helia and flora

I think I identify with Flora and Helia more than I should; mainly their shyness. Flora’s the type of shy girl who wants to interact with others and tries to be very open but she’s still insecure about herself, while Helia is the type of shy guy who doesn’t really reach out and speak to people unless he ends up being spoken to. Considering that I’m both of these(especially on Helia’s end), I feel like I like their pairing way more than I should.            

By Anonymous

Even MORE old Winx Club fan art. (I used to be a big fan of the show, can’t you tell?). This was the only couple I gave two shits about in the show, but I still stopped watching after season two. Flora was my favorite character in the 4kids dub, because she had the sweetest, most adorable voice, but when I heard the audio in the new localization, I nearly drove a screwdriver through my ear to make it stop. 4Kids Flora/Helia forever.