Folk Names: All-Heal, Amantilla, Capon’s Trailer, Cat’s Valerian, English Valerian, Garden Heliotrope, Phu, Red Valerian, St.Georges Herb, Sete Wale, Set well, Vandal Root, Wender Root

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Properties: Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection, Enchantment.


The Greeks named the Plant, ‘Phu’ as in, ‘Phew!’ due to it’s strong odour. The flowers it blooms however, smell sweet, & were widely used as a perfume in the middle ages. The Latin valere from where the common name originated means, ‘to be healthy.’

Valerian was used by the Germanic Tribes as a tranquilizer to bring a restful sleep. It was discovered that the Native Americans were using the plant as a medical preservative, & topical wound treatment before the colonists arrived, & the roots were used as food & flavouring to their Tobacco. It was even said to be used in the treatment of the plague. Modern Herbalists use Valerian as a stress reliever in tea form. It is considered an excellent sedative & it is because of these very properties that one should not be driving any vehicle whilst under it’s influence. Tests of Valerian have indicated that it can lower blood pressure, but those with high blood pressure should seek a physician first. 

  …Magickal Uses…

Protection: The rather Ill-smelling Root is powdered & added to protective Sachets. Hung in the home to prevent lightning from striking it.

The Greeks hung a sprig of the Valerian under a window to ward off Evil.

A few leaves of the plant, placed in ones shoes prevent the wearer from contracting colds & flus.

Sprinkled at the front door, Valerian prevents disturbances from unwanted visitors. 

Love: The Leaves are hung around the home to maintain harmony amongst loved ones.  

The Root is said to aid in self acceptance & is commonly used in spells related to ending guilt & other negative thought patterns such as self hate. 

Added to Love Sachets & given to quarreling couples to bring calm. Mixed with basil & boiled, it is said to have much the same effects. 

Purification: A great cleanser, Valerian can be used to cleanse Ritual spaces, also used in self purifications as a tea form. It is one of the herbs said to be used by King Solomon when tending his Temple.

Sleep: Probably the most widely known use of Valerian is for it’s sleep inducing properties. It is a common ingredient in a vast number of modern medical prescriptions. Placed in Pillows or added to Dream Sachets to help aid in sleep.

Mild sedation in the relief of Insomnia & Anxiety. Studies have also shown the plant can relieve muscle spasms. 

Enchantment: Small mammals are attracted to the plant, especially Cats & Rats. According to early German Folklore, it was stored in the pockets of the pied Piper as he lured the Rats. Said to be useful in Animal Magick, especially Cat Magick & invoking Animal Spirits. 

Misc: Powdered, the Root can be used as a substitute for Graveyard Dust in Ritual & Magickal Workings.

 …Growing Valerian…

Valerian grows as a tall perennial, producing clusters of white, to light pink flowers that attract Bees & Butterflies. Valerian enjoys a spot that sees all day sunshine. It also likes plenty of moisture with well draining soil. Be sure to give this plant plenty of space, it can grow to about five feet high & a foot across! 

 …Harvesting Valerian…

Spring & Fall are the best times to harvest Valerians roots, along with any plants needed.

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Write your name in song lyrics. (Ugh what. Do you know how much song searching I had to do for this?)

K - “Keep a straight face when ya tell a lie/Always keep an air-tight alibi”- Like A Boy by Ciara
R - “Ring the alarm”- RIng the Alarm by Beyonce
Y -  “You make me sing as if I’m praying” - Hallelujah by Jonghyun
S - “Sick of being tired and sick of waiting/For another kind of fix” - Runnin’ by Adam Lambert
T - “There’s no… yellow bricks to follow back and run from that disaster”- No Place Like Home by Marianas Trench
A - “ All we need are hearts like yours” - Counting on Hearts by Icon for Hire

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Roman Gold and Heliotrope Magic Chnoubis Pendant, Circa 3rd-4th Century AD

Chnoubis is an Egyptian Gnostic solar icon, found most often on gnostic gems, and amulets for protection against poison and disease. It is a composite figure with the head of a lion and the body of a serpent, usually with seven rays emanating from the head. 

The lion’s head represents the solar forces and enlightenment; the serpent, the lower impulses and earth. The rays represent the seven planets, the seven Greek vowels (which were an important part of ritual magic) and the seven colors of the visible spectrum.

The Chnoubis was seen as a very powerful creature which was used for protection when other things would not seem to work. He was easily conjured and put to work with a loyal disposition towards his owners and guarded all members of the family.

Here the heliotrope stone is engraved with the image of Chnoubis with his name inscribed in Greek, XNOVBIC dispersed between the rays emanating from his head. There is a crescent and star to the left enclosed in an inscription:  IAWCABAWTHABPACASMIXAHLEW.

This inscription is a series of magical names including Sabaoth, Abrasax and the archangel Michael, followed by the phrase “I am.”

The back of the stone has a two-line inscription, OVPIHL COVPIHL, for the two archangels Uriel and Suriel, framed by stars.

Listeners, I like Welcome to Night Vale.

A lot.

So much, that I had to commemorate it with some nail art. I started out with Sparitual Heliotrope, tipped it with OPI Black Onyx and then went to work.

And best of all? I used China Glaze Goulish Glow and made it all glow in the dark!! (I wish I could have gotten a better pic of it!)

What do you think? Do you listen to Nigh Vale?

Hooboy, I made a gem based on my oc Dana cause one of my life goals is seeing how many AUs I can make outta the same douche….and cause making a gemsona is hard. 

This is Heliotrope, based on this sweet rock right here. They’re pretty much a horrible individual.

Other fun facts!

  • Bloodstone is a symbol of justice, power, and healing – well this jerk is the opposite of all that.
  • Their ragged appearance and cowardly, awful disposition is largely due to their cracked gem.
  • The red stripes on their face expand when they’re emotionally taxed.