hell bunny dresses

I have recently fallen in love with Hell Bunny! 
The full circle skirts and beautiful cotton prints.  *sigh*
A modern/retro loving plus sized gal’s dream come true.  I was reluctant to try them out because the sizing on the brand’s site runs really small (like, smaller than junior plus, small!).  As soon as I got my first Hell Bunny dress in the mail for Christmas I realized that I was about to become a massive addict (I now have three).  
My collection of colorful crinolines and petticoats went *squeeeeee*… and they lived happily ever after. 

I felt like such a Barbie, today. 

anonymous asked:

can you do a frank iero dabble that's all fuzzy and cute please and love ur account


“That’s not how you set up a tent.” Frank says rolling his eyes while smiling. "Why did you want me to set this thing up? I obviously don’t know how to set it up.“

“Fine, I’ll help.” he giggles and sets up the tent. He untangles you out of the tent sheets.

“Can you grab that pole?” he asks. You skip over and grab the pole and skip back. “Here!” you go behind him and put the pole around his chest, pulling you two closer. He turns around and puts his hands on your hips. “And what are you doing?” he asks smiling. You give him a peck on the lips and hand him the pole. “Oh so That’s how its gonna be.” he said giggling.

<Time Skip>

You guys got the tent set up finally. “So are we done with my torture?” he asks.

“It was just a little fun.”

“It was revenge for Me making You set up the tent, wasn’t it?” he says smirking while gripping your waist. You wrap your arms around his neck. “Maybe.”

The radio started to play “Brother” by Gerard Way.

“Oh I see Gerard is watching over us.” Frank says smiling. You giggle “Silly he’s not even dead!” “I know, but he always knows how to make things more romantic for us.” he says, slow dancing to the music. “That’s true” you look down and smile, swaying to the music. “Remember the first time we met?” he asks. “You needed Gerard to carry you to me in order for me to talk to you” “Oh well I’m sorry for being scared to talk to the cute little merchandise girl.” he buried his face into your neck. “Gerard could talk to me but you couldn’t, the most you would say was a little mumble.” you giggled. “Remember our first date?” “Me going to dinner with the band and sitting by you, isn’t exactly a date.” You pull him closer. “Shut up, yes it is.” You could feel him smiling on your neck. “I guess so.” you giggle more. “Well we had sex after, so it should count” “Yes that’s true, but that’s only because Gerard kept talking about sex and the things you could do, like-” “Stop Y/N, my boner will ruin the moment.” You hugged him more. “Remember when I surprised you at your show?” “You where wearing a Hell Bunny dress, bunny ears with a tail, thigh highs with bows on the bottom. How could I forget.” “And you rubbed your crotch on the side of Gee’s head.” “I couldn’t help it! I’m a man It’s your fault.” He giggled. I thought it was cute” You whisper. “How? I was sweaty and gross! If anything I was hot.” he said.

“Nope you where cute.” “No, I shall not except that. Gerard’s the cute one cus’ he has the fucking nose. I’m the hot one.” He said. “Just because Gerard’s nose is cute doesn’t mean your not cute. Your nose is cute along with the cute lil’ piercing you have.” “ugh fine.” he giggles. “You know, I’m happy I’m with you.” He says swaying and dancing more with you. “I know, I feel the same about you.” “But how? I’m so short, and just ugh.” he kisses your neck, nipping a little. “I’m shorter than you. And you have thousands of fangirls and fanboys. I was just a little murch girl. My question is how did I get with such a handsome man?”

“That’s easy to answer, its because your perfect. Without makeup you look like an angel, I prefer you without makeup because it takes me back to when I would see you by our T-Shirt stand. There are so many reasons why I love you.” “I love you too”

And You danced with him until the song ended.

((A/N I hope you liked this! thank you for requesting this, I had a lot of fun writing this. I also have a question for my LemOrange babies: what is your favorite Frnk Iero and the cellabration song? mine is “All I want is nothing” anyways thanks for reading and please request more))


Little Miss Sunshine

Dress: Hell Bunny Rock Dress White Manchester 
Jewellery (Excluding Rings): Lovisa
Hair Colour: Manic Panic Sunshine
Makeup: Napoleon Contour Palette, Face It BB Cream, Milani Concealer, Maybelline Eyeliner Gel and Lo’real Miss Manga Mascara. 

I’m so excited to post my first outfit of the day! This look was inspired by 90′s grunge meets Disney Princess. I wanted to go for a bold pattern on the dress and soften the look with cute curls in the hair and a bow to top it off. I added some layered necklaces to add into the grunge theme and also to show off the sun choker against my yellow hair. 

*Sorry about the bra straps

I hate being a plus size goth!

Plus size in goth clothing seems to stop at 22! Even if it does go above that it’s just all samey and boring. I want pretty things!!! I want to feel confident in who I am! I need to drop some sizes so I can wear all the pretty hell bunny dresses and restyle skirts I want.


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