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Terrors - Stiles Stilinski Fluff

REQUESTED: No, I just wanted to write this. First I was going to make this a Jonathan Byers imagine, then it was a Scott McCall imagine, then Liam, but none of those characters fitted with how I wanted to write this. I just felt it worked better with Stiles, and couldn’t see that in any other way.

WARNINGS: Night Terrors

SUMMARY: Ever since the Nogitsune came and went, you’d been suffering from night terrors. One night, Stiles stays over to work with you on a project and you’re hit by the night terrors.

NOTES: I kind of wanted to write this because Stiles, in the show, kind of has a history of night terrors and paranoia (especially after 3b and the events during that part). So, there was that reason, because I wanted to see how he’d react to someone else suffering.

As well as this, I kind of personally suffer from night terrors. Like, I’ll wake up sometimes, and just see human figures in the night by my door and window, and I can’t ever move to get to them. Nobody can get in my room other than me, but it’s the scariest thing for me to deal with. So, personal writing here (yay!). 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one. I realize that I’ve written so many Stiles imagines, but right now that’s all I’ve felt like doing. If you would like to see more imagines for a different character, then please drop me a message!

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Oath-Sworn - A ToG FanFiction (Gavriel’s POV)

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So this fic took a lot longer to write than anticipated. Besides my promotion making work crazy and not really being in a write-y tight-y mood as of late, this story was just plain painful. RIP to my heart. Still, regardless of the hours spent writing and re-writing and editing and crying, it is finished, and I am pleased with it.

All passengers buckle your seatbelt, grab your tissues, keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle, and please refrain from hitting, biting, threatening, or otherwise abusing your tour guide. Enjoy your leisurely ride through a shattered heart!

All rights —> Sarah J Maas


Son. I have a son.

     It was all I could think of as I sailed for the war-torn shores of Adarlan, watching Wendlyn shrink to a dark smudge on the distant horizon.

     Aedion. The young, arrogant and spirited cousin of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. The legendary Wolf of the North who had starred as the midnight fantasy of nearly every female, young and old, across the continents for nigh a decade.
     Why had his mother kept his existence a secret?
     I already knew the answer.
     Aedion’s mother knew I wouldn’t be able to protect our son from the blood-oath. Mauve would have forced Aedion to serve her, forced him to do her bidding. Regardless of his mother’s bloodline, Aedion would have inherited much of my strength, my Fae senses and instincts. He’d have become a formidable warrior in Mauve’s service.
     Instead, under his mother’s care and secrets, he came to serve a different Queen. And for that, I am grateful. I thank the gods that Aedion never had to swear an oath to Mauve as I had. Never would he be forced to carry out her dirty work.

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The calm before the storm

I have actually more (but this one is a little longer, it’s a oneshot to your fantasyAU, because ANGEL JIMIN!!!!) I’m new to this, so if this goes horribly wrong, if I’m sending this to the wrong place or if I clicked the wrong things - don’t kill me, please! ;D



“Your hair looks weird. It’s so white!” Yoongi sits down besides Jimin in the grass, picking one of the bleach strands up to investigate it closer.

Jimin huffs, his beautiful wings rustling in annoyance as he slaps the other’s hand away.

“We already talked about that! I’m an angel, of course my hair is white. It resembles my purity.”

He nods fervently, proud of what he is.

“Aside from that, your hair is strange too, my friend. It’s so pitch black, it lacks even its natural glimmer.”

They look at each other challengingly, until Yoongi gives him the eyebrow and Jimin sighs in defeat.

“Okay, okay, having black hair is not that uncommon, but you can say the same thing about white hair, as well! Other people have white hair, too!”

He knows he is childishly sulking by now, it’s only hair and Yoongi is just joking, but he wants to be as pretty as possible for the other.

His wings vibrate nervously and give his restlessness away.

Yoongi just laughs, laying back in the grass and looking up at the other, squinting against the sun and maybe also against the warm glow of light that seems to surround Jimin like a never slipping halo.

“Only old people and the ones that have seen way too much get white hair. It’s not common for a little boy your age, who barely knows how to wipe his own nose.” He gives his words of wisdom, closing his eyes and sighing contently, entirely pleased with his answer.

Jimin is only a few centimetres smaller than him, but he still likes to tease him about that and his delicate features, calling him a kid and laughing over how cute the other is when he gets offended.

It’s only when Jimin stays quiet that he realizes he may have crossed a line.

He opens his eyes again and Jimin refuses to look at him, staring off into the distance, wings wrapped around his figure, his eyes cold and hard all of a sudden and mouth set in a firm line.

“Are you really that close-minded, Yoongi? You, of all people? We know each other for quite some time now and I love you, but you still think I know nothing about the world? I’m not a boy and I definitely did see too much in all these centuries I roamed this realm.”

His wings are spreading with his temper, unwrapping themselves, bristling like the fur of an angry cat, until they frame Jimin in their full height, intriguing but breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.

Yoongi sits up quickly when Jimin looks at him, because there is a strange glint in his eyes, something old and ancient and oddly nonhuman that makes the necromancer’s skin crawl.

He gets suddenly aware of the fact that Jimin is not human – never was, to begin with – but a mighty celestial being and he is actually a little frightened, because he barely gets to see Jimin like this and he seems to be so powerful at that moment.

“I was there when they built the world. I have seen the rise and fall of kingdoms, watched wars unfold and peace come and go. I experienced the birth of mankind and was witness to its growth. I may look like a boy but I’m way older than you, Yoongi. And I’ve seen too much things… the cruelty of humans, their sins, their death and even beyond. I’ve seen what awaits them in hell. I’ve seen so many sunrises, they can’t touch me anymore.”

His fury turns to sadness all of a sudden and he seems to noticeably shrink, shoulders falling, spread wings folding themselves in. He looks exhausted and tired all of a sudden and Yoongi drags him into his arms, his heart throbbing because he loves him and he can’t stand to see Jimin like this, so defeated and hopeless and… done.

“Maybe you’re right, you know? Maybe my hair is not white because I’m so pure, but rather because the terror I’ve seen scared the colour away…”

Jimin snuggles into Yoongi, folding his wings protectively around them and rests his head on the other’s broad shoulder.

Yoongi lifts one hand to explore Jimin’s angelic face, tracing his jawline, his closed eyelids with the long lashes fanning over high cheekbones, the curve of his nose and the outline of his slightly parted lips, so much wonder and awe in his eyes, because Jimin is gorgeous and perfect and his and he is tainted, a sinner who plays with death who certainly doesn’t deserve an angel like him.

“At least the terror only grazed you, took the colour away and left again. My hair is black because the dread is sticking like glue to my form, tinting my locks and itching under my skin. You saw horror, but I inflicted it. I still don’t get why you keep me around.”

“Because you saved me.” Jimin whispers softly and both of them are overwhelmed by the truth in their words, having never talked about their feelings so openly like this before.

“I breathed and I lived and I continued on with the other angels, yes, but I… I was not alive. Not really. I felt cold inside. Like stone. I had seen everything and felt everything and I had gotten used to it. I felt so numb, like I was incapable of feeling emotions. I was bored out of my mind. And then I met you and you were different, you brought colour and sound back into my world and it felt like I woke up from a yearlong sleep. You saved me, and I love you and I’m thankful… so thankful…”

Jimin trails off, his wings tightening around them. Yoongi smiles down on him, feeling his heart swell with love as Jimin returns it, bright and carefree, taking Yoongi’s hand in his slightly smaller one, linking their fingers together.

“But I’m a sinner. I play around with dark magic and death, you can’t deny that.” Yoongi states but gives Jimin a peck on the nose nevertheless, watching in amusement as the other’s cheeks flush a rosy pink. 

“It’s not as easy as that and you know that better than everyone else. You didn’t get into dark magic because you thought it would be fun, but rather because you tried to save a loved one. You knew about the consequences and you still went through with it. I actually admire your braveness.”

Jimin defends him and his wings rustle around them in slight indignation.

“Still, they don’t approve of us.” Yoongi mentions, pressing his forehead to Jimin’s.

Angels usually don’t fall in love, it’s considered a sin and one of the greatest betrayals of heaven. If the others got a say in it, Yoongi would be dead a long time ago and Jimin would be carefully deprived of every emotion.

“They want to talk to me, actually. I’m leaving in a few hours.” Jimin confesses and he is quick to take Yoongi’s face in both hands to calm him down, as the other jerks up with a hiss of sudden anger.

“I’m sure it’ll be alright. I’ll explain everything to them and I’ll return to you, unharmed. Don’t worry. They can’t possibly disapprove of something as beautiful as true love.”

Yoongi is not convinced, but he also knows that Jimin will go, no matter what he says, so instead of mouthing his worries, he lays – once again – back in the grass, this time dragging Jimin with him.

The angel giggles, careful to fold his wings in so they won’t get crushed under their weight and places his head on the other’s chest. He hums happily as Yoongi starts to stroke his pale hair absentmindedly with one hand, hugging the smaller body close with the other arm.

“You know that I love you, right? I need you to be fluffy and happy and my fucking ray of sunshine, so please come back to me safely, in one piece.” Yoongi starts to place butterfly kisses everywhere he can reach, in the other’s hair, on his forehead, behind his ears and Jimin yelps as he reaches a spot where he is ticklish.

“Language!” He reminds Yoongi, but the next moment he lifts his head to catch the other’s lips with his. It’s brief and chaste and Yoongi is a little overwhelmed at first, but it’s nonetheless such a tender kiss, mingled with so many feelings, Yoongi’s head starts to spin.

“I love you, too.” Jimin says and with that they settle back, enjoying the comfortable silence and each other’s presence.

Yoongi feels himself getting tired and he is dozing off already, when Jimin speaks up again, voice unusually serious and thoughtful:

“You know what I found out about mankind all these years I got to watch them?”

He doesn’t wait for an answer, maybe he thinks Yoongi is asleep already.

“The innocent are the ones that have to suffer the most.”

He states it firmly, confidently, with a finality that makes Yoongi cringe.

The worst part is that he is right.

He hums in agreement, his arms unconsciously tightening around Jimin, caressing his beautiful, smooth wings, before falling asleep completely.

When he wakes up again, the other is already gone and Yoongi can’t help but feel frightened all of a sudden, because “the innocent are the ones that have to suffer the most” and Jimin is so pure and precious and the most innocent person he has ever met.

He tries to tell himself that he is exaggerating, that Jimin is going to be back in no time and he’ll just never let him go again from then on, but uneasiness settles in the pit of his stomach like a heavy stone and he can’t help but think that,


Something is going to go horribly wrong.

The innocent are the ones that have to suffer the most.

He will never stroke that beautiful, smooth wings again.


(FantasyAU is probably not really relevant at the moment, but I wrote this a while ago and I really wanted to show it to you :3)

I hope I didn’t fuck up and it’s okay when I send it to you like this.

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But if you roll Gil all your luck will be gone for Astolfo /:

You know I’ve just come to accept it. I’ll never roll anyone. It’s set in stone. No matter the rate ups, no matter the amount of money and time I throw at the game, I’ll never roll anyone. And that’s fine. I’ve accepted it. The servants I have now will be the only ones I’ll ever have. Ill play until my will finally breaks and then I’ll quietly give up and retreat into my mind where I’ll dream of many cute servants happily dancing in fields while I watch in bliss from afar. That’s my future and I’ve accepted it. I chose to walk into this hell knowing what awaited me. I’ll take my punishment for daring to believe in the dream of many 5*’s like a man.

me: *talking to who i though was a friend*

me: so what do you think of Climbing Class?

“friend”: well chris is an annoying and useless character to have. josh is a psychopathic asshole who got what he deserved.

me: ……

me: *shoving breadsticks into my backpack* i’m sorry, i must go, climbing class fanfiction and fanart await me on tumblr.

“friend”: where the hell did you get those breadsticks from, we’re at Wendy’s.

me: *leaving with a can of coconut coconut juice in hand* i come prepared m8.

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I-um.... I'm PRETTY sure I just sat there staring at that Stripper!Iwa gif for a good solid 20 minutes. It's so tantalizing. Oh my God. Which is hotter rn, that gif, that fic, or the blood in my body who knows but hell awaits so here I go.

Oh man whenever someone tells me they’ve been staring at my gifs for wAY LONGER THAN THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO I get so self-conscious omg don’t do it save yourself

bUT thank you anon, I know how you feel about that fic – I was lucky (or unlucky?) enough to have been shown excerpts while it was still being written and I almost overheated every time and I’m just. Going to stay here. In hell