“Que empiece la fiesta!” ((Let’s get this party started!“


This is Helio the Entei, or Uncle Helio as he is known by Rajia and Shere. This man does not act his age by any means and enjoys riding around on his motorcycle with his two best buds ( too lazt to even think about designing them…yay Legendary Beast Pals! lol)

Helio is a close family friend, having had a long term friendship with Lola up until her passing. They both truly shared a love of dance and entered into competions with one another and won a few titles as well. When she started dating Michael, he had to admit he wasn’t all too fond of the Arcanine wooing someone he considered as a sister…but eventually the guy grew on him and the three of them had a pretty amazing friendship.
Helio never kept his distance once Lola passed away, always taking the kids out and helping out with raising them since Micheal worked so hard. He especially grew close to Rajia, who reminded him so much of her mother. She is precious to him and admittedly can be a little over protective like Shere is ( Those two are close but have a bit of a rivraly when it comes to Rajia and who she may love the most lol)

He’s a big kid, gets himself into trouble, but all around loves unconditonally…just like Lola how lola taught him :)  



  • Helio is an Alcoholic…borderline at least lol
  • Very Protective of Raj, but unlike Shere he can be pretty nice about it/go about it in a nice and calm way.
  • The man loves to dance, can never stop him from grooving. Caution: Will pull you into a dance with no shame. He also loves to dance with Rajia since she pretty much mirrors her mother’s dance style in every aspect.
  • He’s a chatter box, often switching between English and Spanish or mixing the both together. He is very fluent in Spanish and has long conversations with both Rajia and Shere on their one on one times.
Uncle Helio's Is Coming To Town!!

“Going to see my niece. Going to see my niece. She doesn’t know that I’m coming into Unova….oooooooooooooh~ I’m going to see my niece!”

Cruising through Mistralton and heading on to Castelia City, with a happy tune the Beast grinned a bit and looked up into the as he rode on his hog. “ My lil fire pup…all grown up! I’m sure Micheal’s words alone do not do her justice” he whistled a little, still cruising…deciding to take a longer route…even if he was eager to see his niece! He had never been to Unova before…and wanted to take in the sights….maybe check out some ladies ehehe…

“ …I hear Shere’s in town too…hopefully I’ll get to see him if he’s not working” that’s when a thought came to mind. “ Oh yeaaaaaah~ I can’t just show up all smiles and shit…heard my lil fire pup was dating someone…some…Houndour…or…Houndoom? Ah whatever I’ll be sure to give the guy a good talkin to…maybe scare him a bit…hehehehe…” he grinned mischievously…oh he had no idea…

“Going to see my niece. Going to see my niece. She doesn’t know that I’m coming into Unova….oooooooooooooh~ I’m going to see my niece!”