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I was talking about the DNA found in the underwear that detectives said was from manufacturers because it ruled out the Ramsey's but yet when another suspect was brought up they used that same DNA sample to rule them out. And Lou smit's whole intruder theory he proved that someone could of came through that window, the high-tec shoe impression found at the scene, and the stun gun marks on her body. Like what about that guy who was found dead and ruled it was a suicide? That makes sense

He proved someone could fit through the window, but did you not see he had to slide over the window ledge thus making the intruder theory bullshit due to the fact that the ledge was covered in dirt, dust and debris which can be seen in the crime scene photos:

It would be impossible to climb through the window without disturbing the dirt, dust, and debris. Also, they claim the “intruder” left the torch in the kitchen, so how did he manage to get into the basement, find a paintbrush in Patsy’s bag and turn it into a garrote, kill JonBenet, wrap her up in her favourite blanket, and then hoist himself up onto the window ledge and climb out, without making a sound, disturbing the dirt etc, or leaving any fingerprints? Fleet White, John’s friend, admitted that the suitcase had been moved to under the window by him when they were searching for JonBenet, meaning that it couldn’t have been the point of exit since it was so high up that something would need to be underneath to stand on:

A number of detectives reported that high-tech was the boot type they wore and lead detective, Steve Thomas, believed the print came from one Also, an unidentified boot print in a dusty basement which saw thousands of people through the door over the years doesn’t really mean much.

No evidence points towards an intruder. All so-called evidence can be refuted and has been refuted, including the stun gun theory:


A representative for Air Taser, which Lou Smith claims was the brand used even said: “We have never seen those types of marks when you touch somebody with a stun gun … We are talking hundreds of people that have been touched with these devices. I can’t replicate those marks.”

There is no evidence Michael Helgoth killed her. This suspect came to light after his friend went to authorities saying he told him he was getting a $120,000 Christmas bonus. That sure is a reach to assume he killed JonBenet on that claim alone. Also, Michael Helgoth was said to be of low intelligence - seems unlikely he got away with one of the world’s biggest murder mysteries, leaving behind not one shred of evidence against him. The Ramsey appointed investigator tried to make a point that Hi-Tech boots were found in his apartment, which again, is reaching, because thousands of people own them. However, in 2000, BPD Chief Mark Beckner even said that the Hi-Tech boots found in Helgoth’s apartment didn’t match those in the basement. 

There is far more evidence against somebody in the house being the killer - there no is point of entry or exit, Patsy’s fingerprints are the only ones on the ransom, the ransom was written with pen and paper found inside the house with the pen being neatly placed back, fibers from the jumper Patsy was wearing on the night of the murder was found on the inside of the tape over JonBenet’s mouth, JonBenet ate pineapple before she was killed and Patsy and Burke’s fingerprints are on a bowl of pineapple found in the kitchen, her parents said she went straight to bed but we know she was awake at some point to eat the pineapple, the ransom handwriting is ridiculously similar to Patsy’s, the Ramsey’s refused to speak to police or take polygraphs for over a year. I just don’t understand why somebody would come to a house to murder a child and write a ransom note in the kitchen with stationary found in the kitchen where they could be caught at any moment. Why write a ransom note demanding money and then leave the murdered child in the house? That is completely unheard of.

That’s my opinion anyway!