Horizontal Sections of the Adult Male
Top-to-Bottom: Mid-section of skull, section at maxilla [hard palate between sections], section below mandible

Eugène-Louis Doyen was a revolutionary (if flamboyant and controversy-loving) Parisian surgeon who lived between 1859 and 1919.

Long before the Visible Human Project created its 1,871 “slices” of Joseph Paul Jernigan at 1 mm intervals, and created over 65 gigs of anatomical data (and later created 40 gigs of data with a female cadaver), Doyen presented a new way of visualizing the cadaver: longitudinal and horizontal sections, showing exactly how the human anatomy goes together in each area, without the context of seeing the full organs or bones.

Though the full usefulness of these unorthodox sections wasn’t truly appreciated until the advent of tomography in the early 1970s, they were noted to be helpful to early radiologists, and especially to the burgeoning fields of criminal forensics and forensic archaeology.

Atlas d’anatomie topographique. Eugène-Louis Doyen. 1911.


A Pictorial Display of The Moon, The Planets, The Stars, Astronomical Phenomena & The Visible Universe (1842-1891).

East Battery, Rear of Residence of Mr. Wm. Ravenel.

“Souvenir booklet containing photographs of the aftermath of the Charleston Earthquake of 1886, featuring the damage done to buildings. Published by Walker, Evans & Cogswell (Charleston, S.C.), 1886. Photographs by Heliotype Printing Co., Boston, Mass. [24] leaves of plates, 12 x 20 cm.”

Page from After the Great Earthquake, 9:54 pm, August 31, 1886: Earthquake Views, Charleston, S.C. photograph album in the Historic Charleston Foundation Monographs and Photographs collection held by the Margaretta Childs Archives at Historic Charleston Foundation.


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mallowninja asked:

primes :3c

1.) Any scars?

yyyyyyup!! i have one on my thumb from when i was a kid and trying to cut an apple with a fruit slicer. that shit went deep and it hurt and made child me nearly pass out. fuuuuuuuun times

3.) Crush?

naaaaaaah :3c

5.) Coke or Pepsi?

dr. pepperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

7.) Best friends?

heliotyping and she-was-my-ocean!!!!!!!

11.) Last time you cried?

last month i think

13.) Height?

5’4”/1.63 m

17.) What do you love?


robots in disguise!!

autobots rage their battle to destroy the evil forces of. the decepticons!!

19.) If you had one wish, what would it be?

please fix my back so i don’t have scoliosis anymore

23.) Favorite song?

right now it’s take me to church by hozier

29.) Worst mistake?

going to therapy :/

31.) Ever had a heartbreak?

sure did

37.) Ever had a near death experience?


41.) Someone you hate/dislike?

my uncle >:/