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Was bored over lunch break so I made this and then slapped on two of my favorite filters for good measure:D

I can’t stop thinking about Warehouse 13 and Ghostbusters existing in the same universe though.

- Myka cultivating a partnership between the Ghostbusters and the warehouse as she slowly takes over Artie’s position.

- Claudia offering containment tips to Holtzmann, and the two of then discovering the purple neutralizer is the missing ingredient to creating a functioning containment cell

- Holtzmann working out how to build artifacts from scratch after her requests to “borrow” artifacts from the warehouse are denied

- (the Regents ream Myka for this. She still stands by the partnership even if she is pissed at Holtzmann.) (“Seriously, if you keep building artifacts, we’re going to have to take them from you.” “Why? I’ve almost eliminated this downside you’re always worried about.”)

- Erin still struggling to get over her crush on Myka because she admires the hell out of the woman. (“She fenced with a ghost – and won!” “Are you Chuck Norris-ing us or is this for real?”)

- Abby butting heads with the Regents over their conflicting ‘Everybody needs to know!’/'No one needs to know’ philosophies. (“You’re worse than the mayor’s office! How do you even do your jobs if you’re just shadows? I’ve caught ghosts with more authority that you.”)

- (as caretaker-in-training/new caretaker, Claudia’s stuck in the middle of that fight.)

- Patty geeking the fuck out over meeting H.G. Like she prefers her history books, but she won’t say no to some classic War of the Worlds. She is so stoked to meet the actual H.G. Wells still living and breathing (especially the living and breathing part) (no ghost celebrity meetings for her, nope no way)

- But for real, she has to know everything now. Helena remembers the 1880s and 90s, right? Did she ever visit New York during that time? That means she took a boat right, what port did she arrive at? Who’d she meet? Where’d she go? Skyscrapers were beginning to take off, did she get to see the New York World Building when it was completed? You know, it was the tallest building in the city for about five years there and the first to reach past Trinity Church’s spire.

- the Regents being a little grumpy that they’re still short in numbers and can’t invite Patty to be a regent. She would be so perfect! but ~no~ she’s devoted to hunting ghosts.

- (Seriously Kosan maybe cries about it at night sometimes)

just Warehouse 13/Ghostbusters mutual support and teamwork (and conflicts) forever and ever