hell aligned

Part II of the Kent/Tater crack because I’m in rarepair hell. This one’s kinda spicy but not explicit. Part I is here. Alright.

Kent’s not sure why he agreed to be here, other than the fact that he’s apparently the world’s biggest masochist. When Alexei invited him over after their game in Providence, Kent knew the best course of action was to politely decline due to him being too thoroughly invested getting naked together. Instead, he said “yeah, sounds good.”

He knows what this is. He’s cocky, not delusional. Back in Las Vegas he flirted, they bought each other drinks. It was nice. Friendly. Now he’s at Alexei’s front door, shirt buttoned up to a respectable hole, ready for a good night between bros. Just guys being dudes, he thinks, and he tries not to think it bitterly.

Alexei opens the door and Kent pretends he doesn’t notice or care about how tall he is. It’s hard when Alexei throws his arm around Kent’s shoulders and steers him inside.

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anonymous asked:

so theres hell-aligned and heaven-aligned and then a neutral zone but is there stuff.... outside???? of all that??? like if spirituality is outside of physicality, i feel outside of spirituality and those kinds of things and i feel very confused

I’m not totally following your question, but I can try to explain some of the terms you used…?

Think of spiritual alignment like sexuality. There is an infinity of places on the spectrum. Like you can be “heaven aligned,” “hell aligned,” “nature/element aligned,” “space/extraterrestrial aligned,” “human-like,” “creature-like,” “primordial to this universe,” “core energy” etc etc etc etc. 

Imagine all spiritual beliefs have an alignment…you can fit in anywhere in that as a spiritual being. Like I’m a little heaven aligned, a little hell aligned, mostly just an energy body that works with the Akashic Records. I usually just describe myself as an individual. I don’t know too many spirit who stick too closely to alignment, except for some very dedicated angels and demons who tend to stay within their species’ boundaries of typical traits. 

You could be a heaven aligned demon, though. Like Aamon is pretty loyal to the Creator, but he’s very demonic with his energy. He also has some Fae characteristics too, and a role as a Hindu God, etc etc. He’s all over the place. (Sexually too lol…returning to the early analogy). 

This is a really weird and probably poor explanation, but maybe it’s shedding a little light on this idea? 

anonymous asked:

I am still confused at not wanting to punch so White aligned person. Hell, why is he so likable... i kinda want to hug him...

Is this a confession? Go hug ‘em, mate, White players aren’t that bad. :3