helicopter fishing

That’s how a jellyfish swims. It sucks water by expanding its bell shaped body. As the body expands, a low pressure zone is created just under it. Water rushes in to fill that low pressure zone and the force propels the jellyfish in the ocean. It is the most energy efficient way of swimming. That method is much better than our submarines or  ships. Even a flying machine can be built by using that method that will be far more efficient than a helicopter.


We’ve tried lots of strategies for getting salmon over dams to their spawning grounds – fish ladders, fish elevators, fish trucks … even fish helicopters. But all of those methods are expensive and none of them are efficient.

Enter the salmon cannon.

(This reminds me of the old joke: What did the fish say when it ran into a wall? “Dam.”

Maybe they’ll have to change the punchline to “Shoot.”)

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Extraordinary Extreme Fishing - shizzle my nizzle!!!

Matt Watson gives fishing action an entirely new meaning. You’re probably thinking “action” means that moment when lines tighten as a fish grabs the bait and runs. Think again.

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helicopter fishing