helga geraldine pataki

I just finished up a very special commission for my friend, @refrainbowno1:

An early Halloween themed Nicktoon drawing featuring Luan Loud, (dressed as Spongebob) telling a bad joke to Helga Pataki (dressed as Angelica’s Cynthia Doll). 

And yes– the joke is a reference to one of my favorite quips from the MST3K episode “Mitchell”.

shortaki week: day 4

theme: reunion/shadow/tears

Home. Helga Geraldine Pataki has never felt or experience “home”;it’s concept is so foreign despite reading,learning, and hearing it from school or other people’s mouths. Settling down has always been pretty scary,even unnerving for her as all she ever want to do was to run away from Hillwood, from P.S. 118 and most of all from her poor excuse of a family in which her existence is less than that of a shadow. And yet here, right now, as she witness the reunion of her sweetheart with his parents whom he’d longed for for so long has teared the built up walls around her heart that tears slowly cascaded from her eyes as her heart soared from it’s broken shackles and cage.This is home, she feels it and in the unexpected way possible for she thought she’ll never find it.This is home, she felt the warmth of the family embrace in front of her. This is home and its a feeling when your heart is gasping from having been drowning in being lost and alone for so long.


Matchmaker, Matchbreaker

As a continuation of this analysis, I want to further explain about how I see that Lila is a complete mismatch for Arnold as opposed to Helga.

The way I see it, Lila and Arnold are people who are both so nice and so kind to the point that they might even be considered to be WAY too nice, and that’s something about them of which people might take advantage. You have to remember that Lila treats everyone nicely, even those who don’t reciprocate it. She is pretty much nothing but nice and sweet, as if she is all sugar and no spice (as said by my dear friend minervadeannabond), and that’s part of the defense mechanism she uses.

By being kind and sweet literally all the time, I think Lila’s use of her defense mechanism has gotten to the point of making her very innocent, but also extremely naïve and ignorant. It is so much at this point that she is completely unable to be suspicious or aware of someone if they are trying to set her up for a prank or situation that would harm or humiliate her. (Even in “Ms. Perfect,” Lila seemed to be totally oblivious to the fact that the girls had been trying to set her up before they finally succeeded.) Furthermore, I can tell you that there are people out there who would just LOVE to take advantage of Lila because of her innocence and optimism (such as Wolfgang). She wouldn’t be able to see anything bad coming because she only looks for the good in people while possibly simultaneously refusing to dwell on the bad and accept that not all people are good.

Moving on, Arnold and Lila are so much like each other in many ways, including being very positive, confident people. Arnold can be more realistic than Lila sometimes, but he can be ignorant to the point that he cannot always tell if he is being set up for a trick. It is also because he tries so hard to see the good in people that he does not always accept the fact that not everyone has good in them. In other words, Arnold and Lila’s highly optimistic view of people (and the world, in Lila’s case) can and will get them hurt; they have to understand that not EVERYONE is good or can change.

My overall point is that because Arnold and Lila are just like each other in this particular way, it’s concrete proof that they are not perfect for each other.

Now when it comes to Helga, she uses a defense mechanism of hostility, aggression, and rudeness, so it makes her appear to be all spice and no sugar. However, one benefit that comes from her mechanism, along with the fact that she is a prankster, is that she is much more cunning and clever. She is very sharp and witty, so she is not easily tricked or fooled. Helga is a very good judge of character and can tell if someone is lying or keeping a secret, such as when she realized the truth about Olga’s ex-fiancé Doug. This part of her personality makes Helga a great match for Arnold because she can help him avoid a potentially harmful or embarrassing situation, like when she warned him about Summer. Lila cannot do what Helga can do just because she is too much like Arnold in that way; if they tried to help one another in a bleak situation, they could both just get into trouble rather than get out of it.

If Arnold and Lila became a couple, there would be too much optimism and little realism present. Their strong similarities and few differences prove that few people like this would seldom be compatible with each other. Arnold needs someone realistic, someone who can keep his feet on the ground, be aggressive when necessary, and still simultaneously share facets of his personality while complementing his own differences.

Who else can do that but good old Helga Geraldine Pataki? ;)


Here’s the next sneak peek to that Hey Arnold! superhero comic sequence that I’ve been working on, since I left most of you on a cliff hanger, without a payoff.

Now you get to see Helga and Phoebe kick some real butt!

💙Day 13 - How your bedroom compares to Arnold’s💙 no one has a room compared to Arnold’s, and that’s that!! My room is messy, small and not perfect in any kind of way. But at least I have all the stuff I need in here. But I think any kid or any type of person would have loved to have a room like his as a kid, maybe even now too. I think it’s very nice 👌