helia art

Even MORE old Winx Club fan art. (I used to be a big fan of the show, can’t you tell?). This was the only couple I gave two shits about in the show, but I still stopped watching after season two. Flora was my favorite character in the 4kids dub, because she had the sweetest, most adorable voice, but when I heard the audio in the new localization, I nearly drove a screwdriver through my ear to make it stop. 4Kids Flora/Helia forever.

ok here’s a proof of concept for this eve in eden thing staring Eve and Satan

i once had a dream about a black and white scribbly cartoon called Eve In Eden about Eve in the garden of Eden and she hung out with Satan and G_d who were only ever a giant snake and like assorted shapes respectively. Adam did not appear. It was kind of a slapstick thing i think?

this was literally the main part of the dream i remember. A comic about Eve struggling to get out from under a heavy snake and then he rolls over and she gets stuck again