helicopter in the sky

There was a massive game of capture the flag, in a big city and with 50 people on either side. The red team managed to take our flag so we chased them down and almost got to them, but then they jumped into a helicopter from a rooftop. Me and a few others managed to jump onto it and climb inside as the helicopter climbed higher into the sky. The red guys kicked my other team mates out but I grabbed the flag from them and jumped out; falling to the pavement with the our blue flag. I got up and put our flag back where it belonged just as more of my team mates returned with the red flag. Go blue team.


Pocket-Anon’s Vancouver Adventure: Day 3

Day 3 was packed to the gills. We did the Granville Island Foodie Tour and stuffed ourselves with some amazing foods at the delightful market there, enjoyed a helicopter ride up into the mountains to a remote snow-covered lake (where we got out and promptly sank waist-deep in snow, LOL), swung by Fort Langley Community Center (Storybrooke Town Hall), and went back to Granville Island for seafood at The Sandbar restaurant. Aaaaand… now I’m so full I can’t move. Hee-hee.

The con starts tomorrow!  Fangirls are converging on this hotel, including lots of old and new friends!  I’ve got my badge and my wristband, and I’m so ready!

idk who i relate to more, Steve Rogers who is willing to pull a helicopter out of the sky for Bucky, or Bucky Barnes who got so sidetracked by Steve’s muscles he forgot he was trying to fly the helicopter away

anonymous asked:

How dare you ask for help!!!!!!!!! In the #real world there is no help!!! Ever!! I WOULD know! I asked my mom for help with a puzzle when I was 5 and she said no and therefore I have to yell at people online!!!!!! Haha also I'm too uncreative to come up with a real comeback line so I'm just gonna talk about your wheelchair!!!! Its a chair with wheels!!!! Boom roasted

Oh my god fuckin roasted again 

but also I’m laughing so hard bc this made me imagine the anon going out in the #realworld yelling “it’s a chair with wheels!!!!” 

but yes in the real world you cant ask for help or else helicopters will come down from the sky and take you to The Safe Space™