anyways heres a better heliotrope we need and deserve (cough cough crewniverse)

heliotropes are medics, able to provide a healing touch of sorts to injured/cracked/etc gems after having their gem exposed to cold water. some have the ability to manipulate clouds as well, creating rain if need be to help allow for quick heals

this particular heliotrope is based on my sister in design, attitude, and wardrobe, as most heliotropes would be wearing something more like a coat or cloak, and be more reserved. this one idolized yellow diamond and her troops, longing to be a warrior alongside the jaspers and amethysts, wishing to stomp out the resistance herself and prove to herself and those around her that she can be just as powerful and capable as the other warriors. however, she does not have a summonable weapon and is physically too small and weak to fight, so she never got her chance

shes loud, brash, and a handful, but can be a fantastic ally when known better


Nacre is the fusion of Pearl and Ruby and the weakest fusion, they’re super shy and wants to avoid any contact with anyone . They don’t want to fight unless it’s absolutely necessary, they also love to make flower crown and crush Bloodstone with the crowns. They’re pretty passive unless somehow you magically piss them off. Nacre is only capable of some magic but in all they’ve actually gotten weaker since they fused and they feel bad about it Protect the child

Pink Topaz was actually an elite gem directly working under the diamonds, The reason they wore a blindfold was because of their eyes, they have 5 eyes, luckily they look like an average topaz while wearing the blindfold, one day they get caught and were almost poofed, but thankfully they’ve managed to escape the authority and stowed away on Earth. They love to talk/ help build and create whatever there is too be needed. You’ll find them working with humans and providing them with technology because ‘humans are so slow with catching up to us gems, so it only seems fair to help them catch up.

Hiddenite:  Very, Very serious in nature and gets upset when ever strawberry pearl tries to lighten up the mood and crack jokes like the ding dong she is. They also have 3 eyes and a split tounge kinda like the alien movie??it'sahorrormovie .They try to hide themselves from humans and considers interacting with them ONLY IF they’re hurt. But other than that they try to avoid humans in general, they don’t really trust humans and rather, they just chill in the cabin they made for the Gran Tiburon gems. They do show affection to Strawberry though, they like, get all nerdy and freak out and blush like a huge nerd and is a huge hopeless romantic.Prehnite: a fusion of all three gems!

Prehnite is actually pretty rare to happen cause of how HUGE they are, they don’t want to get caught on Earth and will only use Prehnite if there’s no other option like a last resort and stuff. Prehenite is actually a goofball and loves to mess around, but when it gets serious they immediately know what to do and how they’re going to solve it. They don’t have eyes in this fusion but they do have two mouths, the second mouth is where the eyes should be but they like to wear the 'blindfold’ cause it makes their fusion look even cooler.

Tbh I’d prefer it if the Heliotrope (?) from the preview were Ronaldo’s gemsona or just a glorified random rock he found instead not a new gem character.

It’d be cute tease and we were recently introduced to a bunch of new characters and even some older ones are still waiting for more development so I don’t see much use in introducing yet another new one.

As much as I love gem lore and as much as Ronaldo terrifies me, his episodes were always pretty amusing and full of ridiculously wonderful foreshadowing because Ronaldo was SO RIGHT about so many things but nobody, including the viewers tended to believe him - so I was looking forward to it for a while now but I still am.

Knowing the Crewniverse they might just throw us for a loop here and it all goes in an entirely different direction (like Ronaldo finally starting his career as a human ambassador lol) but either way I’m looking forward to it.

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I was super excited because I thought that maybe bloodstone could be one of those corrupted jasper dogs because ya know, bloodstone/heliotrope is a type of jasper?

I was kinda hoping there’d be a new gem monster, but instead we got Ronaldo and his edgy crystal gem persona ughhhh