The first Hogwarts founders gifset of many to follow ;)

Johnny as Salazar Slytherin

Misha as Helga Hufflepuff

Harry Potter

filmed by Selma Pfr

Rowena Ravenclaw: “Came up with the ever changing floor plan.”

Rowena Ravenclaw: “To not make any sense-”

Rowena Rawenclaw: “… walls, that think they’re doors-”

Rowena Ravenclaw: “They will figure it out everyday.”

Rowena Ravenclaw: “ … and navigate these stairs every time.”

Helga Huffelpuff: “ I think I’ll put my common room in the basement, Rowena.”

Salazar Slytherin: “I think the dungeons would be safer…”

Godic Gryffindor: “I’ll take the other tower.”

((OOC: So I just fixed the GIFS, that failed to move the last time I posted it. I didn’t know how to do it to the previous GIFS - I think I accidentaly deleted a part of them, actually xD - so I’m just uploading it again. In this version you can clearly see my Rowena’s dorkiness (I hope). Also, my webcam sucks, so there’s that.

Project still based on this post.))

fanboyofallthingsfandom  asked:

You guys should totally do a Hogwarts House Founders cosplay!

Helga Hufflepuff is on my “list of cosplays to do eventually”!

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

And Rowena is on mine

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

I’d definitely rock me some Salazar.

-Justin (Slytherin)

I don’t think I can swing Godric. I just don’t have the stature. Even genderbent, I’m still too…willowy?

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

You’d be a great Godric. I want to see Jamie in a fake beard.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

//Mun is having a Halloween/birthday party tonight, and thought it would be fun to dig up her mcu Thor costume after not wearing it for years. It’s a miracle it’s not falling apart yet.

@floki-rp I’m tagging you in it because of reasons uwu


This is me, cosplaying as Helga Hufflepuff at Renaissance Faires. I didn’t buy the hat in the last picture. I really should have. I adore being a Huggle - I mean - Hufflepuff! I adore seeing kids and adults reactions when they see me at Faires and out at festivals. (I’ve even worn this to church!) This is going to be my HHH Hufflepuff Entry!


(via Alissa on Instagram: “I ran into Gus and Helga Crumb on my way to Princessology class!”)

After hearing that there was a Gus Crumb cosplay among all these other awesome cosplays at Wondercon, I had to go find it on Instagram. I was not disappointed!

I tried to find this on Tumblr first, but I failed, so if this is a repost, I’m very sorry. Just let me know and I’ll delete and reblog instead!