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18. What ship have you written the most about?

Okay, my first guess is: McShep from SGA. *checks AO3* And I was right, by a long shot. I’ve also written more works in that fandom than any other, but not all of them were McShep.

25. What’s your most popular fanfic?

Giving the Devil His Due (SGA, McShep, E, but if there was a higher rating than explicit….) A couple weird things about this. 1) I have no idea why it has over 1000 more hits than the first fic in the series. I mean I think it’s maybe the better fic, but idgi. 2) If the Purity Police ever read it, I’d have to turn off anon commenting. 

50. How did you get into reading and/or writing fanfiction?

Depends on your definition of fanfic. Way back in the day–mid-70s–I was this huge Star Trek fan and I read every danm Star Trek book I could get my hands on, including a couple of volumes of fan written stories. They felt like fanfic and they were written by fans, so I think they’re fanfic. Some of the really early novels kind of felt that way too, but I really think only a couple of the really early started out as fanfic.

I always wrote fanfic in my head, pretty much as long as I can remember. I never really tried to sit down and write it until I had a) a computer because I just cannot write longhand and b) a place to share it because I’m not the kind of person who actually sits down and writes exculisvely for themselves. It’s too much work and I can always just tell those stories in my head.

The weird thing is, I knew people in organized SF/F fandom and I thought about writing fanfic back in the ‘zine days, but all my energy at the time went to the SCA. A slightly different nerdy focus and I’d have been writing for 35 years and not just 20. (On the other hand, I’d be even more of a BOFQ than I am now.)


He’s alive. I know it. (…) Tulok, you know why our ancestors built the inuksuk? As a marker to show us our way. But also to remind us that we’re never alone in such a lonely place. (…) How am I supposed to just leave him out here?

Helix 1x13 - Dans L'Ombre

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I loved 520 and thought it was utterly gorgeous and very powerful. One thing that is grating on me - Oliver didn't lie to Felicity about William because he didn't 'trust himself', he wanted to tell her. He asked Sam if he could. He begged her even 'don't make me keep this from her'. 'I don't trust myself' makes sense in the context of the Helix stuff etc, but not William.

Well, I’d argue it’s still the same root problem, Nonnie. Oliver didn’t find another way with Samantha. And why not? He’s done it before with much tougher problems. Oliver may have wanted to tell Felicity, but he didn’t. And the reason he didn’t wasn’t because Samantha wouldn’t let him. Oliver didn’t fight for his rights, his needs and jeopardised his entire future and happiness with the woman he loved because he couldn’t find another way. And the reason he wasn’t able to find another way was because deep down he didn’t believe he deserved happiness… because he was innately evil, a monster. And monsters don’t get to have a real family. 

There was no logical reason for Oliver to continue to keep the secret from Felicity once the likes of MM knew. But he did. He made that choice because he told himself there was none other to make, even when more and more people found out about William. Oliver couldn’t come up with a way to tell Felicity the truth because he believed she’d leave him, because under it all, Oliver believed he didn’t deserve Felicity or her love. Because he was a monster. 

So, the William lie still fits neatly into that premise for me, Nonnie. It doesn’t make the BM drama any better in its execution, but there is an internal logic to it. :)

@yellowflicker09011996 replied to your post “anyway, i didn’t think the ending was completely awful. it was pretty…”

it was so great that arrow tonight ended john being such a hero and saving his friends. was it not? it was great

lmao i didnt think it was that bad though

like the talk wasn’t as deep as the others, but i can forgive, idk. i have decided to interpret felicity saying the helix stuff was because of billy because she’s not actually in contact with her feelings that much, and maybe truly believes this was it. does it excuse the writers? not at all. but i make my peace with it. 

and im kinda hoping they talk about the william thing again, but not holding my hopes up.

basically, i dont have high expectations from arrow anymore. if they actually had a conversation that made sense that would be perfect, you know? and we can’t have that, because arrow sucks, and it can never let us forget that we love a deepily flawed show. 

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1. I lost my virginity like a year ago February

40. I usually sleep in my underwear, occasionally in sweat pants and a t-shirt on cold nights

71. I am circumsized

87. Porn I enjoy to watch? Honestly, it depends on my type of horny. Some days Helix stuff with twink on twink, other days hardcore gang bang BDSM, ND anything in between.

“We were a great live band. We had a lot of energy! Layne was an amazing front man. Me, Mike, and Sean were like Tasmanian devils head banging, spinning all over the fucking place. Out of all the bands, I always admired our ability to not only play the stuff well, but to bring a show and to get that energy to translate on a stage. At the same time, we had a “fuck it” attitude. If we got a gig that nobody else would take..like, Soundgarden’s not going to go open for Poison in the Seattle Center Arena. But we would. We’ll go play with anybody…that was our vibe. I don’t care what style of music it is..we’ve got a gig to play in front of people, we’re there. We opened up for Helix, Poison, Warrant..stuff that was on its way out, and also something that we had grown past.” - Jerry Cantrell


Aoi and Sabrina (featuring Omastar)

So, someone requested something like this, but I’m pretty sure I went above and beyond what was wanted. More like.. Not really hitting the nail on the head. But whatever, I was inspired, and I made a thing.

So, context: We spoke to Sabrina to get her number registered in the Pokegear, but then we said no, and immediately walked away onto the nearest boat and left the area.

Also, I don’t tend to combine the Helix and Voices stuff with my actual head canon, so it’s up to your interpretation whether this guy is Lord Helix or not. And if he is, he falls under my usual teasing of deities. :P

A reminder: My vision of our trainer is an intelligent former wild child who prefers to use as few words as possible.