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More light, more heat

Hey @hedera-helixwriteseruri​ here’s a little blast from the past for you….

You remember that circus AU we once talked about?

The one where Erwin visits the circus with his fiancé and becomes fascinated with Levi, the dark haired acrobat?  Do you remember how he returns night after night, fascination growing into obsession? How be neglects his responsibilities, his fiancé, everything but the small lithe figure, tumbling with breath-taking grace and skill above the ring?  And how he returns one night to find the circus has moved on?  All that’s left is a ring of sawdust in the park, and the tracks of the trailers leading out through the gate.  Do you remember how Erwin returns home to his perfect life, his perfect fiancé and how everything seems drained of colour and of joy?  How his days are filled with the hollow ache of going through the motions and his nights are haunted by dreams of that small dark figure flying over the ring, his body twisting, twining, falling, in the light and the heat?  Do you remember how eventually Erwin can’t stand it any longer and one day he walks out the door, leaving behind his perfect life and his perfect fiancé, and how he keeps on going, from town to town, until he tracks down the circus?  How, finally, he sees the lights of the big top glittering through the trees and slips inside to stand in the shadows at the back of the ring.  Do you remember how he looks up through the glittering darkness and sees Levi standing on the platform, trapeze in hand, and how he looks down at Erwin and smiles before he steps out into the lights and soars?

And here’s the song we found that tells their story, word for word. 

More light, more heat
Yes I’m asking please
Take me, hold me, show more love
More light, more heat
If you’re asking me
I’ll be there when these circus lights go out
When these circus lights go out

(I actually have rough notes for a few more paragraphs of this, but they’re barely legible :} 

anonymous asked:

What's an average day at Helix security like?

Well, I cannot exactly answer that question in full detail, I am sorry anon.

We were all just a very dedicated, hard-working, and professional team. I think that’s all I can say about that, I am afraid…

Thank you for the ask!

(… several months ago…)




well… to be completely honest, we were more or less professionals i guess?

it’s not weird if you’re his #1 priest

(sorry it’s kinda hard to read, tumblr uploaded it too small and linking from imgur didn’t help either, i don’t really know what to do about that)

super-papagei-universe  asked:

May I request another part for allof212 ? Because I like that one a lot and I'm now very curious of what happen after the death of Sidious!

Its the clash of lightsabers.

Its the fight of a new dawn.

And Obi-Wan is not throwing away his shot at a new day, a new future, a new life.

He’s been fighting all his life, fighting for attention, fighting for a Master, fighting for recognition and value, fighting to be acknowledged as something other then just a failed Initiate, never feeling like more then just that.

Never really more then Qui-Gon Jinn’s padawan.

Never more then a place holder.

Never feeling like he was enough.

Until he had his men.

Until he was given his command and allowed them to take command of him. Allowed them to hold him tight and care for him.

So this is what he is now.

A lethal predator made into human form for them and the future.

Double sabered and ready to fight for the future he knows is just there, just outside the grasp of his fingertips.

So he goes toe to toe with Sheev Palpatine in the Senate itself, in front of every Senator and holo-camera after calling the man out of his hypocrisy and his betrayal of the state he’s suppose to lead. Everything is white noise except Palpatine.

Everything is unimportant in the face of surviving this fight and just being free.

The Force screams in his ears and everything slows down for a moment as Palpatine’s saber passes his face, burning a scar over the bridge of his nose before Obi-Wan throws himself forward, sabers locked against each other as they both throw their weights against each other, teeth gritted, Obi-Wan’s fangs on display as they bear their teeth at each other.

“I will take pleasure in crushing your throat.” Palpatine hissed out.

Obi-Wan just hissed back in return.

Obi-Wan twists out of the lock and slides to his knees, his blades passes in front of him even as Palpatine bends forward in surprise and then there is silence and the smell of charred flesh, familiar to Obi-Wan as he breaths sharply.

And then the Chancellor slides apart, two halves hitting the ground.

Through the roar of the Senate and his own blood pounding in his ears, Obi-Wan sat back on his heels and breathed out.

Happiness on the other side of the horizon.

He closed his eyes.

“…Its over…”


“You have mild adrenaline poisoning.”

“I may have had that for years if we’re bluntly honest.” Obi-Wan smiled faintly at Helix before reaching out and pulling the medic close, pressing their foreheads together. “Its okay Helix’ika. I’m fine. I will be fine dear one.” He slowly pushed himself out of the bench. “But I need to go speak to the Council love.” He cupped the clone medics cheek. “So we can leave.”

“…I’m only letting you go because once you’ve talked to them, you can rest for days.” Helix glared at him. “We’ll make sure of it.”

“And I’m looking forward to it.” Obi-Wan reached up and pulled the other down the minor space that separated them in height, resting their foreheads together for a few seconds. “I’m looking forward to it.” He slowly pulled away from him and headed for the elevator.

“What, nothing for me?”

Obi-Wan stopped and turned, laughing quietly before reaching out and pulling Cody forward and into a soft kiss, uncaring who saw. What did it matter, he had a future now that did not include sitting at banquet tables or negotiating between warring sections. He pulled away slowly and sighed happily. “…Head to the shuttle, I’ll come as soon as I’m done and then we can head off. Senator Amidala has already ear-marked a nice farm property on Naboo for us.”

“Aye aye cyare.” Cody grinned, stepping back beside Helix who gave him a half hearted punch in the shoulder as Obi-Wan stepped into the elevator.

“Just had to get a kiss huh?” He teased his commander.

Cody just smirked before both headed through the temple, pointedly ignoring a few gaping Jedi.

After all, its not everyday you see Master Kenobi kissing his troopers.

“Gotta admit, I’m kind of looking forward to growing stuff.” Cody hummed. “I’m sure I can learn.”

“And someone has to take care of whatever injuries happens as you all learn.” Helix snorted but he was smiling.

Their riduur was coming with them to be happy.

What better end to the war was there?

desklampninja  asked:

I found a Helix Fossil the other day, and while I do want an Omanyte, I don't really know how to take care of one. Since they're ancient pokemon, I imagine one would need very specific environments and food to be healthy. Do you have any advice?

Actually, they’re a pretty modern Pokémon. A lot of people also fancy them, and you can find good resources (that are a LOT more thorough than I) through the local Pokémon center.

1runw1thwolves212  asked:

I got my ear pierced the other day. (Helix and upper lobe.) I am so happy. They're quite subtle though. Unless I point them out everyone is like the Harry of the Potters. Utterly oblivious. I only had one or two people comment on them without me mentioning anything. Not even my dad knew I had them and at some point he was looking right at me. (He knew I was getting them. Just didn't know when.)

Andy: I bet they look fantastic!!!

Impact (chapter 2)

Felicity sat in the chair next to Oliver and watched him dream.

At moments, he appeared restful and calm, his breathing even and steady. But then his body would flinch and twitch and a low moan from him would give Felicity the chills. It sounded like a broken foghorn calling out in the room. It was mournful, and as Felicity listened to it, she could not imagine what images that were haunting Oliver would bring that sound out of him.

Actually, she could imagine.  She was having similar images in her own dreams. She had drifted off a couple hours earlier. Her dreams were of loss and incredible sadness. But they were also of guilt. Oliver told her it wasn’t her fault what happened to William, but Felicity still held on to it. She kept reliving what happened in those few seconds on the street three days ago. In her dreams, she could hear the squealing brakes of the truck and the sickening impact of it hitting William. She could feel her feet seemingly embedded in the sidewalk concrete, keeping her from running to William’s side. It was the same helplessness Oliver shared with her when he and John arrived at the hospital.

“Felicity…no…don’t…I’m sorry…come back…William…”

Oliver’s dream voice called out, filling the intensive care ward. Felicity started to reach out to him, to gently shake her husband awake. But just before she could touch him, Oliver opened his eyes and took a gasping breath. He looked confused and disorientated.

“Oliver,” Felicity spoke softly to him. “It’s okay. You were dreaming again. What was it about?”

Oliver ran a shaking hand through his disheveled hair. “I was…I saw you…and William…” He fell silent and Felicity could see fear in his eyes, something he rarely showed.

“Oliver, it’s okay. It was only a dream.”

“No Felicity, it was a nightmare.”

“Do you want to tell me?”

At first, Oliver shook his head in refusal. He could feel his survival instincts wanting to kick in, could feel himself start to embrace island Oliver and regression, to go to that place where he had almost lost everything. But he had, with Felicity’s help and love, left the island behind him. It was no longer a safe haven where he could retreat, away from despair and fear and pain…and hopelessness. Oliver calmed his breathing down and took Felicity’s hand. She was Oliver’s island now. He could tell her his darkest fears without his monster breaking free and creating havoc and death.

“Felicity, I was, uh, we were in Nanda Parbat. We took William there, and Ra’s…he was alive. He told me he would help bring William…” A shiver moved through him. “He told me he could save William in the Lazarus Pit. Oh god Felicity, William was dead. I can still feel his weight in my arms. Ra’s said if I give up my soul, my son would come back. My son would…”

Felicity climbed out of her chair and moved into Oliver’s lap, hugging him tightly to her body. “Oliver, baby, it was only a dream. Ra’s is dead. You killed him. And Nyssa destroyed the Pit. William is still alive. And I am too. All of us are. I’m here…honey…I’m here.”

Oliver put his arms around her, clutching at the comfort she was trying to give him. It was the kind of vulnerability he had denied himself for so many years: Island Oliver, Bravta Oliver and Monster Oliver—those were the personas be took on behind the mask. But now, he was Felicity’s Oliver. She gave him a new strength to fight against his fallacies.

“Felicity,” he spoke in her ear. “It felt so real. Not a dream…a vision. The Pit…the Pit can…”

“No Oliver,” Felicity tenderly scolded him. “It wasn’t real. And even if it was, how could we make the decision to put William in the Pit? It would take his soul away. Ours too.”

Oliver stood up, bringing Felicity with him. She clung to his body until he gently set her down on her feet. “I know, Felicity. I know, but…what if…”

“Oliver, don’t do this to yourself. William is in the care of capable medical professionals, not some mystic medieval miracle cure.”

“Yeah,” Oliver reluctantly  agreed. “You’re right. It was only a dream.”

Felicity instantly became suspicious as Oliver seemed to give up so easily. “Oliver…what’s going on?”

Oliver looked over at William. His son was suspended in a traction bed to keep pressure off his broken back. He was hooked up to breathing machines and machines that kept his heart beating. Electrodes were attached to his head to monitor his brain activity.

“Felicity, William is only alive now because of those machines. What kind of life is that?”

Felicity shook her head. “Oliver, don’t do this. John was right. There is still hope. William has your blood running in his veins. It makes him stronger.”

Oliver was not convinced. “Felicity, I can’t…I have to do something. I promised Samantha I would take care of him. I can’t just stand by…I can’t just watch…he is so far away from me, from us. I have to do something…I have to save him.”

Felicity saw conviction start to fill Oliver’s demeanor and she knew that he already had a plan forming in his mind. “Oliver, what are you thinking? Tell me.”

“Felicity…Barry could help us.”

Shock, then anger took hold of Felicity. “Oliver…no. Are you out of your mind?”

Oliver shook his head. “Softly, love. Please hear me out.”

“No Oliver. This is not an option. It’s another nightmare. Everything will change again…Flashpoint. Absolutely not.”

Oliver felt the monster start to stir inside him at her refusal. “Felicity, if this could bring William back, I’m willing to risk it. Besides, we wouldn’t have to take the chance if you had been more careful looking after…”

Felicity slapped Oliver’s face. “You son of a bitch,” she raged at him.

Oliver and the monster were startled by her slap, enough to make him realize he had gone too far. He started to reach for her, but Felicity backed away, too hurt and angry to let him touch her. “Felicity, I am so sorry. This is making me crazy. You are my life, and William’s too. You make it all work for us. I had no right…I was wrong to…maybe you should slap me a few more times, in case I forget how important you are.”

Felicity started to cry. The space she put between herself and Oliver felt like they were squaring off against each other. Oliver’s accusation, (and there was a part of her that knew he didn’t mean it) brought her guilt over what had happened to William to the surface. She started to feel unsure of herself again. A sudden memory of Helix and her last days with them slammed into her mind. Not again, she thought.

“Felicity, I’m sorry,” Oliver told her again. “I’m going to go get some coffee. Do you…can I bring you some?”

Felicity could not answer him. She did need something to sustain her, to help take away the sudden memories and fears, and now, loneliness. But it wasn’t coffee.

Oliver took his shame and turned away from her, leaving the room.


As he walked down the hospital corridor in search of coffee, Oliver reached inside his jacket and took out his cellphone. He found Barry’s number on speed dial and punched it up. After four rings, he was answered.

“Oliver, hey. Long time no hear. What’s  up?”

“Barry, I need to see you. Uh…I have a question and a favor to ask you. How fast can you get here?”

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