Sound and Safe

Kind of long I didn’t log in to my blog. After coming back from my trip*Portugal and Spain*, I don’t have enough time to write even a single blog post. And not even upload any new photo albums to my facebook. Kinda busy for this sem, no time for swimming anymore, classes finished late everyday, need more time to study, etc. Hopefully I will get more time to blog and do my own things. But I don’t think so the time allowed me to do so, especially during this 3rd year course.

I hope that I could make it like posting a single picture everyday. My photographing and editing skill are kind like regress already. T_T Gonna brush up it again. And I was attracted to the film SLR recently, but it’s not a cheap HOBBY though. It needs a huge amount of money to buy the film and also develop the film. Yet so the mechanical film roller and shutter button “seduce” me much.

I developed my 1st roll of film few months ago. And some of it came out with a nice effect.

And these are the few examples of it.

2days ago, I developed another film roll. Not yet scan it. Hopefully can post it out also. p/s: Pictures are taken by Zenit with Helios44M 58mm and Kodak Colour 200.

That’s all for today I think. Have a great weekend people.

kthxbye =)