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It’s a star-studded event at Mickey’s Gala Premier (July 1, 1933)

Review: Decision Time, Ep. 1103

There were several threads weaving together this plot in another solid script from Ken Craw. We had Georgie and Val butting heads over how hard to train with Flame. We had Tim and Caleb nearly having a falling out over how to run the rodeo school. There was Jade having confidence issues when a new girl (Avery) shows up at the school with great bulldogging skills. We also had Amy and Ty having their first “new parents” freak-out with Lyndy’s health. Finally, we had Jack extending a business proposition to Mitch (he really does like having that guy around!).

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“Engine” (2014) is part of a series of large-scale paintings incorporating neon elements that Mary Weatherford began in 2012. Working with a vinyl-based acrylic paint that is both translucent and richly pigmented, Weatherford created a range of painterly effects, from thin, layered washes to denser, more heavily worked passages. She then added the drawing-like lines of neon. The work relates to color-field paintings in our collection by Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis, as well as to gestural abstract expressionist canvases by Willem de Kooning and Joan Mitchell and neon works by Chryssa.

Hey Romance family! 

I need audiobook recs! 

I mostly listen to YA on audio, but I’ve a few Audible credits that I need to spend and I’d like to get a good romance. I really loved the combination of  Steve West and Fiona Hardingham in books like The Scorpio Races and Ember In the Ashes and I loooooooved the full cast recordings of Six of Crows and American Gods. I detest the way Helen Lloyd and Caroline Morris perform just about anything, but enjoyed Carmen Rose’s interpretations of Tessa Dare and Rosalyn Landor’s performances of Sarah MacLean’s books immensely. 

Any ideas for me?