each other, as Remus tried to think of what to say.

“Do you remember the last full moon?” Remus asked, petting Sirius’ hair, carding his fingers gently through the thick, black locks. 

Sirius nodded against him.

“Well, a few hours before we went down to the Shrieking Shack, I saw you flirting with Fabian Prewett. Maybe you didn’t mean anything by it, but it really hurt me. I guess I’d been so angry about it that it manifested itself when I was the wolf. I-I could have killed you, Pads. I nearly did. If James hadn’t stepped in, I don’t know what would have happened. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you, but when I’m the wolf I can’t always control my emotions. A-and I would never ask you to change for me, Sirius, but I also can’t take those kinds of risks. It’s better for both of us if we just stay friends because you are who you are and that’s fine.” Remus didn’t stop talking until he’d gotten everything out. Luckily, Sirius lied there silently, small hiccups being the only indicator that he was still awake.

“I wasn’t flirting with Fabian,” Sirius said defensively.

“That’s not…” Remus shook his head and scrubbed his hand over his face in exasperation. “It’s not important anymore.” 

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Sirius snapped, sitting up and facing Remus. “You broke up with me because of it!”

“I broke up with you for your own safety!” Remus argued back. “I’m dangerous.” 

“You are not!” 

“I’m a bloody werewolf!” 

“I wasn’t flirting!” 

“You flirt with everyone! You’d flirt with a painting on the wall if you were bored enough!” 

“It doesn’t mean anything, Remus,” Sirius insisted, his hands curling into fists as the argument got heated. “I’m just friendly. I never cheated on you. I’ve never even thought about cheating on you.”

“Then why do you feel the need to flirt with whomever crosses your path?” Remus snapped, his nostrils flaring. 

“I’m in love with you, you massive wanker!” Sirius shouted, grabbing Remus by the shirt and shaking him. “And you broke my fucking heart. You think I’m constantly flirting with other people? Well maybe if you stopped projecting your insecurities onto me and actually paid attention, you’d know I’m usually talking about you! Everyone is always telling me to shut up about you because you’re all I talk about. That day with Fabian? We were talking about how you nearly blew up the dungeons by mixing up your potions because you’re rubbish at potions but I find it endlessly endearing. You can ask James or Peter or anyone in this bloody house and they’ll tell you that you’re all I talk about. I have to give James a knut every time I mention you because I do it so often. So tell me again how this was all my fault.”

Remus stared at Sirius in shock. “Oh,” he said quietly, not sure how else to respond. “I…fuck.” 

Sirius released Remus’ shirt and sat back, resting his weight on Remus’ thighs. “Do you have any idea how miserable I’ve been?” Sirius asked softly, leaning in and nudging his nose against Remus’ jaw. “Fuck, Moony, I don’t even remember what I used to talk about before you.”

Remus swallowed hard and felt his eyes prickle with tears. “I’m so sorry, Pads,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around Sirius’ neck and pulling him in close. “I’m the worst.”

Sirius exhaled softly, his breath tickling Remus’ neck, and then began pressing soft kisses along his jawline. “Can we try again?” Sirius whispered.

“Fuck, yes,” Remus said, nearly sobbing in relief. “Please Pads, I’ll do anything to get you back. I’ve missed you so fucking much.” 

Sirius smiled and turned his head, pressing his lips against Remus’. “Tell me you love me,” Sirius requested.

“I do,” Remus answered, nodding emphatically. “I love you so much. I’m an idiot. Forgive me?” 

Sirius turned his head to the side and rested in on Remus’ chest, listening to his heartbeat. “When it comes to you, Moony, I can forgive almost anything.” 

Remus wrapped Sirius up tight in his arms. “Thank you for putting up with me,” he said, his voice hoarse. He felt so vulnerable and frail, his arms around Sirius like an anchor keeping the storm of his emotions at bay. 

“You’re lucky I love you,” Sirius teased, pressing a kiss over Remus’ heart. 

“You have no idea how true that is,” Remus said, holding Sirius a little tighter. 

Who Do You Think You Are?

Title: Who Do You Think You Are?

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff/Humour

Summary: Exhausted from filming, Tom takes a shower late at night, only to be interrupted by a disgruntled neighbour.

Warnings: None

Author Note: Look guys, I actually managed to finish something *groans*. I don’t know why writing is giving me a bit of trouble lately, but I’m slowly but surely getting out of this slump. Hopefully.

Tom couldn’t remember the last time he had been this exhausted. All he wanted to do was drop into bed and not leave it for a week. But he would be right back into filming once again come tomorrow afternoon, as he had been for the past week. The very last thing he wanted to do was waste time in the shower, but with his shirt sticking to his chest from sweat, Tom knew he didn’t have much of a choice.

A half an hour later, and he was being woken up by the cold spray of water.

“Shit,” he grumbled under his breath, running his fingers through his soaked curls. Tom hadn’t thought it possible to doze off in the shower. Snickering, he shook his head and turned off the water. He had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last time with the schedule he had.

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  • Me: now I mustn't make too much noise so that I will not wake anyone up
  • floor: *creaks as if the demons are rising from hell*
  • toilet: *flushes as loudly as if mermaids are shooting off fireworks*
  • refrigerator: *opens and closes as if the gates of a fucking prison are being slammed shut*
  • Me: whY
Sick and Self

The cold air numbed my hands and made sliding the key into Harry’s door nearly impossible. Blowing on my frozen fingers in an attempt to revive them proved to be a good idea. The door opened easily and I stepped into a large yet quiet house. The lights in the foyer were off and the flat screen TV sat noiselessly on the living room wall. The place was dead. And Harry was sick.

I lightly kicked off my winter boots and hung my heavy coat on the iron coat rack. As I walked further into the house, I didn’t bother calling out for Harry. I already knew he was tucked into his bed and the last thing I wanted to do was wake him. The flu had gotten the best of Harry, leaving his sparkling green eyes tired and his toned, tanned skin pale. Sleep was what he needed now. It also happened to be what I needed. It was just after ten o’clock, the last class of the day had ended an hour earlier. Harry had requested my presence for the night. He was hard to say no to, not that I wanted to anyways.

As I walked up the spiral staircase to his room, I could feel my heartbeat thump against my rib cage. This wasn’t exactly how I had imagined to spend my first night at Harry’s. Although we had been dating for a few months, our busy schedules allowed for few dates. I treasured the insufficient hours we had to ourselves and always made sure to look my best for each occasion. This was the first time Harry would see me so casually, dressed in leggings and a monogrammed school sweatshirt. A messy bun and worn makeup completed the university-student look.

Harry’s bedroom door was slightly ajar and I pushed it open to reveal a dishevelled Harry staring at the ceiling with the comforter pulled up against only his waist. His torso was bare, save for the swirls of black ink. I could feel my body temperature rise dramatically, even though Harry was the only one with the fever.

“Harry,” I lightly scolded. “It’s freezing outside! How are you not cold like that?” I gestured to his shirtless body.

“I don’t know, but I’m sweating buckets over here,” Harry answered, his voice deep and throaty from sleep and sickness.

I sat on the edge of his bed and placed my hand on his clammy forehead.

“Your fever broke; that’s a good thing. You should start to feel better tomorrow.”

“I’m already feeling better now.” He winked, looking my body up and down.

Even sick, Harry was charming as hell. My face flushed and I playfully swatted at his chest.

“Can I get you anything? Soup, tea, medicine?”

Harry shook his head. “Nah, I’m okay. I have a few more hours to go before it’s time for the syrup again. And if I drink any more soup or tea I think I’m going to pee the stuff out.” I chuckled. “Just lie with me please.”

I knew I was risking getting sick sharing the bed with him. And knowing me and my hormones around Harry, I was bound to do more than just lie with him. But a sore throat and a fever had nothing at the physical pain that would come from being deprived of Harry’s touch while in the same room.

“Sure, mind if I use your bathroom to freshen up?” Harry nodded and gestured to the ensuite.

Grabbing my toiletry bag from my backpack, I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I combed through my tangled strands and threw them back into a nest on the top of my head. I smoothed my hands over my sweater and sighed. I had no pajamas of my own, so I was stuck sleeping in my clothes.

Sensing my predicament, I heard Harry call out: “Top drawer on the left are some sweats you can wear to bed.”

I smiled to myself and thanked him. My stomach flipped at the idea of wearing Harry’s clothes. Another first in our relationship tonight.

After settling on a black t-shirt and plaid pajama bottoms, I turned to Harry and gave him a cheeky warning.

“No peeking while I change!”

Keeping my back towards him, I quickly slipped on the comfy clothes. They were much too big but smelled like Harry; a fair trade.

When I faced Harry, I saw that he was sitting upright, his arms stretched behind him on the mattress for support. His eyes were light and his lips were turned up into a gorgeous lopsided smirk.

“You looked,” I said. My heart sank.

“Sorry, Y/N, but I’m sick, not stupid. When a beautiful woman strips down in front of me and puts on my clothes, well, that’s not something I can pass up. Especially when I happen to be quite fond of her personality, too.”

“Have you taken too much medicine, Harry?” I asked playfully.

His smooth answer dissolved most of the pressure in my chest but I still felt self-conscious of Harry seeing me so raw and bare. I shyly tucked a loose strand from my bun behind my ear and climbed into the bed, laying my head on the pillow. A few seconds had passed, and I had yet to make eye contact with Harry.
Harry’s warm fingers lightly traced the outline on my cheeks, and I heard him intake a sharp breath before he spoke.

“Y/N, I have a mum and a sister. Both are beautiful, yet I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen their confidence fall when they weren’t done up. I hate it when it happens to them, and I hate it now even more when it’s happening to you.”

My eyes shut briefly then met with Harry’s kind green ones, full of concern.

“I know it’s stupid, but I guess I can’t help it. You’ve only seen me after I’ve been primped. It’s kinda scary having you see me bare to be honest,” I admitted.

Harry shook his head in response. “Y/N, you are such a beautiful girl. Everything about you is. Whether your hair is up or down, or you have makeup on or not. Your insides are beautiful too, of course, but it bothers me that you don’t think you’re good enough as you are. It makes me feel like I failed as your boyfriend. What kind of respectable guy lets his girlfriend feel shitty?”

I chuckled lightly at his word choice. “Hey, this isn’t your fault, Harry. For what it’s worth, you do make me feel beautiful. But I’ve felt this way for so long that it’ll take a while for me to be completely confident.”

Harry nodded, taking in my words. “Well, until then, I’ll be here to remind you every day how beautiful you are.” I smiled. “And feel free to return the favour every once in a while.” He winked.

“Harry, I think you know you’re good looking. Wouldn’t want your head getting big, now would we?” I teased, poking him in the dimple I loved so much.

“Hey! My head is not big! My hair, maybe, but not my head!”

I lightly tugged on a section of Harry’s long locks. A series of coughs escaped his lips and I frowned.

“Get some sleep Harry, you need it.”

Harry nodded, shifting his body so that he lay comfortable.

“Goodnight beautiful,” Harry whispered, pressing a swift kiss to the back of my head.

“Goodnight Harry,” I replied simply. I didn’t think a word exists that is fitting to capture just how beautiful he really is.

AUTHOR’S NOTE There goes two requests: Harry gets sick and you are shy when he compliments you. Thank you for the requests! Sorry it took so long! I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading!

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Yesss definitely interested in more FBI au, give me happy trash AUs all day every day. I'd love to see from Lexa's POV for sure, and maybe Octavia's or Anya's as well! Thanks for the beautiful words fam

You’ve known Lexa for years, since you met in the academy. She was so young and small and at first you’d kind of wanted to roll your eyes at her, because she was unpacking sullenly across from you when you arrived and only grunted her name in greeting, and it’s not like you’re the friendliest person in the world (far from it), but you know manners at least.

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Flashback for one of my stories! /o/ It works for a late Christmas present tho <3 Happy Holidays! 

“Do Atlanteans celebrate Christmas?” Wally mused. He flopped onto his stomach on the couch and shoved a fistful of popcorn into his mouth. Immediately, a spoonf rom the kitchen flew over and smacked him upside the head. “Ow!”

“Wally!” M’gann chided. “That’s for the Christmas tree!”

“Christmas was two days ago!” Wally retorted. He rubbed his aching head, but could only laugh. Before he could get another spoon to the face, he continued stringing popcorn—while sneaking a few bits of popcorn, of course.

“It’s our first Christmas together as a team!” M’gann shot back. “And everyone was busy on the real Christmas, so we’re celebrating now!”

On cue, Wally made smarmy eyebrows at his favorite Supey. Everyone had gone home for the holidays—and as a tradition sans three years ago, Flash and he ran around to orphanages near Central City to read to little kids.

(Wally once made a jab at Flash by saying he was a big man in a red suit who could cross the world in one night, and Barry stuck with it. It was both the best and worst decision of his life.)

He’d asked if Supey wanted to spend the holidays with him, but M’gann and Superboy were apparently eager to have the cave to themselves on Christmas.

And now, they were only a few gingerbread men away from holiday hell.

Supey ignored Wally’s happy brows in favor of watching No Signal. Figures.

(That was totally a lie. Wally’d streak across Happy Harbor if M’gann asked him to. This was nothing in comparison.)

“We celebrate on the eve of the Winter Solstice and drink to our heart’s content,” Kaldur explained from his place on the La-Z-Boy. He seemed perfectly content with the clumsily knit scarf Artemis had given him. (Archer? Yes. Seamstress? No.) “Then we feast for an entire week and indulge on several types of foods. Whoever devours the most is then cooked to a crisp and is eaten by all of Atlantis on the eve of the New Year.”


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